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Authorities Have Presumed That The Family Of 5 Celebrating Their Dad’s Birthday Are Dead

We are still learning more about the passengers who were on that commercial diving boat that caught fire earlier this week off of the coast of California. Named Conception, the boat’s mayday signal was picked up by the U.S. Coastguard during Monday’s early morning hours. With authorities believing that there are no more survivors, search and rescue has now become a recovery mission to retrieve the bodies of the 34 unaccounted passengers.

Identification of the Conception’s missing passengers has become priority and is helping us to learn more about those who lost their lives in that tragic accident.

Among the 34 still missing is a family of 5 who were enjoying a yearly diving trip.

Twitter / @latimes

Sisters Evan Michael Quitasol, Nicole Quitasol, and Angela Quitasol were on the Labor Day diving trip with their father and step-mother when the boat burst into flames. The family was celebrating their father Michael Quitasol’s birthday which was on Wednesday after the trip. Michael was an avid diver who tried to plan yearly trips for his favorite hobby.

The tragedy comes after a fourth sister, Evita Olson, celebrated her wedding just this past August.

“The biggest thing for me is that on August 17 my sisters were in my wedding,” Olson told BuzzFeed News. “Angela was my maid of honor. She sang me a song for her maid of honor speech. Everything was so normal then…and now they’re just gone.”

On the same day that the search for survivors was called off by the Coast Guard, the girls’ mother, Susana Rosas, made a post on Facebook confirming their disappearance .

Facebook / @Susana Solano Rosas

Angela Quitasol taught 7th-grade science at Sierra Middle School in the same community she and her sisters grew up.

“For Angela, students were her focus,” a statement from the school district read, acknowledging the teacher’s death. “She shared her passion for science with them and greeted them every day with a high five and a bright smile. We are all deeply saddened by this terrible incident and hold her family, and all those affected, in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.”

Evan Quitasol was a nurse who worked at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton, California.

We were extremely saddened to learn the tragic news that one of our nurses, Evan Quitasol, was on board the Conception,” the medical center said in an issued statement. “We held a prayer gathering in our Chapel this morning to offer comfort and support to our hospital family. Our hearts go out to all the families and loved ones of those on board the Conception.”

Nicole Quitasol lived in Coronado and worked at the Nicky Rottens sports bar.

“Nicole was such a smart, loving, energetic and adventurous soul. She will be greatly missed,” shared Nicky Rottens CFO Bryn Butolph. The bar has set up a Go Fund Me that will help the girls’ mother, Susana Rosas, pay for funeral costs for her three daughters.

Father, Michael Quitasol, and step-mother, Fernisa Sison, were said to be a loving couple who doted on their children.

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Sison’s daughter, Nisa Shinagawa, shared in an interview with KTXL that the couple lived for their kids, oftentimes working several jobs each just to make ends meet. However, now that their children were growing up and getting jobs of their own, the couple was enjoying the opportunity to spend more time together on the things they loved.

“It was a dream of Michael’s to get back into scuba diving,” Shinagawa explained. “When him and my mom got together, they wanted to start doing more things in their lives for themselves…they had lived their lives for us.”

As of now, funeral services for the family of five are still in the works while funds are raised to cover the burial expenses. We hope the families impacted by this tragedy get all the help and support they need during this painful time.

Jane Roe’s Anti-Abortion “Conversion” Truth Is The Most Disappointing Revelation Of All Time


Jane Roe’s Anti-Abortion “Conversion” Truth Is The Most Disappointing Revelation Of All Time

AKA Jane / Hulu

You might not know Norma Leah Nelson McCovey but there’s no doubt that you know her story. Or at least, you thought you did.

Norma McCorvey AKA Jane Roe was a woman who had one of the greatest impacts on U.S. history. Her role as a plaintiff in the landmark lawsuit Roe v. Wade of 1973 saw a ruling that determined that the Constitution of the United States protects a pregnant woman’s right to choose to have an abortion. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that laws banning abortions in individual states was unconstitutional. The decision was monumental and yet, as great of a part in the historical decision she played, McCorvey quickly and publicly went onto reject her decision to have an abortion and became a mascot of sorts for the anti-abortion movement.

Recently, a documentary exploring the case “AKA Jane” uncovers the truth about McCorvey’s actual beliefs.

In a deathbed confession captured in the documentary, McCorvey admitted that her conversion to the anti-choice movement was “all an act.”

In the years after her abortion and landmark case, McCorvey became a Roman Catholic activist in the anti-abortion movement. In the documentary, McCorvey delivers the ultimate punch in the gut to women around the country when she admits that the only reason that she later became the face of the anti-choice movement was that she had been paid by the Christian Right Movement to do so.

According to the Daily Beast, AKA Jane Roe “finds documents disclosing at least $456,911 in “benevolent gifts” from the anti-abortion movement to McCorvey.”

In the film, McCorvey made the death bed confession.

“This is my deathbed confession,” McCorvey explained in response to a question about whether or not evangelical groups used her. “Of course,” she replies in the documentary. “I was the Big Fish… I think it was a mutual thing. I took their money and they took me out in front of the cameras and told me what to say. That’s what I’d say.”

The documentary reveals that McCorvey was a poor, queer, and a sexual abuse survivor.

While rallying for anti-abortion agendas, she was manipulated into becoming a figurehead and made to break up with her long time partner. But her 40-year long role in the anti-abortion movement, touting messages she didn’t actually believe is such a betrayal. Of course, it’s sad that McCorvey felt she needed to choose between a life of comfort and the values she believed in, but the idea that she went back on them at the expense of millions of women in this country for monetary reasons… ay ay ay.

No doubt, women on Twitter have been quick to express their frustration over the deathbed confession.

A Sanitation Worker Who Lost His Two Daughters Asked To Serenade These Two Graduates On The Street And It Will Break You


A Sanitation Worker Who Lost His Two Daughters Asked To Serenade These Two Graduates On The Street And It Will Break You

@jaydenxg / Twitter

It’s not all blue news these days.

In fact, as the Class of 2020 prepares to launch their caps into the air of opportunity, there’s actually quite a bit to look forward to. Even as we face a world of uncertainty and stress during these times. Two high school graduates received this lesson of hope, positivity, and looking forward to the future when they stepped outside for photos to celebrate their graduation.

Jayden Ines Gutierrez was taking snaps of her two cousins preparing to graduate from high school when she captured a pretty endearing moment.

While sporting their caps and gowns Gutierrez’s cousins were posing for pictures when an Ontario waste truck stopped before them and a sanitation worker made a request. The man, identified as Bruce Johnson, asked if he could serenade the two graduates. Turns out, he picked a Whitney Houston classic. That’s right, to celebrate the students the man sang the lyrics to “Greatest Love Of All.”

“I’m crying. My sister & cousin, we’re just taking pictures outside & this WONDERFUL man stopped by. Thank you Bruce & R.I.P to his girls who passed away,” Gutierrez wrote in a post on Twitter.

“When I see girls do what you do, I celebrate,” the sanitation driver, encouraged the two graduates to “always keep reaching.” He also urged them to “keep working hard and making your family proud.”

The sweet moment had a pretty heartbreaking twist, unfortunately.

Johnson revealed to them that he lost two daughters, one of which according to was a junior in high school, tragic car accidents. Johnson explained to the students that he’s often compelled to sing whenever he sees women on the road to graduation because he cannot help but think about them.

As of Monday, Gutierrez’s video received 1.8 million views and 37,700 likes.

“I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way,” Johnson sang to the girls in a truly beautiful voice. “Let the children’s laughter remind us how it used to be.”

No doubt the comments on Twitter were filled with a babble of crying emojis.

Fortunately, Gutierrez says she’s yet to see a single negative comment from users online. “No one has said one single bad thing about it. I’ve never seen that on Twitter before,” she said. According to Guiterrez, her sister, Jule Gutierrez, is graduating from Corona High School and her cousin, Jada Rancharan, is graduating from Colony High School in Ontario.