These Are Just A Few Of The Reasons We Are In Love With Xiomara Villanueva From ‘Jane The Virgin’

Xiomara Villanueva is our favorite mom on TV (or maybe she’s tied with her daughter Jane, who can say). Maybe it’s because she had Jane when she was only 16 years old, maybe it’s her singing career, or her lighter-on-the-rules approach to raising Jane. Either way, Xiomara Villanueva deserves 22 slides of her own.

Here are Xiomara’s best mom moments from the last four seasons of “Jane the Virgin.”

1. When virgin Jane found out she was pregnant and Xiomara started confessing all her sins to her…

Xiomara Villanueva
CREDIT: Netflix

This is the moment we fell in love with Xiomara “Xo” Villanueva. She thought her daughter was a “religious messiah” and we all were crying of laughter. Guess all that religious talk from her mother, Alba, actually got to her.

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