7 Money Hacks For College Students

College is expensive, that’s why now more than ever you need to be mindful of your finances and find ways to make your dinero last. Apart from applying for the Café Bustelo® El Café del Futuro Scholarship, here are seven simple hacks that can help you save some bucks without sacrificing the things you like and that will make your college experience more fun and less stressful. 

1. Find used books

This is the best time to use your internet skills and browse on different sites to find the books you need for college. Visit the college library often and also join a local library. This way you can save money on books and make your budget last longer.

2. Learn to make good coffee

There are studies that show that people spend thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of dollars a year on coffee drinks. Instead, learn to make your own coffee and invite your friends to your place to study at your place accompanied by the best cup of Café Bustelo in town.

3. Plan your meals

Make a meal plan for the week so you buy only the things you need at the grocery store instead of making impulse buys when you are hungry. Plan dinners with your friends so you can all split the cost of groceries and limit the times you eat out.

4. Sell the stuff you don’t need

You can make some extra money on those jeans that you don’t wear anymore, that fan you only used in the summer, or that chair you never sit on. You can advertise your stuff on campus or apps to sell them and get the money you need to buy the things you actually need. 

5. Find a side hustle

You don’t have to sacrifice your student time to make some extra bucks. It just takes some originality and the will power. You can make personalized playlists, tutor younger students, take photos at parties, help other students decorate their rooms, style your friends, babysit, among many other things. Find a side hustle that feeds your creative side and that allows you to do something you like while making some extra cash.

6. Use campus amenities

The gym, the library, screenings, and parties are all easy finds on campus. Find out about free movie screenings on campus, join the reading club, attend all their parties, work out in the gym. Do some research on all the activities they have and take advantage of them. They are free and you can meet new people and experience new things.

7. Student discounts

Find out about all the local places that offer student discounts. Many bookstores, clothing stores, even restaurants offer student discounts. Find out the ones close to you and if you need to buy something, buy from these shops and save some money.

But of course, the best way to make your budget work is to apply for a Café Bustelo® El Café del Futuro Scholarship. Eligible Latino students can apply for a chance to win one of twenty $5,000 scholarships. If you are interested, click here to find out all the details and guidelines about it and APPLY, APPLY, APPLY by May 24, 2019. 

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