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A 70-Year-Old Grandmother From Florida Was Tased By Sheriff Deputies When They Didn’t Give Her A Search Warrant

A recent incident at the home of a 70-year-old grandmother celebrating her birthday a day after Christmas confirms once again that police brutality remains a problem for Black people. Just one day after celebrating Christmas, an elderly woman sat down with her family to celebrate her own birthday but ended up being tased not just once but three times by sheriff’s deputies. 

In an incident that took place the day after Christmas, Barbara Pinkney, aged 70, was tased multiple times by deputies at her own home.

The Florida grandmother was in the full swing of her birthday celebrations when officers with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office arrived at her home in Bradenton on Thursday morning. The officers had come to hBarbara Pinkney’s house in search of her grandson, 22-year-old Tevin Turner in an attempt to arrest him for violating the conditions of his probation. According to reports, Turner had been carrying a concealed weapon. When deputies came knocking on her door, Pinkney informed them that her grandson was not inside of her house. She then attempted to close the door on the officers. This is where things went off the rails.

According to NBC News, an arrest report says that Pinkeny demanded the officers show her a search warrant that would allow them to enter the house. In response, the deputies told Pinkney that they did not need one because the warrant they had obtained was to arrest her grandson. As NBC News reports, “according to the affidavit, Pinkney demanded a search warrant, which an officer said was unnecessary because authorities had already obtained an arrest warrant. When an officer warned her that she could be arrested if Turner was inside, she still refused to open the door.”

According to the affidavit in the NBC report, after Pinkney continued to deny the entry into her home to the officers, one officer grabbed her wrist and told her she would be going to jail. Pinkney, according to the report, pulled herself away from the officer’s grip and pushed him in the chest.  

According to cellphone video footage captured by by Turner’s wife, a deputy does grab the grandmother’s wrist. She in turn, does pull herself away from him. It is then that the deputy officer shoots Pinkney with a stun gun. In the video, Pinkney can be seen falling to the ground and screaming in pain.

The deputy arrest report states that the deputies tased Pinkney three times before they got her to the ground and subdued her.  

According to NBC, the officer tased Pinkney first in her left arm, then her back and then finally her upper back. ‘I was just hollering. I was scared. I didn’t know what else to do,’ Pinkney said of the incident in an interview with  WFLA. After the tasing incident, Pinkney was taken into custody. She has since been charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer and obstruction of justice.

Pinkney was released on bail the next day. 

The African-American grandmother was released on $1,000 and has been scheduled for a January 17th court date.  According to Pinkney, this is her first time encountering a problem with law enforcement and she now has been so traumatized by the incident that she hasn’t been able to get a night’s rest. 

“I don’t know. Whenever I see police I just try to not look at them,” Pinkney told NBC affiliate WFLA

Elizabeth Francisco, Pinkney’s granddaughter-in-law said of the incident that “It’s not something that you see every day or something you expect to happen. Even if she wasn’t my grandmother. Dang, this is a 70-year-old woman.” 

According to recent reports, Pinkney’s grandson, Tevin Turner, has not been apprehended. 

Turner, who as a  criminal record that includes charges of cocaine and marijuana possession still remains at large and out of police custody. A report by NBC, states that the Sheriff’s officials suspect he might have been able to make an escape from Pinkney’s home when the altercation with the taser occurred. 

For footage of the incident, click here.

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Latinos For Trump Posted A Collage Of Flag For Hispanic Heritage Month And Got Some Wrong


Latinos For Trump Posted A Collage Of Flag For Hispanic Heritage Month And Got Some Wrong

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Latinos for Trump has long been a confusing organization in the Latino community. President Donald Trump has built his administration and brand to be squarely against people of color. Now, the Latinos for Trump group caused a stir when they posted a collage of flags that are not quite right.

Latinos for Trump really thought they had something when they posted their Hispanic Heritage Month collage.

The first, and most obvious mistake, is that the Mexican flag is backwards. The flag is supposed to be green, white, and red in that order. As we can all see, the collage has a Mexican flag that is red, white, and green. The eagle is even facing the wrong way so someone literally flipped the flag the wrong way.

Of course, some people tried to make sense of the bizarre Mexican flag snafu.

Last year, the Trump administration announced that it was cutting aid to three countries in Central America. The countries were El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Fox & Friends picked up the story but told their audience that Trump was cutting aid to “3 Mexican countries.” Perhaps this Twitter user is right and the Latinos for Trump are trying to suggest the existence of other Mexicos.

Someone else pointed out the issues with the Guatemalan flag in the top right corner.

People are very defensive about their cultural heritage and national origin. Messing up someone’s flag is a very serious issue for people. Just ask a Cuban or Puerto Rican about people confusing their flags. It is never a good thing.

Some people fixed the image for them so the organization can see what it should have looked like.

Good, clean lines with all of the flags facing the right way. The creator even changed the message in the middle for the Latino community. It is clear that social media is still willing to show up and teach a couple of lessons here and there.

Others had a more direct message for Latinos for Trump.

We all know that social media is where things go to be manipulated and made fun of. It is very important that if you make something for social media that you take good care to make sure that you check all of the right boxes and execute your work right the first time.

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Latinas Share Why They Wanted To Teach Their Children Their Native Language


Latinas Share Why They Wanted To Teach Their Children Their Native Language

Stephen Dunn / Getty

In a world with so much rising intersectionality and access to language tools, many still feel that passing along the traditions of their languages is necessary. Studies have shown for decades that children who grow up in an environment where they’re exposed to different languages have a pathway ahead of them that is full of promise. Particularly when it comes to education and career opportunities.

But why else do some parents find it essential to teach their children their family’s native languages?

Recently, we asked Latinas why learning their native language is important to them.

Check out the answer below!

“So they can be a voice for others in their community .” –_saryna_

“Besides the fact that bilingual kids use more of their brains. I’d like to teach my baby my native language so they can feel closer to our roots and be able to communicate/connect with our community not just in the US, but in Latin America too.” –shidume

“So that when the opportunity arises they can pursue their endeavors with nothing holding them back!” –candymtz13

“It not only helps them be multilingual, but also reminded them of their ancestry. Their roots. It builds a certain connection that cannot be broken.”-yeimi_herc

“So they can communicate with their grandparents, so they have double the opportunities growing up so they know their roots. So many reasons.”

“Know where you came from, being bilingual for more job opportunities later, being able to communicate with family members.”- panabori25

“I don’t have children but I think a language is tied to the culture. For me Spanish is a direct representation of how romantic and dramatic and over the top in the most beautiful way latin culture is. Also I’m Dominican and we just blend and make up words which really represents how crazy my family is.” –karenmarie15

“If I don’t and they lose ties to their people meaning my family who only speaks Spanish and Italian than I myself am harming them. As a preschool teacher I always tell parents English will happen eventually that’s the universal language but teach them their home home language the one that grandma/pa and the rest of the family speaks. They lose their identity. Sure they make up their own eventually but they must never forget where they come from.” –ta_ta1009

“So he doesn’t lose the connection to his grandmother and great grandfather who only speak spanish. So if he ever hears someone struggling to communicate he can help and feel a sense of pride in his roots/culture. 🇸🇻 plus 🤞🤞 I want him to pick up a 3rd language too!” –cardcrafted

“To give them more opportunities in life. I feel that some stories can only be told with authenticity when they’re in their native language. If you have the opportunity to do so, please do.” –titanyashigh

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