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20 Foods You Can Only Find in Latin America

Latin America has so much to offer to both frequent and one-time visitors. From the vibrant culture to the picturesque landscapes and delightful cuisine, there is so much to relish. Visitors always have something to savor and memories to take back home every time they visit.

Latino recipes stand out from many cultures, and some cuisines here cannot be found in any other part of the world. Take a look of foods that Latinos have made their own.


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In Central Mexico, you’ll find tacos which are twisted to offer a new taste. Salsa and guacamole are also popular in regular tacos. They are usually spiced with pork, chicken or any other known meat. Mexicans take the meat portion to a whole new level with the introduction of grasshoppers. It is a weird but tasty meal.

Anticuchos de Corazon

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If your itinerary includes a stop to Peru ensure that you taste this meal. You probably are well accustomed to chicken hearts. Well, Peruvians give you an opportunity to feel what cow hearts taste like. The hot sauce may help you deal with the weirdness that comes from trying out something new.

Cazuela de Ilama

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The Ilama is a South American domesticated animal that is in the same family as camels. Argentinians make the most of its meat which has taken the place of the conventional meats. They use it to make a delightful stew that works well for individuals who are watching their weight.

Corn beer

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The Latin Beverages are just something else. You won’t find them in your regular bars. Take the corn beer for example. It is made from chewed up corn that is spat out. Yes. The corn is ground by humans before it is allowed to ferment. What arrives at your mug is something special. You’ll definitely ask for more.

Yerba Mate Tea

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As far as drinks are concerned, the Argentinian mate tea has a remarkable history. It has no time restrictions and is drank religiously in some communities. Make sure you get a metal cup and try it when you next visit Argentina.


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If you are into street foods, then you should give this Argentinian delicacy a shot. They come in different flavors, and you can opt for cheese fillings, ricotta or veggie spinach among other options.


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The Brazilian goat stomach makes for a sumptuous meal among residents in the Northern part of the country. Blood, as well as organs sought from kids (baby goats), are added to spice up the meal which is then cooked and best served while still hot.

Morcilla dulce

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Uruguyuan barbecue desserts are never complete without this treat. Most of its ingredients are what you are accustomed to. Nutmeg, raisin, and sugar make great dessert options but when blood is added the tide shifts tremendously. The citizens of Uruguay take pride in their traditional sausage.


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If you think that the Chapulines are the only twisted tacos in Latin America, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Mexicans do not simply get rid of the fungus found on corn. They know how to make good use of them. You’ll find them as fillings on tacos and will probably won’t remember the damage they normally cause as you enjoy the bizarre treat.


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Venezuelans do not mind taking corn-based flatbread in the morning at breakfast or in the afternoon as a snack. Avocado, jam or cheese can all serve as compliments to the delicacy. You can also find it in Colombia albeit in a different form.


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Breakfast in Bogota is a big deal. Nothing is left to chance, and their birds miss out on what is common for birds back home. Stale bread is mixed up with milk and eggs to make an impressive breakfast meal. Your regular toast is unheard of in these parts of the globe.

Hormigas culonas

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Peanuts always go very well with beer. In Colombia, the peanuts are substituted with big butt ants. The local delicacy can be very addictive, and restaurants of the northern parts of the country continue to mint loads of cash from the simple meal.

Coração de Frango

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As you cross through the streets of Brazil, you’ll be treated to a host of casual snacks. Among them are the exquisite chicken hearts. They are well seasoned and will leave a lasting taste on your tongue.

Dulce de Leche

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The creamy caramel confection will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Ice cream, churros, and alfajeros biscuits are the best additives to the Uruguayan treat that is highly popular among the natives.

Sopa de Mondongo

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Soups often serve as appetizers in most of our restaurants. This is also the case in most parts of Latin America. The only difference comes up when we think of what the soup is made of. Colombians enjoy their vegetables served along with beef tripe soup. If it doesn’t work out for you, don’t shy away from ordering the regular chicken soup. 

Grilled Guinea pig

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Served in Ecuador and Colombia in equal measure as the main course, the meal offers a suitable option for visitors who love venturing into the unknown. It is served rather crudely and tourists who’ve kept this animal as a pet shudder at the site of the meal.

Sanguche de potito

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In Chile, a cow’s rectum can be crafted into a sandwich to create something special. You need to be very audacious to take this snack down your throat. When you eventually do that, you’ll understand why residents of Santiago relish this snack as they recount the talking points of the big game.

Pisco Sour

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The National Pisco Day in Peru tells you how much Peruvians value their drinks. The pisco sour is a delightful cocktail that is a mix of bitters and lime juice. The addition of egg white gives it its originality.

Blue Tortilla

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Latinos in Mexico are treated to a lot of jaw-dropping delicacies. They grow blue corn which they later use to make this variety of Tortilla. You have to see it to believe that no food dye is involved in the all-natural product.


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This is another variety pastry served in Brazil along with shrimp, ground meat or cheese.  Chocolate can always be used to sweeten the delicious treat. It serves as a great alternative to the similarly appetizing empanadas.

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Latino Food Trucks Are Serving Up Some Of The Most Delicious Foods From Coast To Coast

things that matter

Latino Food Trucks Are Serving Up Some Of The Most Delicious Foods From Coast To Coast

elbochinchemiami / cevichefoodtruck / Instagram

The Latino food truck as we know it today has evolved from its earliest years as a Texas chuckwagon, to the modern version of the iconic street food found in major cities everywhere. You can find a food truck selling just about any cuisine imaginable these days, and Latin cuisine is of course no exception. Below is a list of the 20 best Latin food trucks in the country.

Tex’s Tacos

CREDIT: @texstacos / Instagram

Atlanta, Georgia: Known around town as the “Antonio Banderas of food trucks”, Tex’s Tacos food trucks offers lunch-goers menu items such as Chicken Fresca Tacos, made with a honey lime-brined chicken; classic Carne Asada with “citrus-splashed skirt steak”; as well as sides like “lime fries” and, of course, there is Mexican Coke and Mexican Fanta to wash it all down. Tex’s Tacos brings a great name to a long list of Latin food trucks in the country.

Tender Grill Gourmet Brazilian Kitchen

CREDIT: @tender_grill / Twitter

Los Angeles, California: The first gourmet Brazilian food truck in the City of Angels offers Angelenos Brazilian appetizers like Pao de Quiejo (cheese bread), salads featuring picanha (steak), sandwiches like Catupireza Sandwich (smoked Brazilian sausage) as well as traditional gluten-free Brazilian plates like Herb Marinated Chicken Breast with farofa, and desserts like Mousse de Maracuja (passion fruit mousse).

Cuchifritos Puerto Rican Eatery


Atlanta, Georgia: Hungry folks in Atlanta can get a taste of the island at this Puerto Rican food truck. On the menu are appetizers like Tostones de Platano; a Pernil sandwich, and Chicharrones de Pollo. Cuchifritos also has a virgin Piña Colada to help you daydream about an island vacation while on your lunch break.

La Patrona Food Bus

CREDIT: @patronachicago / Twitter

Chicago, Illinois: La Patrona serves downtown Chicago your typical Mexican-American street fare like elotes and guacamole, and a wide assortment of tacos and tortas.

La Cocinita

@lacocinita / Instagram

Chicago, Illinois: Originating out of New Orleans, La Cocinita food truck offers Chicagoans Latin American street food like arepas, burrito bowls, and the Venezuelan guacamole, guasacaca. This Latin food truck also has a “stupid hot” sauce to douse on your lunch.


CREDIT: @foodtruckazucar / Instagram

Dallas, Texas: According to Roaming Hunter, Azucar is one of Dallas’ best kept secrets. With lunch menu offerings like Mayan Taco (frybread topped with beans, rice, an assortment of veggies, and your choice of meat) and loaded burritos, it’s easy to understand why locals would want to keep this Latin food truck to themselves.

The Guava Tree Truck

CREDIT: @guavatreetruck / Instagram

Dallas, Texas: “A Cuban Truckstaurant” that serves up authentic Cuban food in Dallas. Ropa Vieja, Pan con Lechon, and of course Tostones are on the menu. Make sure to check out this Latin food trucks dessert offerings — goodies like Black Bean Cupcakes (with Guava Cream Cheese Frosting), and a White Bean Cupcake (with Dulce de Leche Frosting).

Picanha Steak Truck

CREDIT: @picanhasteaktruck / Instagram

Las Vegas, Nevada: At this Brazilian food truck in Vegas, you’ll find Brazilian fare like Picanha (steak) Fries topped off with an over-easy egg and Picanha’s “famous garlic sauce”, Grilled Shrimp Tacos (with more of that garlic sauce), and a Picanha Steak Sandwich.

Que Sazon

CREDIT: @quesazon_az / Instagram

Phoenix, Arizona: If South American cuisine is what you’re craving, this Phoenix truck should be on your list of great Latin food trucks. Serving Latin-inspired food like chicken empanadas, a side of sweet plantains, and arroz con pollo (classically Latin!), Que Sazon will meet all your street food requirements.

Churros 101

CREDIT: @thechurros101 / Instagram

Las Vegas, Nevada: Who can resist sweet, crunchy comida like a churro. If you’re Las Vegas, be sure to hit up this truck that specializes in churros and nothing but churros.

El Chato Taco Truck

CREDIT: @elchatotacotruck / Instagram

Los Angeles, California: El Chato is known among Los Angeles as a local legend and for good reason. This long-running truck has been serving up Mexican eats on Los Angeles streets since 2006. At El Chato you can expect to find $1 street tacos, both meat-filled and vegetarian burritos, and of course delicious, fresh salsa.

Tumaca Truck

CREDIT: @tumacatruck / Instagram

Los Angeles, California: While Mexican food is represented many times over in L.A.’s food truck scene, (check out more of the L.A. taco truck scene here) Spanish cuisine can not be forgotten. Tumaca Truck is the city’s “first and only traveling purveyor of Barcelona-style sandwiches and tapas.” You’ll find food like Croquetas Ibericas (ham croquettes), Tumaca Fries (potatoes bravas), and of course Spanish Serrano ham sandwiches.

Zema Food Truck

CREDIT: @zematruck / Instagram

Los Angeles, California: You’ll find Latin and Caribbean-inspired cuisine at this food truck. Come hungry and try out a variety of crispy corn griddle sandwiches, arepas stuffed with shrimp, Cachapas (sweet corn pancakes filled with Venezuelan soft cheese, beef, or pork). Wash it all down with beverages like Malta, lemonade made with sugar cane, and red soda “colita.”

Lizarran America Food Truck

CREDIT: @lizarranamerica / Instagram

Miami, Florida: In a city swimming with Cuban cuisine, Lizarran America instead shines a comida spotlight on Spanish-fusion. Lizarran offers a wide assortment of pinchos (or, pintxos, “small snacks”) like Tortilla de Patatas, an octopus and potato puree (the Pulpo a la Gallega), and classic Spanish side dishes like patatas bravas and croquettes.

El Bochinche

CREDIT: @elbochinchemiami / Instagram

Miami, Florida: Colombian cuisine is authentically represented here at this Miami food truck. Street food lovers will find menu items like La Chuleta “The Original” (breaded and fried pork loin), Prime Flank Steak or Sobrebarriga (served with fries and sweet plantains). Be sure to check out the Chuletwist — pork or chicken chuleta served up with fries in a convenient paper cone for a tasty one-handed snack.

Los Viajeros Food Truck

CREDIT: @los_viajeros_foodtruck / Instagram

Manhattan, New York: This Latin fusion (think: Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Mexico) truck is operated and run by a Food Network Chopped champion, so you know the food will be delicious. Hungry New Yorkers can choose from a selection of tacos, and their best-selling burritos, like the El Jefe Burrito (brown rice, Cuban-style steak, sweet plantains, cheese, and jalapeños.


CREDIT: Instagram source: @nuchasnyc

New York City, New York: Featuring an assortment of freshly baked empanadas, or nuchas, Nuchas is a newer Latin food truck that can be found in Times Square, Greeley Square, as well as Brooklyn Borough Hall. Whichever location you hit up, you’ll find empanadas stuffed with things like portobello mushrooms, spicy cheese, and shiitake curry.

Sarah’s Latin Taste

CREDIT: @sarahslatintaste / Instagram

San Jose, California: Roaming the streets of the Bay Area, this Latin food truck offers up South American flavor to hungry folks in cities like Santa Clara and San Jose. Street food lovers can choose from food like the Chicken Milanesa sandwich (crispy, breaded chicken on a ciabatta roll), and Churrasco Plate – tender skirt steak topped with delicious chimichurri and a side of chimi fries.

Ceviche & Co

CREDIT: @cevichefoodtruck / Instagram

San Francisco, California: With a Latin and Ecuadorian influenced menu, this San Francisco Latin food truck serves — you guessed it — ceviche! You will also find comida like grilled steak with chimichurri, and of course plantains and braised pork empanadas.

Tacos La Flaca

CREDIT: Instagram source: @tacoslaflacatruck

Seattle, Washington: Lovers of Mexican food will be happy they checked out this Seattle food truck. Order the Paco’s Tacos if you’re in the mood to mix and match your favorite taco fillings (choose from carne asada, barbaoca, al pastor, lengua, and even tofurizo!). Tacos La Flaca also offers tortas, mulitas, as well as classic Mexican beverages like horchata and Jarritos.

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