Being Forced To Wash Each Other’s Underwear Is Just One Of The Punishments We Dealt With If We Were Caught Fighting With Our Siblings

Growing up with siblings is all fun and games until you start to fight with each other about every little thing. If both of you are equally aggressive and stubborn, you know these fights can get to the point that your mom has to step in and help solve the problem like this…

If you’re caught fighting with one of your siblings and your mom tells you to quit it, then it’s probably best if you quit it, or else…

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Posted by Mexican Vines on Saturday, August 12, 2017

Damn she has some really good aim.

If you fail to listen and continue fighting, then your mom will start to think of more creative ways to go about punishing you and your sibling.


At least this person was working out during their punishment.

Even if your mom doesn’t always follow through with the punishment, the threat alone is bad (and disgusting) enough.



Gross. I would die.

Here’s another stinky sibling punishment you wouldn’t want to be a part of:




If the punishment doesn’t involve stinky butts and dirty underwear, then it may involve grains of salt and oversized t-shirts.


My mom also used that ‘oversized t-shirt’ technique on me and my brother. -_-

Of course the battle isn’t over until you apologize to one another.


This is the most awkward and annoying part of the punishment.

Despite all of these sibling fights, there are a few rare occasions where you actually get along quite fine.

As much as I hated these punishments, they’re what taught me to forgive and respect my siblings in the long run. So, thank you mom!

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How would you and your siblings get in trouble if you were caught fighting with each other? Tell us in the comments and hit the share button below! 

These Are The 11 Things That Make Your Abuela A True Superhero


These Are The 11 Things That Make Your Abuela A True Superhero

Once you start to tally up all of the things your grandma does for you on a daily basis, you begin to realize that she’s a legit superhero. Just like Superman and Wonder Woman, your abuela has a couple of badass superhero powers up her sleeve, and these are just a few of them…

One of the biggest things that makes your abuela a true superhero: she defends you from everything and everyone.

I absolutely love it when this happens.

Along with her ability to protect and defend people, your abuela also has the power to heal others.

You can always count on her to have a cabinet backyard full of medicine.

No matter what the illness is, she always has the perfect remedy.


This is why I always call my grandma when I’m sick.

She can also make anything appear out of thin air.

Grandma is always coming in clutch! ??

The best part? It doesn’t even have to be your birthday for these little gifts to appear.



Money isn’t the only thing your abuela can make appear out of thin air:

Grandma’s food = ❤️

Thanks to her extraordinary cooking skills, your abuela has the ability to give you endless nourishment and strength.


She will never let you walk around with an empty stomach.

Also, the cafecito your abuela makes has the power to give you 10x more energy, no matter how exhausted you are.


Starbucks has nothing on my abuela’s coffee.

Somehow, she’s also able to get the stains out of *anything*.


You can spill wine, tomato sauce and a gallon of blood on your shirt and somehow your abuela will find a way to remove the stain.

On top of that, she can also transform and fix your clothes in ways that no one else can.

She’s the most crafty and creative person around.

Her power of fixing and transforming clothes is so amazing in fact, that even other people ask her to come to the rescue and help them out.


Your abuela’s sharpest superhero power: her wisdom.

Even if the advice she gives is a bit harsh, it’s nothing but the truth, and that’s what makes it so valuable.

LOL. At least she’s being honest.

And no matter how old your abuela gets, she seems to have a superhero-like quality of long-lasting youth.✨

Sometimes my grandma has more energy than me and she’s about 45 years older than me. HOW??

Best of all, your abuela has the power to completely change your mood and make your days better.

I can always count on my grandma’s sweet compliments.

And this exactly why you have so much love for your abuela.

She really is the most magnificent and powerful superhero around.?

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What superhero powers does your abuela have? Tell us in the comments and hit the share button below! 

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