10 Scandals From The 2010s That You Completely Forgot About

Because humans are humans, every decade is fraught with its fair share of scandal. But before the internet, rumor and gossip could only spread so far—now, it seems like every day spills literally endless tea. That said, while the internet allows information to spread far and wide, it also causes us to quickly forget the past, and 2019 has been such a wild year that even the juiciest scandals from the 2010s are doomed to be overshadowed. But never fear! We’ve rounded up 10 of the spiciest scandals from the past decade that you’ve probably forgotten amid the chaos of this past year.

2010 – Tiger Woods’ Chronic Infidelity

After all that’s happened in the past ten years, Tiger Woods’ adultery seems like child’s play. But back in early 2010, Woods publicly admitted to serially cheating on his then-wife of six years, Elin Nordegren. The scandal led to an abundance of media backlash and the eradication of a major contract with Gatorade, as well as marring Woods’ reputation.

2011 – Anthony Weiner Was Caught Sexing

The subject of a 2016 documentary originally meant to redeem his behavior, former Democratic U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught sending explicit photos to various women online (one of whom was a minor). After a flurry of media attention, Weiner dropped out of politics in an attempt to set himself right, only to get in trouble for sexting again in 2013 as a candidate for mayor or New York City.

2012 – Lindsay Lohan Was Arrested for Punching Someone at a Club

2012 was a rough year for Lindsay Lohan. In September, she was suspected of clipping a man with her car in New York City. In October, she and her mom got in a fight that inspired someone to call the police. And in November, she was arrested for third-degree misdemeanor assault after hitting another woman in the face during an argument at a club.

2013 – Aaron Hernandez Was Arrested for Murder

Credit: Steven Senne / New York Times

Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged for the murder of Odin Lloyd, a previous friend of his who played football for the semi-pro Boston Bandits. After a famous trial that made headlines for months, Hernandez was found guilty in May of 2015. He was found dead in his cell in 2017. After his death, researchers examined his brain to discover that he had advanced chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a serious pathology that is common in football players due to the intense brain trauma they often experience and which affected Hernandez’s mental health.

2014 – Bill Cosby’s History of Sexual Assault Was Revealed

Credit: David Maialetti / The Philadelphia Inquirer

With the exponential surge in #MeToo-type accusations since this came to light, no one has forgotten this terrible scandal. While many women suffered at the hands of Bill Cosby, this event catalyzed the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, providing many women with the courage to come forward with stories of sexual abuse.

2015 – Ariana Grande Licked a Donut


This was a huge deal at the time! Authorities even began an investigation, according to a statement by local police. Ariana later apologized, everyone forgot, the world moved on.

2016 – The Cost of A Single EpiPen Skyrocketed

Credit: CBSNews

If you suffer from severe allergies, you know how terrible this was. In 2015, an estimated 3.6 million Americans were prescribed an EpiPen, which is a powerful medication that can save the life of someone in anaphylactic shock. In 2007, Mylan Pharmaceuticals bought the EpiPen from Merck KGaA, and the cost of a two-dose pack of the drug rose by 500% between 2007 and 2016.

2017 – Fyre Festival “Happened”

Credit: Netflix

This may be one of the most hilarious and unfortunate scandals of the whole decade. In case you were living under a rock that year, Fyre Festival was a fraudulent luxury music festival “founded” by Billy McFarland, CEO of Fyre Media Inc, and rapper Ja Rule. The event was scheduled to take place in the Bahamas over the course of a weekend, and tickets ranged from $500 to $12,000. After people paid these exorbitant costs for tickets, they were not exactly pleased to find a nearly empty island when they arrived. Really, this one’s worth a Google (or, you can watch a whole documentary about it on Netflix).

2018 – Kevin Hart Was Removed As Oscars Host


Just hours after being announced as this year’s Oscars host, the internet was flooded with evidence of Hart making homophobic jokes and comments on various platforms. He stepped down as host a few days later.

2019 – Celebrities Were Convicted For Bribing Universities

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images 

This is still pretty fresh, but just serves as a reminder that you can’t bribe your kids’ way into Ivy League schools, even if you are rich and famous!

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The Fleetwood Mac Skater Is One Of The Few People Enjoying 2020 And His Year Just Got Even Better


The Fleetwood Mac Skater Is One Of The Few People Enjoying 2020 And His Year Just Got Even Better

By now, you’ve likely seen the super vibey TikTok video of a skater cruising down the streets, nursing a bottle of cranberry juice and vibing out to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams. The 22-second clip is a whole vibe. The carefree energy radiating from the short clip is what we all aspire to achieve in life and seeing @420doggface208 master it all so effortlessly is a pure joy to watch.

Tío TikTok aka Nathan Apodaca is the grown man who’s single-handedly bringing Gen-Z app TikTok, to Millennials. And in doing so, he’s helped bring a bit of positivity into this absolutely chaotic year that is 2020.

Tío TikTok might be a little older than the app’s intended audience, but he still managed to make his content go viral.

Last week, Nathan Apodaca had the whole internet vibing along with him when he uploaded a TikTok skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac while sipping on a giant bottle of cranberry juice.

With 22 million views on TikTok alone, it’s no surprise that ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac — the song Apodaca set his iconic skating video to — has skyrocketed back onto the charts.

Nathan’s original video sparked the so-called “Dreams” challenge on TikTok, which racked up millions of views. His video even helped get him tens of thousands of dollars in donations from strangers all over the country, who wanted to help him fulfill his dream of upgrading his RV.

His latest video has even drawn the attention of Ocean Spray – yes, the juice company.

Credit: Oceanspray

Tío TikTok’s latest video even gained the attention of Ocean Spray, which helped put a little bit of extra joy into the TikToker’s life. The juice company just gifted Apodaca with a brand new pickup truck, filled with all sorts of Ocean Spray products.

A rep for Ocean Spray rolled up to Tío TikTok’s RV Tuesday in Idaho and the dude who just loves sipping cranberry juice while vibing to “Dreams” was surprised by the generosity.

In the video released by Ocean Spray, Nathan hopped out of his RV to meet the juice guy, who told him the truck and all the juice in its flatbed were all his! The Ocean Spray rep thanked Nathan — as we all do — for keeping the positive vibes going.

And spawned a viral TikTok challenge with thousands of people trying to recreate his vibe.

Apodaca obviously gained the attention of Fleetwood Mac, including the groups lead singer Mick Fleetwood. But Tío TikTok’s video has launched an entire TikTok challenge, with countless recreations of the original skateboard video popping up all over social media.

Between using giant margarita glasses instead of plastic bottles, swapping skateboards for train carts and Heelys, and eating tacos in place of sipping cranberry juice, everyone’s desperate to get on the same level as the Vibe King.

Apodaca was introduced to the app by his Gen Z daughters, and his videos soon went viral.

Tío TikTok was unaware of the popular video-app himself. His daughters, Makyla and Angelia, are the ones who first introduced Apocada’s to the platform. His youngest daughter even helped him film his first video, which quickly went viral. Apodaca confesses that he was stumped as to what to do, or what type of content to publish on his app, but his eldest daughter came to the rescue and suggested he did his usual goofy dances on camera. And just like that, Apodaca turned into a TikTok sensation.

In his video’s he’s usually goofing around at work or high off weed which has made his content recognizable.

In one of his most liked posts, Nathan is seen sitting on a conveyor belt lip-syncing Sublime’s ’90s classic hit ‘Santeria’ at the factory where he works and films most of his videos. The post earned 26.9 thousand likes and received thousands of hilarious comments like “*OSHA has entered the chat*” by @BertoBitch or “The workers that package for WISH…”

Apodaca is the stoner uncle you never knew you needed on social media.

His hashtags regularly include 420, 710, ‘high’ and ‘gogreen’, stoner terms used to celebrate dabs and cannabis concentrates. His song choices, usually pulled from an unpredictably random selection, often celebrate the plant too. @Doggface208 aka Nathan Apodaca loves weed so much that he, ingeniously, linked his PayPal account on his TikTok bio for donations; “Now accepting donations 4 Flower ???? n white Ts PayPal apodacadogg208@gmail.com” reads his profile description. Whether the account is real or not, we’re not sure, but you’re welcome to send a little donation and let us know.

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These Top 12 Memes Of The Decade Told Our Stories Of Joy, Anger, And Sadness

Things That Matter

These Top 12 Memes Of The Decade Told Our Stories Of Joy, Anger, And Sadness

A meme is basically a trend that is passed on person to person within a culture. It’s one of those infectious “word of mouth” kinds of things. That’s why memes go “viral,” they spread. With the internet’s ubiquity looking back at memes is like looking back at cultural moments. It’s a way of taking stock of what has happened in the past through an absurd, ironic, and humorous lens. Here’s your decade in memes. 

“Come to Brazil”

The phrase celebrities heard ’round the world on Twitter. “Come to Brazil” became the battle cry of Brazilians thirsty for pop artists to acknowledge the country’s existence and just visit. Its origins cannot be fully traced, but the first documented instance of the phrase being tweeted at a celebrity was in 2009 — at Justin Bieber who had joined Twitter. For the rest of the decade, the phrase would be used both ironically and in complete earnest. 

“Friday” by Rebecca Black

One of the earliest viral videos, 13-year-old Rebbeca Black’s amateur ode to the best day of the week became a beacon of the internet’s ironic humor. Discovered by The Daily What in 2011, the video garnered millions of views in just a few days. The video turned Black and the “awkward dancing girl” featured in the video into memes. However, the meme also spawned a larger conversation about what happens to random people when they get memed. Black described her experience as largely being cyberbullied.


While the “Ermahgerd” meme is probably too dated for Gen Z, the photo of the pigtailed girl holding a plethora of Goosebumps books was everywhere in 2012. The strange spelling and imagery meant the meme would be remixed and reappropriated for years. 

The Harlem Shake

“Harlem Shake” by Baauer dropped in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2013 when the blogger Filthy Frank posted a video fo four people dressed in latex outfits to the song that the meme caught on. Seemingly thousands of people created Harlem Shake videos, making it one of the first and most ubiquitous video memes that required a lot more effort than reposting the same image with text. Creators had to execute a concept where something unexpected happens (usually a crazy dance or wild costumes)  when the beat dropped. 

Confused Brazilian Math Lady

Brazilian actress Renata Sorrah portrayed Nazare Tedesco in the popular telenovela Senhora do Destino. The image of her confused face as math algorithms emerge from it was a photoshopped reaction GIF traced back to 2013

But That’s None Of My Business Kermit The Frog

The Muppet drinking a cup of tea became the totem of a generation seemingly obsessed with getting, sipping, and consuming the proverbial tea so to speak. The “none of my business” Kermit meme grew in popularity in 2014, spawning other Kermit memes like “evil Kermit” and “Kermit falling down the stairs.” 

Soraya Montenegro

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A post shared by Señora Banks (@spanishdsfh) on

The fictional character and antagonist of the Mexican telenovela Maria la del Barrio, garnered an ironic following for her campy performance. Soraya’s image has been remixed millions of times, but it was the “Cries in Spanish” meme of 2014 that brought her to a mainstream audience. 

On Fleek

We wouldn’t be saying “On Fleek” if it wasn’t for Viner Peaches Monroee who uploaded her viral selfie video on June 21st, 2014. Peaches described her eyebrows as “on fleek” and the rest is history.

Why The F**K You Lyin’ 

On August 29, 2015, Nicholas Fraser uploaded the “Why The F**k You Lyin'” meme to Vine. The video of him dancing and singing the lyrics to the tune of the 1997 R&B single “Too Close” by Next. The video circulated on Vine, then YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Hotline Bling

Drake is perhaps one of the most meme-able celebrities of the decade. The 2015 “Hotline Bling” video was jampacked with dance moves and facial reactions that seemed tailored to be repurposed. The video was parodied on SNL, and turned into multiple memes including #DanceLikeDrake and #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat. It even spawned an entire movement of memes called “Drakeposting.” 

Obama/Biden Memes

The “Prankster Joe Biden” memes emerged in the 2015 campaign season and carried through 2016 — the election that solidified President Barack Obama would be ending his presidency. To lament the loss of Obama users began circulating memes that lionized the Vice President and President’s friendship. Obama is portrayed as the straight man, to Biden’s hapless but seemingly authentic antics. 

Do It For The Vine (RIP) 

“Do it for the Vine,” became the slogan of Viners and fans who competed to be the funniest and most outlandish on the platform for views. In 2013, Kaye Trill released a hip hop track called “Do It For The Vine.” Kids these days wouldn’t have TikTok without Vine. Founded in 2012, the revolutionary platform that only allowed six-second looping videos, paved the way for largely creators of color to showcase their comedic and storytelling skills. By 2015 it had 200 million users, by 2016 the app was shut down. 

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