These Latino Dads Were Caught Being Totally Cheesy And Romantic

If there’s one thing we can appreciate about Valentine’s Day season, it’s witnessing your parents being totally cheesy and romantic. And even more precious than that, is capturing a dad being absolutely cheesy and loving towards his children. After all, Valentine’s Day is really just a day to share some extra love with those around you.

Here are some moments people across Twitter shared of their Latino dads that’ll make you say “Awww” about a hundred times. ?

If there’s one video that captures the true definition of love, it’s this one:

LOL. He just wanted to make sure that the kiss made it all the way to his wife.?

If that kiss wasn’t cute enough for you, check out this couple celebrating their 47th anniversary together.

Sooo cute.

This man channeled his inner Shakespeare to show his love for his wife, which his daughter absolutely adored.

Pay attention, fellas.

And this dad was caught in the process of helping his wife beautify for over 2 hours.

Now this is what you call true love.

It’s the little things that really count. ?

Where can I find a man who will feed me Hot Cheetos?

Here’s a dad who did the sweetest thing ever for his two children:

He got the pride flag tattoo for his son who is gay and got the Dodgers ball tattoo for his daughter, who’s a big Dodgers fan.

Also on the sweet and supportive side is this dad, who created an Instagram account just to follow his daughter’s makeup page.

This is the sweetest thing ever. ?

And if there’s one dad you can call an MVP, it’s this dad who went out of his way to provide everything and anything his daughter wants.

So thoughtful and caring.❤️

Even something as small as watching “Gilmore Girls” with you definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.?

Shout out to all the cheesy, sweet dads out there! ?

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