21 Places To Spend New Year’s Eve In Latin America

credit: twitter / @SA_Expeditions

New Year’s Eve is big in Latin America and Latin America is HUGE!  

Brazil and Mexico, together, are bigger than all of Europe. Mexico — alone — is bigger than the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Portugal combined! And, Mexico is 25 percent smaller than Argentina! Brazil is just a hair smaller than Canada, the U.S., and China. Brazil is that big, yet it makes up less than half of the South American land mass.

The other half of South America includes includes countries like Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile — all Latin American countries that are larger than any European countries, save Greenland. Even the smallest countries in Latin America are big. Costa Rica, for example, is bigger than Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Taiwan!

No where on Earth is there a larger geographical area of people speaking the same language than Latin America.

And no culture loves to celebrate quite like Latinos! If you really want to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Latin America is the place to do it! Below are 21 great places to spend New Year’s Eve in Latin America!

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