21 Things You Need To Know About Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Among the political personalities that shaped 20th century history Ernesto “Che” Guevara is perhaps one of the most controversial. The Argentine revolutionary travelled the continent and idealistically fought against what he saw as unforgivable injustices. Following a Marxist worldview, he led guerrilla warfare efforts in countries as diverse as Cuba (of course!), Congo and Bolivia.

He was considered by some to be a hero, the stuff myths are made of. Others, among them many Cuban-Americans who fled the Castro regime, consider him to be a cruel tyrant who used violence to impose his ideals. Whatever your view is, it is undeniable that “El Che” is a pop culture icon: movies, TV shows and thousands of pieces of paraphernalia have been created. If you live in a dorm, chances are that you have seen dozens of Che posters in dorm rooms.

Here’s 21 facts about Ernesto’s life, from his early years in Argentina to his last days in Bolivia. 

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