If You’re Latino You Know These 7 Money Saving Hacks

If you grew up in a Latino family, then you know how much we love a good deal. It’s basically in our blood to look for new ways to save our money. After all, we worked hard to earn it, so why shouldn’t we make sure it goes far? Here are some things Latinos do for a good deal, like the $5 Giant Junior Bacon Cheeseburger Meal Deal from Wendy’s. Who wouldn’t want more for less?

1. Your mom never lets you throw out good napkins, which is why your glove compartment is full of them.


Why waste perfectly good napkins? Even if you leave them on the table when you’re out to eat, the restaurant is just going to throw them out after anyway. So just listen to your wise mother and take them with you. You never know when you’ll need them. Plus, you’ll never have to buy them again! Your glove compartment is like your very own convenience store.

2. Your Abuela always puts water in the soap to make it last longer.

Ahhh, the old soap trick. Abuelas have this magic where they can make soap last forever…literally. They just keep adding water to the bottle, so eventually you’re just washing your hands with mostly water and a little soap. But hey, it does the trick!

3. Your mom doesn’t let you get rid of any of your clothes.

Even if you’ve outgrown them, your mom makes you hang onto them. She insists that you have to save them and wear them as pajamas or even recycle them into cleaning rags. It doesn’t matter what it is – she refuses to let you throw anything away without finding a clever way of recycling and saving.

4.Your Abuelo keeps plastic on the couches so he doesn’t have to pay to get them cleaned.

Abuelo refuses to take the plastic off since that means the couches may need to be cleaned, especially since everyone knows how messy grandbabies can get. Why spend the extra money on regularly cleaning them when a plastic cover protects the couch? All you need is un trapito and the mess is gone!

5.Your coworker washes their styrofoam cup everyday…

They’re convinced that washing their styrofoam cup will save on your company’s expenses. You try and tell them to just buy a mug, but they are convinced washing their disposable cup is the way to save.

6. Tía always mixes cereals together when it’s getting to the dregs of the box…

Why buy new cereal when you can be play inventor for a day? Tía insists you can create a new, exciting flavor by combining cereal together, and have enough to last you a few more bowls! Que genius.

7.Mom refuses to buy new food containers…

Latinos are very serious about their food containers. Latina moms have millions of ways to recycle containers for all sorts of things. Remember that container that once held butter? Now it can easily hold the beans in the fridge! That cookie can is now the perfect place to store pens. The options are never-ending.

Latinos love a good deal and saving where we can. There’s now one more deal that every member of your family will love – $5 Giant Junior Bacon Cheeseburger Meal from Wendy’s. With double the beef and bacon, 4-nuggets, small fries and a drink… You’ll be able to stretch $5 even more! It’s a dream come true.

At participating Wendy’s®, for a limited time. Price and participation may vary in AK and HI. Offer includes 4-piece nuggets, small fries and drink. Fresh beef available in the contiguous U.S., Alaska and Canada.

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