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11 Latino Celebrities Who Got Rich Before Turning 21

We are living in a time where Latinos are making a bigger impact on American society than ever before.  Earlier this year, National Geographic released an article about how Latinos are rising to power and shaping the future of the country.  This next generation of young Latino-Americans are changing the way the culture is viewed, and it is not taking them long.  In fact, we have composed a list of 11 Latinos that have found fame and fortune before reaching their 21st birthday.

Jake T. Austin

Instagram @JakeAustin

Who He Is-

This young actor was born in New York City, New York.  His mother is from Puerto Rican and Spanish descent.  At 23 years old he has accumulated quite the impressive filmography.

How He Found Fame-

Jake T. Austin got his big break at a very early age when he was cast as the voice of Diego on Dora the Explorer.  He was so popular that he earned his own spin-off show, Go, Diego, Go, and has since found acting jobs on Wizards of Waverly, The Fosters, and Law and Order: SVU.

Selena Gomez

Instagram @SelenaGomez

Who She Is-

Selena Gomez is more than just a celebrity, she is a dynamo.  She can literally do it all from singing, dancing, and even producing.  Gomez has been in the limelight since she was just ten-years-old.

How She Found Fame-

At just ten-years-old, Gomez got her first acting gig on Barney and Friends and hasn’t looked back since.  She has credits in over 30 films and was the star of her own TV show, Wizards of Waverly Place.  By 21-years-old, Gomez was one of the most popular Latino actresses of all-time and has gained further popularity with her singing career.

Rico Rodriguez

Instagram @StarringRico

Who He Is-

This Texas-born actor of Mexican descent has been one of the biggest break-out actors of the last decade.  At only 20-years-old, Rodriguez has earned over 10 awards and his career is still growing.

How He Found Fame-

Rico Rodriguez has said that he never intended to be an actor, but thought that he would grow up to be a “NASCAR chef going to the moon”.  One role changed all of that as he has become one of the most popular parts of the successful TV sitcom, Modern Family.  More than that, he even published a book at just 14-years-old titled, Reel Life Lessons… So Far.

Lele Pons

Instagram @LelePons

Who She Is-

At 22-years-old, Venezuelan-born Lele Pons has carved out her own fame as an internet personality.  A pretty impressive achievement for a girl that said she wasn’t very popular in High School.

How She Found Fame-

Pons gained notoriety for her clever online videos.  Before the popular website Vine shut down in 2016 she was the most followed channel.  Her humour has landed her gigs on multiple films and TV shows, many of which she produces, and has even started her own singing career.

Rebecca Black

Instagram @MrsRebeccaBlack

Who She Is-

Born in Irvine, California Rebecca Black is a singer of Mexican descent.  Black believed that she was always meant to be famous, and before she was 15-years-old, she had managed to reach worldwide celebrity status.

How She Found Fame-

Uploading a video that she had produced for only $4000, the song “Friday” became a viral sensation putting her on the Billboard Hot 100 list.  Becoming the top YouTube video of 2011, Black has followed her fame with more YouTube videos and continues her singing career.

Blake Jenner

Instagram @BlakeDaFlake

Who He Is-

Cuban descendent, Blake Jenner, earned an acting career the hard way.  He famously moved to California after graduating high school a year early to “make it big” in Hollywood.  Slowly, Jenner was able to accomplish his dreams and won a Teen Choice Award for Breakout Star at 21-years-old.

How He Found Fame-

After taking small gigs and part-time roles in TV and short films, Jenner got his big break while auditioning on The Glee Project.  Winning the reality program, Jenner managed to stretch his promised 17-episode arc into an impressive 32 episodes.

Demi Lovato

Instagram @DDLovato

Who She Is-

Demi Lovato is a singer, actress, and songwriter from New Mexico.  She began playing guitar and piano before she was ten-years-old, the year she landed her first acting gig alongside another famous Latino, Selena Gomez.

How She Found Fame-

After becoming a child actor on Barney and Friends, Lovato got her big break when she landed a role on Disney’s Camp Rock.  Her career skyrocketed from there as she has made appearances on TV and film.  Lovato has become a sensation in the music industry as well, topping charts and releasing six full-length albums to date.

Victoria Justice

Instagram @VictoriaJustice

Who She Is-

Victoria Dawn Justice is more than just a great name, she is also a famous singer and actress of Puerto Rican descent.  Justice managed to get her first acting role at just 10-years-old, which prompted her family to move to California so she could pursue her career.

How She Found Fame-

After taking a small role on Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Justice was given a starring place on Zoey 101.  She managed to make such an impression that Disney gave Justice her own show Victorious in 2010.  By the time she was 21-years-old, Justice had managed a filmography that rivals that of veteran actresses.

Bella Thorne

Instagram @BellaThorne

Who She Is-

21-year-old Bella Thorne started her career as a child model.  Her Cuban father died when she was just ten-years-old, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming one of the brightest young stars in America today.

How She Found Fame-

Thorne had her first acting gig when she was only six-years-old.  She continued to take roles in anything from Entourage to The O.C., and today she has amassed credits in 33 films and 21 TV shows.  She has only just begun as her career and fame keeps getting bigger every year.

Michael Sayman

Instagram @MichaelSayman

Who He Is-

Michael Sayman can only be described as a child prodigy.  By the time he was seventeen-years-old he had been hired to work at Facebook and saved his family from a life of poverty.

How He Found Fame-

Well, he may not technically be famous, but he sure is rich.  Following a career at Facebook, Sayman was later hired to work at Google.  21-years-old today, Sayman is already a millionaire and has worked for two of the biggest online companies in the world.

Dafne Keen

Instagram @DafneKeen

Who She Is-

Spanish-born Dafne Keen is only 13-years-old and her career is just getting started.  With only a couple of acting credits under her belt, Keen may be the biggest name on this list in the near future.

How She Found Fame-

Dafne Keen got her first role acting beside her father, Will Keen, on the TV show The Refugees.  But, it was her starring role in 2017’s Logan that made Keen a household name.  She was able to impress fans and critics alike and her career is just starting.

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11 Spanish Words That Will Trick You


11 Spanish Words That Will Trick You

English and Spanish have a long history together. Today, more people than ever are sitting down in the U.S. to learn Spanish in schools and casually. But things are not as simple as they might seem. The Spanish language is full of false cognates that can easily trick you if you don’t look closely enough. We’ve got some of the trickiest Spanish words to use as an English-speaker together here. You might want to keep this before your next slip up!

11. Embarazada

Credit: Unsplash @kawin

What it sounds like: Embarrassed

What it actually means: Pregnant

Credit: Unsplash @itsrandyrooi

There you are in Spanish class, reading from some written exercise your teacher assigned you, and you stumble. You describe being embarrassed at something your mother said or did in public, but instead, the classroom hears something else: you became pregnant. Don’t let the way the word sounds fool you: the real word you should use is “avergonzada” if you want people to know you were embarrassed. And of course, you’ll have plenty of chances to use the word to describe how you feel in the near future.

10. Éxito

Credit: Unsplash @jasmund

What it sounds like: Exit

What it actually means: Success

Credit: Unsplash @brucemars

Sure, sometimes getting out of something is a form of success, but we’re guessing that’s not always what you mean to say. Having great “éxito” in your Spanish language journey will require knowing the difference. The word you really want is “salida.” You’ll need to find that shortly.

9. Excitado

Credit: Unsplash @lidyanada

What it sounds like: Excited

What it actually means: Aroused

Credit: Unplash @bel2000a

You might be very excited to see someone, but you very much do not want to sound like you’re that kind of excited to see them. The word you are looking for is “animado” to describe your feelings of excitement that are distinctly not sexy. 

8. Actualmente

Credit: Unsplash @rawpixel

What it sounds like: Actually

What it actually means: Currently

Credit: Unsplash @charlesdeluvio

We all know someone who loves to start their sentences with “Actually – ” before launching into a definition or factoid that we didn’t know. Now it’s our turn. Actually – “actualmente” does not mean actually, it means currently. The phrase you are actually looking for is “en realidad,” which roughly translates back to “in reality.” 

7. Decepción

Credit: Unsplash @oscartothekeys

What you think it means: Deception

What it actually means: Disappointment

Credit: Unsplash @dearseymour

It’s easy to feel deceived by this false cognate. Deceptive as it might be, the word you are looking for is “engañar.” It’s a standard mishap but you’ve got this – and we’ll make sure you remember especially since you’ll be really disappointed with the response you get from Spanish speakers if you keep misusing this tricky word.

6. Constipación

Credit: Instagram @tenacious.sleeve

What you think it means: Constipation

What it actually means: A cold

Credit: Unsplash @candidbcolette

Now trying to explain to your doctor why you’ve had a cold for several days while he asks if you are sure that’s the word you mean to use may sound funny, but it probably won’t be when you realize you’re getting more vapor rub instead of prune juice. If you really find you’re stuck, the word you’re looking for is “estreñimiento.”

5. Fábrica

Credit: Unsplash @sheslightning

What you think it means: Fabric

What it actually means: Factory

Credit: Unsplash @mikenewbry

One of these is where the fabric is created, and the other is the fabric itself. Why must these words sound so similar? You’ll be able to keep them separate in your head by remembering that the Spanish word that you’re looking for is “tela,” which is (somewhat) closer to the English word for textile. If you’re still feeling stuck, just remember you often find yourself wrapped in fabric (if you get dressed regularly) but might not want to be in a factory every day.

4. Delito

Credit: Unsplash @simplicity

What you think it means: Delete

What it actually means: Felony

Credit: Unsplash @uh

Trying to undo something you didn’t mean to type isn’t that complicated, but if you find yourself surrounded by people shaking their heads and looking frightened when you talk about how you deleted something last week and need help, it might be because everyone thinks you just told them you committed a felony. Save yourself the awkwardness and learn the word for “erase” which is pretty close to the English word “delete”: “borrar.”

3. Molestar

Credit: Instagram @epic_sagas

What you think it means: To molest

What it actually means: To bother

Credit: Instagram @chai.thepersian

Imagine this:

You approach a cashier at a store and say “sorry to bother you, but does this store carry paperclips?” The cashier stares at you and shakes their head asking you to leave them alone. What’s the matter? Is it not okay to ask for paperclips? Oh wait, maybe you just suggested that you were molesting the cashier and they handwaved you away because they’re not getting paid enough to do all that. Bothering someone is infinitely less serious. If you really want to describe something as serious, the word you are looking for is “abusar.”

2. Pisar

Credit: Instagram @thetoiletchannel

What you think it means: To piss

What it actually means: To step

Credit: Instagram @rockabilly007

Step right up and learn the difference! Taking yourself to the bathroom? The word you are looking for is “mear.” “Pisar” is to pace or step on something, like a floor. It’ll be a huge difference to the owner of the floor you are talking about, especially if they don’t want pee on their carpet.

1. Esposas

Credit: Instagram @florescaisme

What you think it means: Wives

What it also means: Handcuffs

Credit: Unsplash @anneniuniu

This one is especially frustrating because it’s not even a false cognate. Esposa is wife. Esposas? Many wives. But esposas are also handcuffs, and handcuffing someone is “esposando.” So the guy who thought just got “wifed up”? Yeah he got arrested. Better make sure you get to county jail before you head to the chapel if you think you got it wrong.