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21 Hilarious gifts for Mexican moms in Your Life

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late! This is the year you actually plan out Mother’s Day gifts for Mexican moms whose known you since Day 1. We rounded up the best ideas out there this year and threw in a few prank ones (because you can’t discount the gift of laughter, no?).

Let’s start with the basics:

1. Nadie me ayuda en esta casa T-shirt

Credit: Mitú Store

Mom’s new favorite weekend outfit! This t-shirt will become her best weapon to guilt the entire family into doing house shores while she rightfully spends her mornings watching telenovelas with a nice cup of cafecito. #BecauseSheHasDoneTooMuchAlready

Get it HERE

2. Fake Ponytail Hair Extensions

“Binding Tie up Synthetic Ponytail Heat Resistant One Piece Drawstring Pony Tail Long Wavy Curly Soft Silky for Women Lady Girls 18” / 18 inch (light brown)” Digital Image. Amazon. 4 May 2018.

If your mom is a rare Latina who isn’t still suffering from the patriarchal value placed on her beauty, please let me meet you. For everyone else, add to your mom’s creepy fake hair accessory bin to really make her day, and hopefully the strangest gift you’ll ever give.

3. Mamá can never have enough St. Anthony statues to pray to, right?

AntiquesHeavenStore / Etsy

You’ll never find a gnome on a Latina mom’s garden, but you will find a garden of St. Anthony’s, all wondering how they ever got so lost and wound up here. ?

4. Get yourself a holy mom-son portrait on a candle.

MoseMaryAndMe / Etsy

This could either go swimmingly or terribly, depending on how religious your mom is. If you do this, por favor tweet us the reaction (and the pic) @wearemitu.

5. Give your mom a grounding place to pile all her random jewelry.

tashamckelvey / Etsy

Her public-facing house and children must be perfect at all times, but she hoards jewelry dating back to the ’70s. And she’s probably Leo-proud, or whatever her zodiac is. It’s just our way.

6. OR, just add to the pile of jewelry with a zodiac necklace.

Ziime / Etsy

I got my mom one of these for her birthday a few years ago and she loves to tell her friends about the thoughtful, meaningful gift that I gave her. Go forth and reap the rewards!

 7. Speaking of zodiacs…this twist on the iconic “Birthday Book.”

“New York Times Custom Birthday Book” Digital Image. Uncommon Goods. 4 May 2018.

You can request the New York Times front page every year since the day she was born. Or would it be since the day you were born? We don’t know.

8. “Now you don’t have to save every tin of galletas!”

“Tupperware.” Digital Image. Amazon. 4 May 2018.

Go tell your mom about this. It’s called Tupperware. It’s made of glass so you can see what’s inside, unlike the metal tin cookie boxes that are filled with buttons, or granola.

9. For the alchy, party mom:

“Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses” Digital Image. Uncommon Goods. 4 May 2018

Save her the trouble of salting the rim of that tequila shot and just get her shot glasses made of Himalayan pink sea salt. She’ll drunkenly thank you.

10. Massage!

This seems obvious, but you should know that no matter what prank gift you get your mom, she expects a massage every month of May. Find yourself a good deal on Groupon, and then keep reading.

11. La Jefa Mug

So everyone knows who is the real boss while she sips her cafecito!

Get it HERE

12. Buy her a Goya gift basket.

“Goya Gift Basket.” Digital Image. Goya. 4 May 2018

I mean, truly, what could make for a better gift?! Yes, your cabinet is already stocked with at least 6 cans of each bean, because we’re always prepared for the apocalypse, but how cute is that?!

13. You could get her another mop.

“Cuban Stick Mop.” Digital Image. Amazon. 4 May 2018.

I’ve always secretly wanted to see her reaction and then explain that I know how much she loves to talk about todo lo trapeado. No, please never do that. Choose life.

14. Just be sure to follow that up with a house cleaning Groupon.

Untitled. Digital Image. Groupon. 4 May 2018.

The house cleaning shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of our mothers, but for machismo whatever reason, it typically does. Give your mom a break by hiring some professionals.

15. Be cute and gift her the GPS coordinates of the place you first met.

GracePersonalized / Etsy

If you know the name of the hospital and know how to use Google Maps, then you know the coordinates. Watch your mom cry at how thoughtful this is!

16. OR, be a B and gag gift her a gift card to the electric company.

Logo. Digital Image. Southern California Gas Company. 4 May 2018.

So that she can leave all the lights on, como un hotel. Blow out those candles and live in luxury ma’ this one’s on me!

17. Take her to “Plant Nite”!

“Plant Nite – Multiple Locations: Terrarium and Garden-Making Social Event from Plant Nite in Local Bars” Digital Image. Groupon. 4 May 2018.

Your mom can name every flower and tree she walks by, and would probably love to create her own terrarium while boozy. Apparently, this is the new Paint Nite, and I’m here for it.

18. If she’s really adventurous, take her to an Escape Room.

“The Hidden Passage: Live Escape Room Games – North Hollywood West: Game for 2 or 4, or Private Game for Up to 8 at The Hidden Passage: Live Escape Room Games (Up to 51% Off)” Digital Image. Groupon. 4 May 2018.

Tell her you don’t want her to forget all the wild times she’s always telling you about. This is going to be hilarious.

19.  “Ándale, por pendeja” shirt

So accurate. I’ve heard these words so many times from mom they deserve their own shirt!

Get it HERE

20. Take her to a next-level spa with a salt room.

“Salt Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara Downtown: One, Five, or Ten 45-Minute Salt-Cave Sessions and 15% Off Salt Products at Salt Santa Barbara (Up to 50% Off)” Digital Image. Groupon. 4 May 2018.

My mom is always talking about these places and I tragically have never taken the hint until now. I hear you, Mama. This is the year I make it happen.

21. If your mom is into crystals and plants, get her both.

AirFriend / Etsy

This Etsy store has all kinds of cute different options with a variety of crystals, each with their own meaning and properties.

22. If none of these would please your mom, then this (prank) gift probably will.

Untitled. Digital Image. Amazon. 4 May 2018

Just tell her you sensed the stress of her having to say, “¿Quien te dio permiso de salir eh?” over and over again, and that you’ve decided to never marry or leave the house. Her gift to you will probably be a chancla, pero el chiste is worth it. Happy shopping!

23. Got yourself a wine snob for a mom?

“wine soaps.” Digital Image. Uncommon Goods. 4 May 2018.

Buy her the classiest box of wine you can find! There’s actually wine in this soap, so while this will increase her attachment anxiety, she’ll feel hella calm in the shower.

24. For a more peaceful gift, send her to a “float” tank.

“Float Lab – Float Lab: One or Two Weekday Sensory Deprivation Float Sessions at Float Lab” Digital Image. Groupon. 4 May 2018.

It’s complete and total sensory deprivation, which means that the water is at your body’s temperature and it’s light and soundproof. It’s like you’re floating in darkness and can be a really meditative experience. You might want to get her a year’s supply of these.

While you’re at it, get me one, too.  Did you like some of these gifts for Mexican moms? Share it with your friends

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Guys Talk About The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts To Give Last Minute


Guys Talk About The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts To Give Last Minute

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to cue the balloons, bouquet of red roses and pink and heart everything! The truth is, even as one of the most manufactured and cheesy holidays, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful way to remind the person in your life that you love them.

And while it often seems like the pressure has to solely be on one partner, it’s also a time of year for us all to step up.

Fortunately, Reddit is teeming with ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for men.

Check it out below!

“I was in college (22M). I a girl I had known since high school had a crush on me and I could tell. She was a student at the same university and we would occasionally meet our group of friends for lunch. This little gathering had gone on for several semesters and we all knew each other quite well. This girl had a really rough life and a learning disability that prevented her from reading social situations and advancing in her studies. I had been trough an incredibly difficult break up the previous semester and was looking at a lonely Valentine’s day. I am not sure if she was told by a mutual friend or if she took her own initiative but she got me a little sucker bouquet in a coffee mug for me. I have a really bad sweet tooth and am a coffee addict so this was the perfect gift. We ended up getting lunch just the two of us and had a great time. I will always remember how much fun I had.” –Brighter_Lighter

“My girlfriend made me a comic book of us and all of our adventures. Yes I cried.” –FireButchJones

“When I first started dating my now fiance, we worked together, along with her ex. When he found out we were dating he tried talking to me in the breakroom, and casually talked shit, saying shes clingy, etc. Then he said “You know, I would tell you some more stuff but im afraid you’d chirp (while making a talking hand gesture)”. He tried to act ghetto to the point where I was embarrassed for him. That became an inside joke between me and her, and I started saying stuff mockingly, like ‘Im gonna chirp up in this bitch’ and ‘Im chirping in the trap.’ Then it turned into us creating comics back and forth called “The Adventures of Chirp and Trap”. Everyday one of us would draw a comic, and the other would continue the story. Chirp was a bird who usually wore either a cowboy hat or a Rambo outfit, and Trap was a bird in a cage. I think we still have them somewhere, but one of the funniest ones was Chirp having to rescue Trap from a Dothraki horde.” –Treegs

Every year, my mom makes this cookie cake with chocolate and strawberries and it’s the best thing ever. That’s the only ‘gift’ I’ve ever gotten for Valentine’s day (so far) Edit: forgot to take a picture of the first one but luckily she made an extra mini one this year. This is the first time she’s added the white chocolate, and it’s usually in the shape of a heart, but here it is.” –Zaquarius_Alfonzo

“Not a gf, but one time my parents bought me a box of slim jims as a kid and it lasted me until May. Was great.

I’ll marry the next woman who buys me a big ass box of slim jims.” –


“My parents would get me valentines day presents all the time! One year was a restaurant sized tub of ketchup (since I really loved ketchup at the time). It was both useful and fun! Though we threw it out before I finished it off, because the bottom of the tub was beginning to be a bit… off.

I’ve never gotten anything for valentines day not from my parents.” –


“A letter telling me all that she loves about me and how I treat her. It was the best. Her birthday was a couple of days after so it was very hard making her feel loved and appreciated like I felt when I gave her a shitty valentines gift.

The second best has to be nothing (different partner). Literal nothing. I bought her some of her favorite candy. But it was great because it really showed how our relationship was and I knew she wasn’t the right one for me and I wasn’t the one for her. She dumped me a couple days later. Couldn’t say I was surprised.” –cbarnes15

“one year a girl i was dating just sent me a big long message basically a letter telling me she wished she could be there with me (long distance relationship) and i was going through a rough patch and really drove home how much she cared about me and it was really beautiful, she was really good at making me feel special. i tried to do the same but i guess im just not good at it, i mailed her a letter i had written with her favorite candy but yeah the relationship eventually fell apart and i feel bad i couldn’t get across how strongly i felt about her.” –alchupanebra

“I got a steak, bourbon, a jump rope, and a bag of dorotos. I gave her a “sexy/naughty” calendar of me doing household chores wearing only an apron, a week of nightly foot rubs, I made her cinnamon rolls from scratch, and I hid 50 Ferrero Rocher around the house.” –Raininglemur

“I made a friend of mine who is a single woman a computer “game” that turned her xbox controller into a vibrator. I included all sorts of preset patterns too so that with button presses or voice commands you could change it up.” –


“I feel like I’m the only one who likes to give foot rubs. I think it’s a good work out for my grip strength and ladies love em. Like just ask and I’ll gladly give one. My ex didn’t like her feet touched though so I rarely gave them.” –drsquires

It was junior year and my psychology class was doing a secret Santa type thing but for Valentine’s Day since we were close. I got a girl who I was fine with giving a gift to. Drew her a nice rose, wrote something cute and gave her chocolates, not a lot. What I got from another girl was pretty impressive. I got a nice handwritten card, a jar of kisses, and a bunch of candy put into a cute bag. Now, I was antisocial af and this was completely unexpected. I was expecting her to give me like a chocolate bar or something but nah, she gave me the entire bag! Such a friendly girl, wish her the best in her college life now.

I also got a valentines gram which had chocolates sent to me anonymously but I already knew it was this one girl a grade above me that sent it. Weird cause I’m usually the one that never gets shit.” –Reddit User 

“When I was in high school from my first serious girlfriend. My first valentine’s day in a relationship. We had been dating about five months at the time.

I ask her what she wants for valentine’s day. She says she doesn’t want anything, just a dinner with me (I already had reservations). I ask her again, incredulously, “you don’t want anything, not even flowers?”

“No, I don’t want anything.”

“Are you sure? No flowers?”

“I’m sure.”

“No flowers?”

Don’t get me flowers.”

So… I don’t get her anything except chocolate and a dinner reservation. Definitely no flowers.

At the end of the day, she is upset she hasn’t gotten any flowers delivered. I tell her that I didn’t get her any, she told me not to. She cries, and tells me not to talk to her. Refuses to answer my calls. We don’t go out to dinner, and I spend valentine’s day alone.

My gift? One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned – don’t take women literally, it’s a trap.

Just buy the damn flowers.” – SadClownInIronLung

“My sophomore year of high school some girl who I really hadn’t thought much of gave me a card that read “To: Cute boy, you have a really nice smile”. We hung out a bit after that but things didn’t go to great (long story). Anyways that one valentine started a chain reaction that ended some serious depression I had and now I smile more often.” –supeguy212

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The Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers And Gifts For The Makeup Obsessed


The Best Beauty Stocking Stuffers And Gifts For The Makeup Obsessed

It’s that time of year again. You know the one. The holiday season where so much of your time is occupied with finding out the best gifts to give to your loved ones and friends. Fortunately, if you’re friends with a beauty lover you’ve got tons of options… but much like Netflix streaming options the beauty gifts available can be quite a bit overwhelming.

Whether you’re shopping for a beauty lover addicted to specific brands or specific trends, or looks there are so many gift possibilities. And while the current economy might make you feel a bit restricted, fortunately, there are so many sales and options.

We rounded up some options below!

hello® naturally friendly™ sweet mint vegan lip balm

Everyone should have a go-to lip balm available on hands at all times. Gift this vegan lip balm to help elevate your lip game which features a blend of coconut and olive oils to moisturize.


JO MALONE LONDON Travel Size Cologne & Crème Set

This limited-edition, set featured travel sizes of Wild Bluebell Cologne and English Pear & Freesia Body Crème. It’ll make the perfect stocking stuffer for your travel-loving beauty pal.

$32. 20

CTZN Cosmetics Nudiversal Lip Duo

This double-sided product has matte lipstick on one and a lip gloss on the other. What’s more, it’s available in 25 shades of inclusive nude colors.


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This lip sleeping mask by Laneige has over 8,000 five-star reviews on Sephora and comes in the Original Berry scent as well as Gummy Bear, Vanilla, Apple Lime, Sweet Candy, Lemon Sorbet, and Mint Choco.


URBAN DECAY Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

This special Urban Decay eyeshadow palette is filled with 12 rose-hued neutral shades. They come in matte, shimmer, and sparkly sweet metallic finishes.


CHARLOTTE TILBURY‘s Pillow Talk Push Up Eye Secrets Set

Thiis limited-edition eye set features Charlotte Tilbury’s new Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes Mascara in the full size, and travel-size Rock ‘n’ Kohl Eyeliner.


Fenty Beauty Gloss Goalz Universal Lip Luminizer 3-Piece Set

Just about every beauty fantatic knows that the Fenty Beauty Lip Luminizers are where its it. These gift bundles (which include three luminzers) are perfect for BFFL gifts and stocking stuffers.


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