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These Are Some Of The Most Successful Companies Founded By Latinos

Latin America and Hispanic-origin entrepreneurs are in the middle of a golden age. Emerging markets and the vast array of innovation achieving success in español are critical factors that have allowed the rise of latino-origin companies. Yet, this doesn’t limit itself to small businesses and boutique startups, as more latino-backed enterprises are achieving substantial success in par with their anglo-origin peers.

Today, we’ll show you 11 big companies founded by Latinos that have experienced substantial success in recent years, with no signs of stopping.

1. America Movil

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We start this list with a company owned by one of the most known investors and magnates of Latin America: Carlos Slim. Founded in 2000, America Movil is the seventh largest mobile network operator in the world. The company owns the popular mobile brands Telcel in Mexico and Claro in Central and South America, among many others in countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Liechtenstein. In the US, America Movil owns TracFone Wireless, serving over 26 million customers. In total, America Movil helps over 289 million subscribers around the world to stay communicated.

Source: epocanegocios

2. Open English

Source: Twitter @OpenEnglish

Considered as one of the leading online English-teaching schools in Latin America and the Hispanic market in the US, Open English was founded in 2007 by the Venezuelan entrepreneur Andres Moreno. Thanks to its unique approach to English teaching (with classes available 24/7 and a study plan adapted to the student’s pace) and its catchy TV commercials, Open English now has offices in Miami, Bogota, Caracas, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires, serving over 500,000 students all over the continent.

Source: OpenEnglish

3. Zumba Fitness

Source: Twitter @Zumba

Have you tried Zumba? It’s considered as one of the hottest fitness programs with fans all over the world. Zumba was created by the Colombian choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez in the late 90s. It began as a series of fitness videos sold by infomercials. Today, certified Zumba instructors are helping over 15 million students in 180 countries to stay in shape while having fun at the gym. But it doesn’t stop there; the Zumba brand also includes an athletic apparel collection, mobile app, video games, and even a Zumba-themed beverage.  

Source: Instagram@Zumba

4. Grupo Modelo (a.k.a. owners of Corona beer)

Source: Instagram @Corona

Maybe the Grupo Modelo name doesn’t ring a bell, but the trademark see-through bottle of its most famous beverage surely will. In 1925, the company was founded in Mexico and it currently manages over 10 beer manufacturing plants in the country. They’re best known for being the creators of the world-famous Corona beer, a staple at parties and beach outings. Since 2013, the Grupo Modelo is part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, one of the most extensive drink and beverage holdings in the world.

Source: Instagram@Corona

5. Mercado Libre

Source: Twitter @MercadoLibre

In Latin America, online shopping is associated with Mercado Libre. Founded in 1999 in Buenos Aires, Mercado Libre is the most popular e-commerce site of Latin America, where stores and regular folks can buy, auction and sell goods online. As of 2016, Mercado Libre is serving over 170 million users in 18 countries of Latin America. The Mercado Libre brand has also grown beyond the e-commerce concept, running its own classified ads platform for real estate and cars, and its own payment system called MercadoPago.

Credit: Twitter @ML_Argentina

6. Carolina Herrera

Source: Instagram @carolinaherrera

The stunning creations of this Venezuelan fashion designer have gained followers in both Hollywood’s red carpet and even at the White House, having dressed First Ladies Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. Her namesake brand was born in 1980, and it now includes over 18 boutiques around the world, couture gowns, ready-to-wear styles and a famous line of perfumes. Her creations are also sold in over 200 stores in more than 100 countries.

Source: Instagram@carolinaherrera

7. Televisa

Source: Twitter @Televisa

Millions of Latin American and Hispanic houses grew watching Mexican telenovelas, created or distributed by this media power player from Mexico. Founded in 1945 by Emilio Azcárraga Vidarrueta, Televisa is one of the most recognizable TV brands in the Spanish-speaking world, but the group also has stakes in radio and publishing companies (books and magazines), among others.

Source: Observacom


Source: Twitter @despegar

Ask anyone in Latin America where they look for the best travel deals, and the answer will undoubtedly be Founded in 1999 by the Argentinian entrepreneur Roberto Souviron, this online travel agency is considered the number one of its kind in Latin America. helps travelers from over 20 Spanish-speaking countries find airline tickets, hotel accommodations and car rental deals at the best price.

Source: Instagram@Despegar

9. Brightstar Corp.

Source: Twitter @Brightstar

You may not have heard of Brightstar Corp., but, chances are, you or your workplace owe its communications system to them. Founded in 1997 by the Bolivian entrepreneur Marcelo Claure, Brightstar distributes mobile phones and specialized wireless communication devices, serving more than 15,000 enterprise customers and 40,000 retailers in 100 countries. 

Source: Twitter@GigabitMag

10. OLX

Source: Twitter @OLX_Indonesia

Argentinian entrepreneur Alex Oxenford co-founded OLX in 2006 with Fabrice Grinda, a few years after selling his first company, De Remate, to Mercado Libre. His second venture into the world of online sales has proven to be successful in emerging markets such as India and Brazil. OLX is a platform of classified ads that operates in 45 countries, as an out-of-the-US alternative to Craigslist, where users can buy and sell goods. As of 2014, it had over 200 million active users with 25 million listings through its various country sites.

Source: Twitter@OLX_Indonesia

11. Bunny Inc.

Source: Instagram @wearebunnyinc

Created in 2012 by Alex Torrenegra and his wife, Bunny Inc. has become one of the most successful endeavors of the Colombian entrepreneur. His venture is an outsourcing solution that connects companies to creators such as writers, voice actors, and translators. It helps thousands of users in Latin America and the US and has grown to provide availability in five languages.

Source: Instagram @wearebunnyinc

11 Unexpected Animal Friends That Will Make You Smile

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11 Unexpected Animal Friends That Will Make You Smile

Our animal friends are constantly present in our lives. In fact, most of us have a best furry friend waiting for us at home! They sleep next to us, share our lives, and comfort us when we get bad news. While they don’t look anything like us (preferring kibble over a nice bowl of cereal and often need a lot more brushing than us) we still consider them our best friends. That’s why it shouldn’t surprise us that our animal friends sometimes make surprising friendships of their own, despite all the differences. Here are 11 animal kingdom friends who clearly recognize their best bud despite looking (and acting) so differently:

1. Meet Pickles and Dill.

Credit: @LivingWithPickles / Instagram

Pickles has a somewhat sad beginning, as his humans rescued him from a farm once it became flooded as a piglet. Fortunately, his human parents have spoiled him ever since, and he lives his best life with his human friends and many animal siblings. His favorite friend, though, is his brother, Dill. Dill is a French Bulldog mix, and Pickles and he get along like peas and carrots. Possibly because they share so many favorite hobbies!

Pickles and Dill love taking naps together.

Credit: @LivingWithPickles / Instagram

Pickles and Dill love to take naps together, make fascinating sound effects (they both sound like little piggies when they get going), and finding ways so they both get into the dog food. With a name like Dill and Pickles, they were clearly destined to be together, and love growing up together in their new home.

2. Meet Champy and Morris.

Credit: @Champy_and_Morris / Instagram

Morris, a rescue brought from the local shelter to live his best life on the farm, was at first a regular of the front porch and didn’t take too much interest in his fellow animals. Champy took an interest right away. While Morris wasn’t too sure at first, Champy persisted, and a firm friendship was found after a few weeks.

Morris is always ready for a ride from his bud.

Credit: @Champy_and_Morris / Instagram

While Morris was a little shy at first, this definitely wasn’t for long. Champy now spends most of his time with a tiny rider in tow while he grazes and goes about the property. Morris has tried to make friends with the other horses, he hasn’t been successful yet. Luckily, Champy is happy to have someone visit him in the field and to have conversations with and Morris is always happy to take a ride with his best friend.

3. Meet Rudy and Barclay.

Credit: @ducksmakegreatpets / Instagram

While Barclay’s littermates were going off to be siblings to humans, cats, and other dogs, he was meant for something special: to take care of a flock of ducks! Barclay lives with his human parents and his feathered friends and lives a very fun life. While Barclay is getting on in age, he definitely is kept on his toes by Rudy and the gang. Despite living with so many other animals, Rudy and Barclay have a special bond.

Rudy and Barclay aren’t always about placing their ducks in the water.

Credit: @ducksmakegreatpets / Instagram

Barclay and Rudy love to nap together, wrestle when the mood strikes, and they really love to take naps as well. Rudy will even forgo a good swim if Barclay is looking for a nap buddy. They’ll even share a bowl of peas, as long as the rest of the gang doesn’t grab them first!

4. Meet Bubbles and Bella.

Credit: @Andrianalynn16 / Instagram

The story of Bubbles and Bella’s friendship is as heartwarming as it gets: Bubbles was orphaned and taken in and trained to perform many tricks. Bubbles was even a movie star and appeared in many videos. As an adult, though, she didn’t quite fit in with the other elephants. That’s where Bella comes in. When a pool was built for Bubbles, the contractor left Bella behind when he finished. At first, Bella was scared and nervous, but soon blossomed, and immediately was drawn to Bubbles.

Bubbles and Bella are best friends on Instagram and in real life.

Credit: @Rexyissexy / Instagram

Now, Bubbles helps Bella learn how to play, something Bella probably didn’t do a lot of. Bella helps Bubbles by showing her love, carrying around her drinking bowl and toys, and taking long naps with her when they get tired. Fortunately, they both enjoy the water and spend a lot of time swimming together, including playing with each other in the water.

5. Meet Smeller and Puff.

Credit: @Puff_the_Bearded_Dragon128 / Instagram

Maybe it shouldn’t surprise us that two heat-seeking animals like a lizard and a cat would become best buds, but these two still turn heads. Smeller and Puff both seem to have a special bond that has nothing to do with their shared grooming habits, but more to do with their love of cuddling.

These unexpected animal friends love to snuggle together.

Credit: @Puff_the_Bearded_Dragon128 / Instagram

Puff and Smeller both share a love of catching small insects (although Puff tends to eat them afterwards and Smeller usually walks away) and Smeller has been known to climb into Puff’s house to catch some heat lamp time. While Bearded Dragons aren’t particularly known for being affectionate, anyone can look at the smile on Puff’s face to realize that he’s loving every minute in Smeller’s life. Such good pals definitely belong together but are definitely make an unlikely animal friendship.

6. Meet Suryia and Roscoe.

Credit: @docantle / Instagram

Suryia and Roscoe are extra unexpected as they became friends after a chance encounter when Roscoe slipped into the Wildlife Sanctuary where Suryia was living. Roscoe, a stray who was a little bit too thin, was fed by animal caretakers and allowed to follow them as they worked. As soon as Roscoe spotted Suryia, a bond was formed. While dogs are normally afraid of primates, Roscoe immediately took to Suryia, and Suryia immediately made friends with him.

These furry friends also have some very famous friends.

Credit: @saltsox / Instgram

Suryia, an orangutang who helps raise orphaned and baby primates, may have a lot of love to give, but Roscoe is a good friend in return. Suryia often takes Roscoe for walks around the sanctuary where they both stay, feeds him chimp biscuits, and sometimes they even go for rides on their animal friend, Bubbles (not the same Bubbles as with Bella). They are so famous, they even have been recognized by National Geographic and Oprah for their special friendship.

7. Meet Bacon and Pepino.

Credit: @Bacon_the_Piglet / Instagram

You know you’re in for a good story when you hear about a pig named Bacon! Bacon is a baby piglet who lives with his porcine brother Pancetta. Bacon also has a soft spot for pups, which is where Pepino comes in. While both Bacon and Pepino both love taking naps, they also find that they share a love of sniffing out mischief, making new friends, and digging under blankets.

This pig and dog are taking over the world.

Credit: @Bacon_the_Piglet /  Instagram

While Bacon and Pepino may surprise people passing by while they are out and about, they soon win people over with their smiling faces, friendly kisses, and obvious love of each other. Bacon is growing up into a very handsome adult piggy, so is a little bigger than Pepino now, but they both maintain their fast friendship.

8. Meet Osiris and Riff.

Credit: @OsirisAndFriends / Instagram

Osiris might be a tall and beautiful pup, but Riff won’t be left out on their adventures, even if he is just a rat! Osiris is a rescued mutt living in the fast and fun city of Chicago and his human parents are big believers in big families. That’s why Osiris has some surprising siblings, from rats, to cats, to anything else that might need help. Osiris plays his part by providing warm cuddles and the occasional piggyback ride.

Osiris is a good sport about giving Riffa a lift.

Credit: @OsirisAndFriends / Instagram

While rats often get a bad rap, Riff prooves Osiris with plenty of love, play time, and snuggles. Osiris just seems happy to have someone along for the ride! While Riff has other rat siblings, only he can be found going for a lift on Osiris’s back.

9. Meet Antoine and Mir.

Credit: Instagram @AntoinesFund

When Antoine’s human family found him, he was just a husky who was paralyzed due to an unknown cause. Without them, though, he would probably not have lasted long. That’s when they brought him to their farm, already full of plenty of farm animals in the process of rehabilitating, where he met up with Mir. While Antoine is still undergoing plenty of physical therapy (and making slow but sure progress), he’s making the most of life by making friends.

It’s adorable how Antoine is always there to provide company.

Credit: @AntoinesFund / Instagram

While horses are normally afraid of dogs as they are a little bit too much like predators, Mir and Antoine have a special bond. Antoine frequently keeps company with Mir while they are out in the paddock, and always make sure to make small talk. While Antoine has plenty of recovering to do from his paralysis, Mir helps to raise his spirits.

10. Meet Sniffer and Tinni.

Credit: @OrganicBurst / Instagram

Sniffer and Tinni, the real-life inspirations for the Fox and the Hound movie, are exactly as adorable as you’d expect a fox and Norweigian hound to be. Tinni met Sniffer in the forest in Norway when walking with his human parent, and, despite having a reputation for not getting along with humans or dogs, Sniffer was instantly smitten.

Sniffer and Tinni are the real life ‘Fox and Hound.’

Credit: @istapetofficial / Instagram

Sniffer and Tinni are more than best friends now, they not only run around the woods together doing exactly what best friends do, they’ve become the image of interspecies friendships! Their favorite thing to do is to run around and play tag, and to see who can get the farthest first. When not running as fast as they can, they love to wrestle and snuggle when tired. Who’d know they weren’t brothers!

11. Meet Kate and Pippin.

Credit: @Isobel_Springett / Instagram

While it might be unexpected to see a giant pooch and a deer running around playing, it has become completely normal for neighbors of Kate and Pippin. Pippin, a deer found in the lawn of a home in British Colombia, has learned that good things come of approaching houses and has made a habit of it ever since meeting Kate. Kate, in turn, has learned that she has a best friend in Pippin, and always begs to go out and play when she spots him in the yard.

These two have a special bond no one saw coming.

Credit: @Isobel_Springett / Instagram

Pippin, the deer, was found as a baby several years ago and was instantly drawn to Kate the Great Dane. While still a fawn, Pippin learned to look up to Kate as a parental figure. As she grew, Pippin learn that Kate could also be the best play partner ever! While Pippin is now quite a bit taller than Kate, they still get together to play the odd game of chase and to catch up on the gossip.

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