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20 Hottest Soccer Players From Latin America Playing In The World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is taking over Russia and we’re helping you narrow down your choices if you’re stuck on who to root for. Start trading and coming up with your roster thanks to some of the hottest World Cup players that will take the field representing their home countries in Latin America! Ole-ole-ole-o heyyy cuties!

1. Neymar: Brazil

CREDIT: neymarjr / Instagram

Neymar is going into the World Cup with the largest social media following and judging from this post on Instagram, we know why. We are praying he stays as #blessed as his back tattoo throughout this tournament and doesn’t get injured like in the 2014 World Cup. We need as much screen time as we can from Brazil’s favorite son.

2. Javier Hernández: Mexico

CREDIT: ch14_ / Instagram

Javier Hernández, better known as Chicharito, is one of the players Mexico is hanging its hopes on to make it out of the “fifth game curse.” We’re also holding out hope we can shoot our shot with the striker.

3. Jonathan Dos Santos: Mexico

CREDIT: jona2santos / Instagram

We’d like to be a fly on the wall behind 28-year-old midfielder for El Tri and the LA Galaxy. Jonathan Dos Santos’ smoldering gaze has us like 😍 😍.

4. Carlos Vela: Mexico

CREDIT: carlosv11_ / Instagram

Our third player we’re featuring from Mexico’s national team member is forward Carlos Vela. We’re ready to be his loyal supporter no matter who takes home the trophy.

5. James Rodriguez: Colombia

CREDIT: jamesrodriguez10 / Instagram

Between James Rodriguez’s million-dollar smile, freckles and salsa moves, it’s hard to not be a fan of Colombia’s national team. We are hoping he scores some goals during the World Cup to have more reason to sway his hips in front of our TV screens.

6. Radamel Falcao: Colombia

CREDIT: falcao / Instagram

Helping to lead Colombia’s national team along with James is striker Radamel Falcao. We would meet him at midnight in Paris, in Russia or really any place TBH. Just look at those toned arms! 

7. Paulo Dybala: Argentina

CREDIT: PauloDybala / Instagram

One of the fresh faces on Argentina’s national team is 24-year-old Juventus forward Paulo Dybala. We’re ready to melt away in those baby blues on and off the pitch.

8. Franco Armani: Argentina

CREDIT: francoarmani34 / Instagram

With Argentina’s main goalkeeper Sergio Romero out with an injury, Franco Armani has a chance to come out of the goalie box and straight into our hearts. Standing at a towering  6′ 2″, we could stare at this tall glass of agua all day long.

9. Giorgian De Arrascaeta: Uruguay

CREDIT: g10dearrascaeta / Instagram

Uruguay doesn’t usually make headlines when it comes to who will make the finals, but now we’re interested in finding out the odds of its national team advancing just so we can see more of 24-year-old Giorgian Daniel De Arrascaeta. Make sure to keep on his speedy skills as an attacking midfielder.

10. José Giménez: Uruguay

CREDIT: josemariagimenez / Instagram

It looks like Uruguay’s central defender José Giménez is a little chilly in this photo. We are up and ready to give him a big 🐻 hug to keep him warm!

11. Alisson Becker: Brazil

CREDIT: alissonbecker / Instagram

What do we have to do to get Brazil’s goalkeeper Alisson Becker to dive after us? Should we stand closer to the penalty box? All in favor, raise those hands. 👋 👋 👋

12. Patrick Pemberton: Costa Rica

CREDIT: @PPemberton01 / Twitter

We know Costa Rica’s goalkeeper Kaylor Navas gets all the glory, but let’s give a shout out to the reserve goalkeeper, Patrick Pemberton. He’s a little shorter than your average goalie, but what he lacks in height, he makes up in muscle. We’ll take it.

13. Bryan Oviedo: Costa Rica

CREDIT: bryanoviedo8 / Instagram

This Tico has told his fans to relax and not stress after Costa Rica faced two back-to-back defeats. Ok, Oviedo, we see you. Looks like our blood pressure is going down just by staring at that smile.

14. Jaime Penedo: Panama

CREDIT: jaimepenedo / Instagram

Goalkeeper (are you noticing a trend?) Jaime Penedo plays for Panama’s national team and we are memorizing the TV schedule to make sure we don’t miss him blocking those instep kicks. Based on his Insta posts, he likes to eat pasta and fine foods. Pasta, soccer and good looks? Sounds like the true #dreamteam.

15. Roman Torres: Panama

CREDIT: romantorres29 / Instagram

Can Panamanian defender Roman Torres celebrate like this each time Panama scores a goal at the World Cup? Like, just take a look at those washboard abs! I-C-O-N-I-C.

16. Pedro Gallese: Peru

CREDIT: pedrogallese1 / Instagram

Survey says…goalkeepers must be some of the most easy-on-the-eyes position when it comes to soccer. Peru’s Pedro Gallese is a concrete example of that. Look at his physique! Tall, muscular with lean muscle. Where can we sign up to buy a Peruvian national jersey?

17. Yoshimar Yotun: Peru

CREDIT: yoshiyotun / Instagram

This is Peru’s first time heading to the World Cup in 36 years. Will Yotun help his team proceed to be a Cinderella story? Who knows, but one thing we do know is that he sure looks dreamy in this fairytale setting. 😍

18. Lucas Biglia: Argentina

CREDIT: fc.lucasbiglia / Instagram

Hey Lucas Biglia, you need to stop biting Argentina’s jersey because this photo is making us bite our lips. 🙊 ☺️ Will the midfielder help Argentina get to the final? We’ll keep watching until the very end if Biglia has the ball.

19. Philippe Coutinho: Brazil

CREDIT: phil.coutinho / Instagram

Philippe Coutinho is another soccer player on the lengthy list of married World Cup players *but* we can still daydream about playing a little touch soccer with him. Or maybe footsies? Dream until your dreams come true, people!

20. Nicolás Tagliafico: Argentina

CREDIT: tagliafico3 / Instagram

This 25-year-old has been named “the new Javier Zanetti,” but you can just call him your new crush. Why so serious Nicolás? You just probably received hundreds of new stans!

Which soccer player is your favorite on this roster? Let us know in the comments! Please share your World Cup moments using #WorldCup2018 #ShowUsYourColors.

This Dating Show That Matched People Based On Their Zodiac Signs Always Had The Weirdest Themes

Things That Matter

This Dating Show That Matched People Based On Their Zodiac Signs Always Had The Weirdest Themes

If you’re into astrology, drama, comedy and savage comments, then Telemundo’s dating show “12 Corazones” is for you. The show aired in the early 2000s and was hosted by Penélope Menchaca, who was never shy about making savage comments towards the guests on the show (especially towards the men).

The objective of “12 Corazones” was to match single people based on their zodiac signs, but not one episode was ever the same. Every time you watched an episode there was a different theme, meaning there were different props, games and costumes involved. And these themes were far from ordinary…

One of these themes included vampires. Yes, vampires.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

If this episode was aired around Halloween then that would make a little more sense. Otherwise, it would be a little creepy seeing grown men dressed as vampires in the middle of July.

Another theme featured on this show was zumba.🕺🏽

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

So if you’re ever looking for a date and want to exercise at the same time, this is obviously the show you need to be on.

If you’re scared of clowns, this is an episode you’d want to miss.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

These participants went all out with their makeup and wardrobe. They did not hold back.

On a more nostalgic side, there was also the theme of quinceañeras.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

If homegirl got dropped off in a limo, I wonder if she also went to the park with her damas and chambelanes to take cheesy pictures. Also, who are the padrinos who payed for this limo? And where is the party going to be at?

And for the quinceañera themed episode, the host even brought a waltz instructor onto the show.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

I should’ve hired this guy as the waltz instructor for my own quinceañera.

Another theme featured in “12 Corazones” was one of tigers and cheetahs.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

In this episode every single guest on the show was painted in cheetah or tiger print from head to toe. Not a single ingle of their bodies was left unpainted.

The guests on the show also dressed up in uniforms for the theme of “Back to School.”

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

How come no one told this guy that the backpack was a little too small for him?

And to stick to the theme of punk, guests came onto the show with their hair like this…

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Every single guy in this episode showed with a colored mohawk and dark eyeliner.

Even the host of the show participated in these themes, including this theme of muñecas.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

If it wasn’t for the spirit and participation of this host, the show would honestly not be the same.

Another *wild* theme featured in this show was a jungle theme.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Everyone was dressed as if they were part of the Flinstones family and they weren’t one bit shy about it.

More halloween vibes were brought onto the show with this pirate themed episode.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

This has to be the most awkward pirate I’ve seen. I mean, look at that sexy turn and eye-patch lift.

To kick things up a notch, “12 Corazones” featured a breakdance themed episode.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

These ladies did not disappoint with their badass breakdance moves.

On this slumber part themed episode, the guests on the show had the chance to get a little more cozy and comfortable.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Those red silk pajamas are on fleek. He seriously outdid everyone else on the show.

Of course, “12 Corazones” couldn’t miss having an episode with the classic theme of cops and thieves.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

It was black and white stripes and handcuffs all around.

In addition to cops and thieves, there was also the duo-theme of pilots and flight attendants.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

I’m surprised the men didn’t walk onto the stage with their arms out wide like an airplane.

Even more cliche was the theme of doctors and nurses.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

LOL. Is this what all of our doctors do on their spare time?

Things got a little more active when it came to this episode that featured the theme of sports.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Poor guy. He tried to show off his slick dance moves and the host told him to stop. 😂#savage

And to heat things up a bit, “12 Corazones” introduced the theme of strippers for this episode.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Am I watching “Magic Mike” or “12 Corazones”? 🤔

Even though there was no sunlight in the studio, “12 Corazones” went on to feature a beach day theme in this episode.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

They did not joke around when it came to the props for this theme.

On the more sophisticated side, there was also a gala night themed episode in the show.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

Gala night themed or prom night themed?

Last, but not least, “12 Corazones” aired an episode with the theme of princes and princesses.

CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo / YouTube

All of the women on the show came dressed in huge princess dresses and totally owned it.

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