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13 Celebrities Who Should Be Named Honorary Latinx

Given the current social and political climate in the United States and overseas, Latinos and other people of color are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to discriminatory practices. Even though Latinos make amazing and significant contributions to the cultural, social and economic growth of the developed countries to which they migrate, popular culture and mainstream media (and certain carrot-colored politician) often frame us as free-loaders or dangerous bad hombres and mujeres.

That is why celebrities who speak up for amazing but misunderstood groups could be honorary latinxs! Women and men who use their fame to defend the voiceless and be proud representatives of their own are Latino at heart (fiery and unapologetic!) Here’s 13 non-Latino celebs who could very well be one of ours!

Viva mi gente! 

1. Lady Gaga

Credit: Instagram. @ladygaga

The amazing singer has built a career going against beauty and gender stereotypes, and has been a strong advocate for queer rights. She wears her Italian heritage proudly and is a testament of how perseverance can take you places. Please give her an Oscar!

Latina name: La Diva

Credit: Instagram. @ladygaga

We chose a plain and simple Latino name for her: La Diva. It encapsulates her sophisticated persona.

2. Ellen Page

Credit: Instagram. @ellenpage

When she came out as queer a few years ago she did so in a proud manner: no apologies, no drama, just being who she is. She has since been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+  rights, a true warrior of her people. She is also a fierce supporter of environmental campaigns.

Latina name: Elena Parra

Credit: Instagram. @ellenpage

A dignified name that doesn’t go too over the top, but still has a lot of dignity and cache to it. She just shines and is great with children, she would make a wonderful Latino tía.

3. Mark Ruffalo

Credit: Instagram. @MarkRuffalo

When he is not busy being The Hulk, this actor is a fierce supporter of left-wing politics. He speaks out against injustice and racism and is a fierce advocate of migrant rights.

Latino name: Marcos Romo

Chances are that Ruffalo will run for office someday…. “Vote por Marcos Romo” has a nice ring to it. He sort of looks like one of ours as well.  He also seems to be the best carnalito ever to his friends (see above with Mr Danny DeVito).

4. George Takei

Credit: Twitter. @GeorgeTakei

The Japanese-American actor is a celebrity due to his role in Star Trek. He is one of the first celebrities to have come out as gay and is always speaking out against racism and all sorts of discrimination.

Latino name: Jorge Tapia

Credit: Instagram. @georgehtakei

Dignified, proud…. George Takei would be an ideal cool uncle in any Latino family, and if he was Latino he would surely be super active in defending our rights.

5. Kal Penn

Credit: Twitter. @kalpenn

This American actor of Indian heritage is one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood. He knows that he is the product of immigration and as such defends people who try to find a better life. He would be a great advocate for Latino rights!

Latino name: Carlos Peña

Credit: Instagram. @kalpenn

Simple, proud and very, very Latino.

6. George Clooney

Credit: ox281292716624791656. Digital image. Dalje.

Clooney has long used his fame and money to fight for those who are underprivileged or at risk. When South Sudanese families were being killed he hired a satellite to evidence war crimes being perpetrated. When Katrina hit, he was there to help. Rumor about him running for office have existed for years… they might come true sometime. Clooney and his wife Amal recently donated 100k to migrant children separated from their families.

Latino name: Jorge Casamayor

Credit: George Clooney. Digital image. Mic.

Of course this silver fox would have a telenovela sounding name. Jorge Casamayor sounds like an perennial bachelor who likes to give.

7.  The Rock

Credit: Instagram. @therock

This former wrestler and now actor and activist is a cool dad, a fierce advocate for minority rights and might very well run for office one day. He is a proud representative of people of color worldwide. And, to be honest, can you imagine a group of racists standing up to him? Represent.

Latino name: Rocas

Credit: Instagram. @therock

Rocas is such a strong, short moniker. Vota por Rocas! has a good ring to it, eh, mi gente?

8. Ashley Judd

Credit: Instagram. @ashley_judd

Salma Hayek’s BFF is a rare voice in Hollywood. She actively voices his disgust for gender discrimination and has been a vocal activist of the #metoo era. She has openly accused top Hollywood executives of undermining her career prospects for not giving in to their gross requests.

Latina name: Araceli Jimenez

Credit: Instagram. @ashley_judd

Ashley is a beautiful, quite distinctive name, so we will call this Honorary Latina “Araceli”. Feminine, yet strong.

9. Cher

Credit: Instagram. @Cher

Cher has become a symbol of cultural resistance against conservatism and animal cruelty. She is also fully aware of the many tribulations faced by millions of Americans. She recently said in an interview with Vanity Fair: “People are Hurting in Major Ways in My Country”. All hail La Reina!

Latina name: Reina

Credit: Instagram. @Cher

Cher is a queen, una Reina, and her Honorary Latina name has to reflect that. We can totally picture her rocking with Shakira.

10. Bruce Springsteen

Credit: Instagram. @springsteen

The Boss is a true representative of the real American Dream: a working-class hero who speaks out against injustice and tells the stories of ordinary citizens through his songs. He has recently denounced family separation policies as “inhumane”. He even went off-script in a recent concert to become politically vocal against the Trump administration’s recent immigration decisions.

Latino name: El Jefe

Credit: Instagram. @springsteen

Just a literal translation of his stage name will do. El Jefe is a true American Honorary Latino.

11.  Leonardo DiCaprio

Credit: Instagram. @leonardodicapriofdn

The Oscar winner (we thought we would never say that!) has shot some of his most important films in Latin America (Romeo and Juliet and Titanic in Mexico, The Revenant in Argentina), where he has charmed his way into the hearts of thousands. He is also an activist in matters of animal rights, and recently visited Mexico to advocate for the protection of sea cows or vaquitas marinas.

Latino name: Leo Díaz

Credit: Instagram. @leonardodicapriofdn

Sounds like a superhero’s name eh? And yes, Leo is a superhero for thousands of animals and humans.

12. Ellen DeGeneres.

Credit: Instagram. @TheEllenShow

She was one of the first mainstream gay women to come out. Through her show she empowers women of all walks of life. Like many A-listers, she has publicly denounces family separation policies that have affected many Latino families.

Latina name: Elena De la Huerta

Credit: Instagram. @TheEllenShow

Ellen has a dignified air about her, and this telenovelaesque and glamorous Latino name would suit her just fine. We are sure her wife Portia would love it as well.

13. Bernie Sanders

Credit: Instagram. @berniesanders

The longstanding senator had a famous unsuccessful run for the presidency, but the world got to know his views on politics and history. He has publicly stated his views on US intervention in Latin American politics, questioning the role that foreign policy had in determining the fate of countries like Nicaragua and Chile. We are all for that. He sort of reminds us of Latino rights advocates of the past.

Latino name: Bernardo Sanabria

Credit: download. Digital image. New York Latinos for Bernie Sanders.

It’s no secret that one of the reasons Bernie didn’t get the Democratic nomination was his perceived old age. A name like Don Bernardo Sanabria sure leads us to think of a dignified and wise old man.

Will Smith’s Appreciation Of Latino Culture And His Love For Latino People Makes Him An Honorary Latino


Will Smith’s Appreciation Of Latino Culture And His Love For Latino People Makes Him An Honorary Latino

willsmith / Instagram

There are Latinos, there are wannabe Latinos and then there is Will Smith. If you just became obsessed with Marc Anthony, Bad Bunny & Will Smith’s latest drop, “Está Rico,” and you were wondering why Will Smith was rapping in Spanish, let us give you the brief photo history showing how he has embraced and become part of Latino culture.

Will Smith has always been a lover of Latino culture.

CREDIT: @forbes / Twitter

Yes, he really is from West Philadelphia, where he was born an raised, and was a pretty popular rapper in the ’80s. Once the IRS claimed his recording equipment, he took on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” in an interim that lasted six years. Since then, he’s been top charting and making bank in film.

He is BFFs with Marc Anthony.

CREDIT: @willsmith / Instagram

Caption: “Feliz Cumpleaños, mi Hermano!”

It’s the real deal. These two have traveled together and spend legit bestie time together, which leads us right up to “Está Rico.”

Smith teamed with Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny on a bilingual track, “Está Rico.”

CREDIT: @willsmith / Instagram

In it, Will Smith entires with “Haciendo Historia!” and, “Blend my Philly way now / With your Latina sway now / Sacude tu cadera.”

He’s rapping… en español.

He has proven several times that he speaks decent Spanish.

CREDIT: Telemundo / YouTube

He’s even accepts interviews in Spanish on the regular, including this one on Telemundo where he carried his weight for the first half, and was translated for the second half.

Apparently, Smith travels with a Spanish language instructor so he’s always learning.

La comunidad agrees his trip to Colombia with Marc Anthony changed him.

CREDIT: @VGCastro17 / Twitter

Back in May of this year, Smith was all over Instagram sharing the multiple dance offs he had with folks all throughout Colombia. He basically danced his way through the country.

Truth, he may have been on a working vacation since his new movie “Gemini Man” is based in Colombia, set to release in October 2019.

While he was there, him and Marc shipped Colombia hard.


Can you spot Marc Anthony to his right? Boy is literally on a balcón; it doesn’t get more Latino than that. Unless he’s hiding a cigar somewhere, and then there’s no going back.

He “loves the fire” of Latin America.

CREDIT: @partypokerlive / Twitter

In an interview with Latina, he shared, “I spent a lot of time in South America and I just love the fire!” he says. “When I was down in Brazil, I just got hype and started rappin’ for the crowd, you know, it’s like the energy is crazy, and I just love that fire, I love that flavor.”

He knows to always give the spotlight to the person who really runs things: his wife.

CREDIT: @Fevu_shikor_ / Twitter

He got the handbook on this one. She deserves all the glory and honor to even be by your side and if you aren’t over the top about acknowledging her grace, she will take it very personally y le botó.

He’s dramatic AF.

CREDIT: sad will smith gif / GIPHY

And always has been. Why do you think we were all so obsessed with “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”? It was the only American telenovela we had.

Miami is his second home.

CREDIT: Will Smith / YouTube

Miami is like the American capital of Caribbean Latinos and he’s been singing about it (and even dropping some lyrics in Spanish) since the ’90s.

Plus, he’s always been a fanboy for Mariah Carey.

CREDIT: @oldpicsarchive / Twitter

If you look closely at the CDs the Fresh Prince had laying around his room in the sitcom, you’ll see Mariah’s face everywhere. In this photo, Mariah is 18 years old and Will Smith is 19 years old back in 1988.

Smith is here for his Afro-Latina co-stars.

CREDIT: @willsmith / Instagram

Back in the day, Tatyana Ali played his on-screen cousin, Ashley Banks. He wishes her a feliz cumple cada año on social media.

Will Smith brought us Eva Mendes.

CREDIT: Will Smith / YouTube

In his “Welcome to Miami” hit, Eva Mendes was in the music video saying, “Bienvenidos a Miami.” I’m screaming. Years later, she would play his love interest on “Hitch.”

He’s just like a prankster Latino dad.

CREDIT: @firepicstm / Twitter

Latino dads live to make fun of their children, and Will Smith is no different. After his son, Jada, posted this very Instagrammy pic, his father quickly took to mocking him on Twitter. 😂

Just last week, he tossed Jada onto his shoulders to start the #ThePiggybackChallenge.

CREDIT: @willsmith / Instagram

Will Smith is just the kind of dad who will always treat his kids like babies and also like adults. They went to Target to promote Just Water, and Smith was giving Jada sass for talking instead of working on stocking the shelves. Classic.

Latinos are already posting that their dads are way ahead of him.

CREDIT: @SamanthaSports / Twitter

We didn’t use our legs for the first 4 years of life. It’s the Latino way.

 He publicly sasses his son for not knowing Spanish.

CREDIT: Univision / YouTube

Tell me your papi wouldn’t do the same thing. I hear it from every abuelita I meet. Maybe Will Smith is an honorary abuelita, no sé.

He laid down a Bomba Estereo “Fiesta” remix like a boss.

CREDIT: Bomba Estéreo / YouTube

Of course, we have Marc Anthony to thank for that. Smith shared the back story in a video, saying, “I was in Colombia, in Ibagué, with Marc Anthony, and he was listening to ‘Fuego’ [another Bomba track]. And I said, ‘That song is crazy!’ And almost completely unrelated, my manager, Miguel, is friends with people in [Sony Music Latin, Bomba’s label], and he showed me this song, ‘Fiesta.’ And I said, ‘That is crazy, I need to be on that.’”

He reportedly has said he thinks he was Latino in another life.

CREDIT: @xxxangely / Twitter

Latina reports that in one of his usual rants about how much he loves Latino culture, he laughed and said, “I think in a previous lifetime, I was definitely born in Costa Rica or something like that.”

In this life, he is one of us.

CREDIT: @Ma07ilyAlvarado / Twitter

The guy has spent decades obsessing over Latino culture, respecting it, living in it, lifting up Latino actors and remixing iconic bands. We 💜 you, Will Smith. You’re up there with Rhianna.

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