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10 Fun Ways Latinos Celebrate Navidad

As the holiday season approaches, Latino families are gearing up to celebrate Navidad in many festive ways. From dramatic light displays, to feasting on favorite recipes, Navidad is a time that community and tradition join together. Always the welcoming hosts, Latinos share their homes, exchange gifts and set off fireworks to light up the night in style. Parties erupt with laughter and music. Navidad celebrations even continue into the new year with unique ways to bring good luck. Here are 10 fun Latino traditions to help you celebrate Navidad from early December all the way through the first week of January. Felices Fiestas!

La Quema del Diablo and Dia De Las Velitas

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Depending on the area you are from, Navidad celebrations can begin as early as the first week of December. In Venezuela there is a special feast on Saint Barbara’s day, December 4th. In Guatemala, La Quema del Diablo kicks off the Navidad season with huge bonfires at dusk to keep Satan away from the festivities to follow.

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In Colombia, the first official Navidad celebration is December 7th on Dia De Las Velitas, or Day of the Little Candles. This public holiday includes lighting candles and lanterns to honor the Virgin Mary. 

Parrandas and Villancicos

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Nobody loves spontaneous group singing like Latinos do! The 9 nights leading up to Navidad, gather la trulla and surprise your neighborhood with Parrandas or Villancicos, traditional carol-like songs. In Puerto Rico, groups walk through town singing along with instruments like the cuatro guitar, maracas and drums. 

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This tradition is so fun, it’s not unheard of for the group to continue singing and growing larger as they travel through town well past midnight. Of course there’s plenty of food and drinks served along the way!

Posadas Navideñas

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In addition to parrandas, the 9 days leading up to Navidad also include Posadas Navidenas. Children love to dress up as Mary and Joseph and reenact the events leading up to the birth of Jesus by traveling throughout their neighborhood. 

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The Posada group is “turned away” from the host the first 8 nights representing the struggles of Joseph and Mary looking for shelter. On the ninth night, the host lets them enter, and a celebration follows. If you’re looking for fun the days leading up to Navidad, Latino neighborhoods are definitely the place to be!


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Nacimientos are Nativity scenes created to help decorate Latino homes during Navidad, featuring Joseph, Mary, the wise men and animals. Our family had a very modest nacimiento but some include extremely detailed designs. 

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The figure of baby Jesus isn’t added until the night of December 24th, celebrating his birth. 

Niño Dios or Papa Noel

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Who needs Santa? While some Hispanic areas do acknowledge Papa Noel, many Latino children write special letters to Niño Dios, asking for presents each year. 

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It is far more common in the Latino culture for letters to be addressed directly to baby Jesus himself. With millions of excited niños waiting, that’s one busy baby each Navidad. 


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Nochebuena is the main event for Latino Navidad celebrations. Families and friends gather together on December 24th for the ultimate evening of celebration. Gifts, sparklers and piñatas are all part of the fun. If your family is like mine, the heart of the evening will be sharing a delicious feast of favorite foods. Pasteles, lechon, roscas, creamy natilla and tamales are all favorites. My family  would hide an olive in the middle of each tamale to honor the Virgin Mary. 

Credit: Instagram @cesarledon

Of course no Navidad holiday would be complete without fireworks! And if you’re looking to add a little more spice to your evening, be sure it includes coquito; basically egg nog but better…think rum! Many families will wrap up their celebrations in time for the traditional Midnight Mass and then it’s back to la casa to open more presents! 

La Misa Del Gallo

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If you haven’t been to this special midnight Mass before, put it on your bucket list.  This Catholic tradition dates back centuries. Latinos across the world gather at their local church at midnight on December 24th, sharing in prayer and reflecting on the birth of Jesus.

Credit: Instagram @santuariodocarmo

I remember the last one I attended was so crowded with people you could barely see the front of the church, but it didn’t matter because just being a part of that moment felt amazing. 

Ano Viejo

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Navidad celebrations extend beyond Nochebuena for Latino families. A favorite tradition takes place on December 31st when Latinos create scarecrow type dolls or muñecas out of old clothes stuffed with grass. 

Credit: Instagram @mini.anoviejo

Symbolizing the year that is ending, the muñecas range from doll to life sized. On December 31st, light your doll on fire to represent the old year ending, adios!

Feliz Año Nuevo

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Quickly eating a dozen grapes as the new year strikes is another fun Latino New Year tradition. Don’t forget to make a wish for each month as you gulp those grapes! 

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If you’re looking for good luck in the coming year, join other Latinos in wearing yellow underwear to bed, or choose the color red if you’d like a year full of love.

El Dia de los Reyes

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Navidad celebrations usually wrap up with Dia de los Reyes on January 6th. This is the day of Epiphany, in honor of the three Kings who traveled to meet baby Jesus. If you weren’t one of the kids writing letters to baby Jesus or Santa, then you may remember leaving your hay-filled shoes out for the three Kings’ camels, hoping the Kings in turn would leave you a gift too.

Credit: Instagram @olivia.reyees

My favorite part of this day was enjoying the sweet bread Rosca de Reyes, although I never did find the small plastic baby Jesus hidden inside. 

The Debut Trailer For ‘Hustlers’ Opens With J.Lo Showing Constance Wu How To Pole Dance And It’s Already The Sexiest Scene I’ve Seen In A Movie In A Long Time


The Debut Trailer For ‘Hustlers’ Opens With J.Lo Showing Constance Wu How To Pole Dance And It’s Already The Sexiest Scene I’ve Seen In A Movie In A Long Time

STX Entertainment / YouTube

How badly do you want to see Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Lizzo, and Cardi B dancing, stripping, and racking up pyramids of cash from unsuspecting dudes? A lot? Perfect: keep scrolling.

The sickening trailer for the badass film ‘Hustlers’ is finally here.

The trailer dropped Tuesday night at midnight and fans of strippers, fierce women, and especially Cardi B, we’re all totally here for it.

The film follows the story of a group of women who have formed their own extended family. They’re all strippers in the NYC area but then they decide to go bigger and start drugging and robbing ultra-wealthy Wall Street types.

The movie is actually inspired by a true story from a now-viral magazine story.

Credit: @TheCut / Twitter

The article, titled “The Hustlers at Scores” by Jessica Pressler, chronicles the real-life, modern Robin Hood story of a ring of strippers who ripped off wealthy clients.

The film is centered on two badass women, Destiny (Constance Wu) and Ramona (Jennifer Lopez).

Destiny is struggling to make ends meet and is helping to take care of her abuelita so she turns to stripping. This is how she meets Ramona who takes her under her wing and teaches Destiny everything she knows.

I mean Jennifer Lopez, on a pole, showing Constance Wu the moves. I. Am. Here. For. This!

Together with their extended family, these women decide to rob from the rich to help care for their loved ones.

Credit: @hustlersmovie / Giphy

Based off true events, J.Lo’s, Constance Wu’s, Cardi B’s, and Lizzo’s characters step up their hustle to include drugging men and robbing them of thousands of dollars.

In one scene, J Lo’s character explains it away as simply taking money from bad Wall Street guys who stole money from everyone during the financial crisis.

Things start to get real cray cray real quick.

Credit: @hustlersmovie / Twitter

The women end up drugging many of their clients to complete their heists…so you can see how things could quickly take a turn for the unexpected.

The plotline is amazing but many fans are here to support this gorgeous, talented, diverse cast of incredible women!

The casting director for this movie 100% deserves some serious stanning.

In addition to Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu in badass lead roles but fans will also see Cardi B, Keke Palmer, Lizzo, and Usher on the big screen. Like what did we do deserve this masterpiece?!

Some in the Bardi-gang took to Twitter to say they’re kinda disappointed by the trailer.

They wanted more Cardi.

But whoever is running the Hustlers’ Twitter account was quick to calm their nerves.

According to the ‘Hustlers’ Twitter feed, “Cardi B is this movie.” Apparently, they didn’t wanna give it all away so soon. So Cardi B fans better get ready for her big screen acting debut.

Overall, ‘Hustlers’ looks like it just may be one of the fiercest movies of 2019.

See you at the movies!

Click below to check out the full trailer!

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#IceBae Has Blown Up The Internet. Meet The Latina Border Patrol Agent Behind The Viral Hashtag That Has Latino Twitter Freaking Out

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#IceBae Has Blown Up The Internet. Meet The Latina Border Patrol Agent Behind The Viral Hashtag That Has Latino Twitter Freaking Out

A Latina Border Patrol agent has gone viral as #IceBae and from the looks of her new account on Twitter she seems to be enjoying the new found fame.

The agent, who identified herself as Kiara Cervantes, was photographed providing security for Mike Pence during his visit to a migrant detention center in Texas. From that photograph came #IceBae with thirsty fans calling her out for her beauty. But it also attracted many people who were appalled that a Latina would participate in the mass imprisonment of largely Latino men, women, and children.

All this started when a Latina Border Patrol guard was photographed providing security for Mike Pence at a migrant detention center.

Credit: @theprovince / Twitter

So, who is the Latina officer in the photograph? The female officer has since been identified as Kiara Cervantes.  Many of the original comments were focused on her good looks, which kicked off the pretty bizarre hashtag #IceBae

Since the photo went viral, Kiara has started up her own Twitter account and has already racked up nearly 37.5k followers in less than 2 days.

It looks like Cervantes enjoyed the new found attention and decided to create a Twitter account to capitalize on all the fame. She posted a video (which has since been deleted) introducing herself as the #IceBae.

Apprently, Ice Bae has all sorts of ‘supporters’ that she had to thank on Twitter.

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

Because of the response to the original photo and that #IceBae was trending on Twitter with thousands of thirsty comments, Cervantes decided to create a Twitter account. One of her first tweets was to thank everyone for all the ‘support’ and to tell her ‘supporters’ how much she loves them.

She’s also taken to Twitter to share some selfies of her in uniform with her new found supporters.

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

Because when you work at a detention center that houses migrants in overcrowded cages and is at the center of an international scandal, of course selfies should be on your list of to-dos.

At least a few people on Twitter tried to help her out with some caption ideas for her new photo…

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

I mean that is pretty clever if it wasn’t so depressing.

And this person who kept her caption suggestion poignant yet simple.

Credit: @kiarace24 / Twitter

What would you caption her photo with?

Seriously, the people are not here for it.

Credit: @rates_by_me / Twitter

Apart from all of #IceBae’s supporters, her detractors are definitely speaking out on social media. Many pointed out how by sexualizing Cervantes they were also sexualizing the dehumanization of the very people being held in the detention centers.

Rapper Fat Nick, called her out as ‘literal scum’, that her family would be ashamed of.

Credit: @_FatNick / Twitter

Cervantes fired back Sunday at rapper Fat Nick who tweeted that her family will disown her and “shame on any Hispanic working for ice of anything of that nature.”

“I think that’s really rude and naive of you to say,” she tweeted. “You have no idea who my parents are and no idea what goes into my job on a daily basis… before speaking on something you know nothing about…. DONT. Regardless I’m blessed and thankful for the career I have.”

Another Twitter user pointed out what pretty much most of the Latino community is thinking.

Credit: @hcapd / Twitter

One Twitter user, among thousands of others, called #IceBae what many are thinking: a guard at a concentration camp. For people to be idolizing a person who is supporting a system of injustice, racism, and bigotry, has many people across social media very upset, particularly those in the Latino community who feel #IceBae has turned her back on them.

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