Che Guevara’s Firing Squads Killed Over 30,000 Cubans. Here Are 26 Facts You Didn’t Know About Him.

Among the political personalities that shaped 20th century history Ernesto “Che” Guevara is perhaps one of the most controversial. The Argentine revolutionary travelled the continent and idealistically fought against what he saw as unforgivable injustices. Following a Marxist worldview, he led guerrilla warfare efforts in countries as diverse as Cuba (of course!), Congo and Bolivia.

He was considered by some to be a hero, the stuff myths are made of. Others, like almost every Castro regime-fleeing Cuban-American you’ve ever met, consider him to be a cruel tyrant who used violence to impose his ideals. While his image has become a symbol for political rebellion, you might want to share this article with that friend who thinks they’re in Latinx solidarity by wearing that $48 Urban Outfitter’s t-shirt with his face on it.

Here’s 21 facts about Ernesto’s life, from his early years in Argentina to his last days in Bolivia. 

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