20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For All The People You Love In Your Life


Valentine’s Day is one of the most emotionally loaded days of the year. Do you share your love with just your main squeeze or do you try to spread that love out to your besties as well? Well, guess what? You no longer have to decide. Here are 20 things you can buy all of the loves of your life.

“Will you be my Valentina?” Pin | $9.99


You’ve got to have a Valentine before you can have that magical Valentine’s Day. Get them while they’re still in stock.

I’m Falling For You Tee | $24.99


We turn memes into shirts, people, and turn those shirts into opportunities to lightly tell your boo that your love fall is epic. Dive in to love, baby.

All We Need Is Guac | $9.99

You know it’s love when your boo eats the avocado you’ve been waiting to ripen and you only feel mildly homicidal. Hold onto that one.

“You’re My Other Half” Pin Pack | $19.99


The real question is which one is the butt? And does it mandate a nalga tattoo? Control the narrative and get on these before your other half does.

Baby guarcado cupid pin | $9.99


Your new amor’s guacamole’s tugging at your heart strings? Let them know they’ve got you hooked.

World’s best suegra Mug | $14.99


Everyone knows that the person you really need to woo is your novio’s mami (or papi). Don’t worry, we have suegra and suegro mugs to do all your brownie point work for you.

You’re the Guac to My Chip Mug | $14.99


We all know that food is the foundation for every healthy Latino on Latino relationship. This rings more true than any sappy Hallmark card ever could.

She’s the limón to my chile Tee | $24.99


Put your love on blast and get your boo this pre-shrunk couple’s tee. My fellow Latina lesbians, you can go all out matching on this one. 😛

“You’re my other half” guarcado gift bag | $35


Can’t figure out what to get? Get your Valentine a squishy, plush Guarcado along with two mystery pins and an extra mystery item.

Pro tip: if you can’t wrap for mierda, this one comes pre-wrapped for you.

Let’s Avocuddle! Card | $3.75

ClaudiaRamosDesigns / Etsy

No white people are profiting off any of these cutie avocado characters. They belong to the Latinx community, and we ship it hard.

Kinky Piñata Pin | $9.99


Maybe you have a more casual thing going on, and want to make sure your new boo is reminded of you. Meet mitú’s “Kinky Piñata.” He’s wearing his civilian clothing ahora mismo, so only you and your PYT will know his true nature.

“Me Vales Madres” Sweatshirt | $39.99


Maybe you’re single? Maybe you’re not? Maybe everyone could mind their business?! Scream it from the rooftops, poderosa.

Te Boté Sweatshirt | $39.99


Love is in the air, and you have no breath to waste on rejecting the pendejos coming your way. Let the crop speak for you.

“Thank you, next” Paquita Phone Case | $19.99


Your heart cannot be broken by what filled it up. Ariana Grande has made you ready for your next ‘heartbreak’. Go get it, hunny.

“Nope, Todavía, No Tengo Novio” Sweatshirt | $39.99


This sweatshirt will get the job done on more than just Valentine’s Day. Wear it to your tía’s cada vez, and especially on Nochebuena. Bury me in it, por favor. 🏳️‍🌈

Mejor sola que mal acompañada Tee | $24.99


Sometimes, people get down when they reflect on their first Valentine’s Day single after a big break up. Not you. Your ex had malo in him and you’re home free and loving yourself.

“Qué novio ni que nada” Crop Sweatshirt | $39.99


You know which BFF needs this reminder. Amigas poderosas have to stick together.

Best Flans Pin Pack | $15.99


Best friends get love on V-Day, but best flans get extra. Show your No. 1 comadre you’re flans for life.

Chismosas 4 ever pin pack | $14.99


You could talk to this mujer longer than anyone else on your speed dial. Let her know she’s earned the top spot for life.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses | $28

“Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4” Digital Image. Uncommon Goods. 5 February 2019.

Maybe you’re just ready to get a little lonely drunk or with your favorite person. Every chupito has a pink salt rim with this fancy regalo.

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Best Valentine's Day Gifts And Activities For the Love of Your Life That Aren't Just A Dinner


Best Valentine’s Day Gifts And Activities For the Love of Your Life That Aren’t Just A Dinner

Mari Lezhava / Unsplash

It’s okay to admit that you take your partner for granted. We often forget how love began simply because it’s been so long. This Valentine’s Day shows your partner that you do truly love them by giving them more than a heart-shaped box of chocolates or flowers. Because while all of that is nice, doing something extra such as giving them a unique gift that not only says “I love you” but rather “I love you more today than the first day we met.” We’ve featured some really special gifts that will make your partner feel loved like never before.

A group Valentine’s Day party.


Who says Valentine’s Day has to be just between two people? Instead of having a dreadful dinner for two at an overcrowded restaurant, host a party with other couples and celebrate love with a real bash. It’ll be a lot more fun, we can assure you.

A scavenger hunt.


If you’ve seen the movie “Amelie,” you’ll know there’s lovely scavenger hunt seen in which the protagonist leaves a trail of clues for the man she desires. Think about that kind of concept for your partner. Leave notes and questions with clues to the next location that will lead them back to you.

Personalized book for couples.


Do you always get asked, “so how did you two meet?” Instead of retelling the story, show them the actual story through LoveBook — a printed book with your personalized story. Go to to submit your story and get a published book with the story of how you met.

Recreate the day you met (or your first date).


For those that have been together for a while, have you ever gone back to that one restaurant where you two had your first date? This Valentine’s Day goes back to that city, that bar, or wherever your first date was to remember how it all started.

Personalized mixtape pillow.

No one makes mixtapes anymore, which sucks so bad because that was one of the way’s you could tell your crush that you liked them. For $58 you can lay your pretty little head on a soft mixtape made just for you and your love. Bonus points for listening to your favorite tunes while using the pillow.

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger Box.


This personalized “love box” is basically like a regular text message only it’s more special and saved in a special love box. Get it? You buy the love box, send a message via the app, and your person will get an indication (via a spinning heart) that they have a message. They open it, and bam. Love delivered, just go to 

A personalized map that shows your two worlds coming together.


These days, it kind of rare that two people fall in love who happen to be from the same area. Thanks to social media, people from all over the world are coming together all in the name of love. Commemorate these two worlds coming by framing your individual cities, or hoods, or countries in one picture. You can purchase them on Etsy for $45.

Hire a mariachi to serenade your love.


“Ay, ay, ay, ay/ Canta y no llores,” imagine hearing those words from a mariachi that is hired to sing just for you. That is the ultimate gift that no one would expect.

Give them the moon.


The next time your loved one says “I love you to the moon and back” respond by saying “Oh yeah? Prove it!” Now you can. For $20 you can get a 3D LED dual color light in the shape of the moon that will light up any room. And more importantly your lover’s heart.

Luminous dice game for a little sexy time.


Let’s get real for a second. Your sex life probably needs a jumpstart, and that’s only natural especially for a couple that’s been together forever. These dice will help you the boost you need. You just can’t beat a $13 deal on Amazon.

Go on a long weekend getaway staycation.


If you truly can’t get away for a trip somewhere abroad, why not just take a break for a couple of days without getting on a plane. Don’t you deserve at least a night away at a grand hotel? We suggest visiting a Curio Collection hotel (they have 74 beautiful hotels all over the world and probably near you) where it will feel like you’re in a world far far away.

Play the Fog of Love.


Love is magical, sometimes even not of this world. Fog of Love — a board game — that tells a “powerful, cinematic love story that will leave a lasting impression and the best way to experience any great movie is to not know how it will end, so we won’t give any spoilers away.” Now that’s a game we can get into, especially on Valentine’s Day.

One book for all of your special meals.


One of the things couples do more than anything is else is go out to eat. But are their certain meal experiences that stick out more than others? Certianly! That’s why this book — Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories — is a perfect gift. You will be able to keep forever those special meals and recipes that you can pass down your children, and be remembered forever. The book is available for $14 on Amazon.

Forget tattooing your lover’s name, get a personalized ring instead.


We know you’re in love, but do you really have to get a tattoo to prove it? Nah. Get a cute tiny ring with your love’s name on it instead! These rings are available on Amazon for just $24.

A rain shower head will change your life.

There’s a reason why we people love going to hotels, one of them being the bathroom. Bring a little piece of heaven with you and present your partner with this incredible gift that will transform both of your lives.

Talk to each other.


We know it’s hard to talk to your partner after years of being together, but TableTopics can change that. They have a TableTopic for all kinds of situations including for family and friends, but for Valentine’s Day, we suggest you get the one for couples. It’s just $25 on Amazon.

A personalized liquor bottle.


If your partner likes a fine glass of liquor, this personalized gift on Amazon for $45 is perfect for them.

Get to know each other again as if you were on a first date

Is it possible to break the ice with someone you have been with forever? Yes, in fact, it might be harder than if it was the first date. The Icicles Game is a fun question game that will help you learn about your lover all over again.

Hire a cleaning crew for a month.


Sometimes the everyday stuff gets in the way of really enjoying life and your partner. Why not give them a treat of no work at home? If that doesn’t say “I love you” nothing will.

Get them a celebrity shoutout.

For as little as $50 your partner’s favorite B-list celebrity will send them a special message right on their phone. We did this for our loved one, and believe me they cannot stop telling all of their friends about this unique gift.

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