20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For All The People You Love In Your Life


Valentine’s Day is one of the most emotionally loaded days of the year. Do you share your love with just your main squeeze or do you try to spread that love out to your besties as well? Well, guess what? You no longer have to decide. Here are 20 things you can buy all of the loves of your life.

“Will you be my Valentina?” Pin | $9.99


You’ve got to have a Valentine before you can have that magical Valentine’s Day. Get them while they’re still in stock.

I’m Falling For You Tee | $24.99


We turn memes into shirts, people, and turn those shirts into opportunities to lightly tell your boo that your love fall is epic. Dive in to love, baby.

All We Need Is Guac | $9.99

You know it’s love when your boo eats the avocado you’ve been waiting to ripen and you only feel mildly homicidal. Hold onto that one.

“You’re My Other Half” Pin Pack | $19.99


The real question is which one is the butt? And does it mandate a nalga tattoo? Control the narrative and get on these before your other half does.

Baby guarcado cupid pin | $9.99


Your new amor’s guacamole’s tugging at your heart strings? Let them know they’ve got you hooked.

World’s best suegra Mug | $14.99


Everyone knows that the person you really need to woo is your novio’s mami (or papi). Don’t worry, we have suegra and suegro mugs to do all your brownie point work for you.

You’re the Guac to My Chip Mug | $14.99


We all know that food is the foundation for every healthy Latino on Latino relationship. This rings more true than any sappy Hallmark card ever could.

She’s the limón to my chile Tee | $24.99


Put your love on blast and get your boo this pre-shrunk couple’s tee. My fellow Latina lesbians, you can go all out matching on this one. 😛

“You’re my other half” guarcado gift bag | $35


Can’t figure out what to get? Get your Valentine a squishy, plush Guarcado along with two mystery pins and an extra mystery item.

Pro tip: if you can’t wrap for mierda, this one comes pre-wrapped for you.

Let’s Avocuddle! Card | $3.75

ClaudiaRamosDesigns / Etsy

No white people are profiting off any of these cutie avocado characters. They belong to the Latinx community, and we ship it hard.

Kinky Piñata Pin | $9.99


Maybe you have a more casual thing going on, and want to make sure your new boo is reminded of you. Meet mitú’s “Kinky Piñata.” He’s wearing his civilian clothing ahora mismo, so only you and your PYT will know his true nature.

“Me Vales Madres” Sweatshirt | $39.99


Maybe you’re single? Maybe you’re not? Maybe everyone could mind their business?! Scream it from the rooftops, poderosa.

Te Boté Sweatshirt | $39.99


Love is in the air, and you have no breath to waste on rejecting the pendejos coming your way. Let the crop speak for you.

“Thank you, next” Paquita Phone Case | $19.99


Your heart cannot be broken by what filled it up. Ariana Grande has made you ready for your next ‘heartbreak’. Go get it, hunny.

“Nope, Todavía, No Tengo Novio” Sweatshirt | $39.99


This sweatshirt will get the job done on more than just Valentine’s Day. Wear it to your tía’s cada vez, and especially on Nochebuena. Bury me in it, por favor. 🏳️‍🌈

Mejor sola que mal acompañada Tee | $24.99


Sometimes, people get down when they reflect on their first Valentine’s Day single after a big break up. Not you. Your ex had malo in him and you’re home free and loving yourself.

“Qué novio ni que nada” Crop Sweatshirt | $39.99


You know which BFF needs this reminder. Amigas poderosas have to stick together.

Best Flans Pin Pack | $15.99


Best friends get love on V-Day, but best flans get extra. Show your No. 1 comadre you’re flans for life.

Chismosas 4 ever pin pack | $14.99


You could talk to this mujer longer than anyone else on your speed dial. Let her know she’s earned the top spot for life.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses | $28

“Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4” Digital Image. Uncommon Goods. 5 February 2019.

Maybe you’re just ready to get a little lonely drunk or with your favorite person. Every chupito has a pink salt rim with this fancy regalo.

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Don’t Fret. Here Are Some Perfect Galentine’s Day Gifts Created By Latina Entrepreneurs


Don’t Fret. Here Are Some Perfect Galentine’s Day Gifts Created By Latina Entrepreneurs

marthaofmiami_shop / Instagram

This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate all the strong, fierce, and beautiful Galentines in your life. You can celebrate by gifting them items made by some equally strong and beautiful Latina entrepreneurs. You could even host a major dinner for all of your besties to celebrate the love. Whatever way you celebrate, here are a few wonderful gifts to show them how much you love them and their friendship.

Say it with a Spanish Valentine’s Day card.

Sometimes things just sound better in Spanish, like this card from Magic Mood Art. You might not be rolling in the dough, but you can brighten up your Valentine’s day with a funny greeting card for less than the cost of a latte.

Show them how much you appreciate them with a Viva La Mujer shirt.

Give the MUA in your life something to add to their collection with a Melt Cosmetics Metal Gloss.

Kiss nude lips goodbye this Valentine’s Day. Your friends can thank you when they coat their lips with this glossy pink finish from Latina-owned Melt Cosmetics.

How about a Latino-inspired greeting card in English?

Your squad knows you love them pero like food comes first sometimes before morning hiking workouts. These cute cards are just some of the fresh sayings Martha Valdes. She is the owner of the boutique Martha of Miami.

Give them a wardrobe boost with some Valentine’s-Hued clothing from Eye Candy Boutique.

Owner Elsa Fernandes wants you and your bffs to know that love comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why she’s celebrating plus size girls with adorable clothing and accessories from her Eye Candy Boutique. Grab some purple, pink or red items that will make your Galentine’s Day attire pop!

Show that you want to hold these friendships tight by way of a hair clasp.

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Back in stock!

A post shared by Simonett (@simonett) on

For your ArtSy best friends, get them a pearl-studded barrette from Miami-based Style Mafia, owned by fashion blogger Simonett Pereira. Her avant-garde style mixes fresh and feminine finds with some minimalism.

Josefina by Vero Solis is always a good choice.

Give a Galentine’s Day gift your friends can wear with pride—they can show off their Mexican roots. These chic and colorful pieces from Mexican designer Vero Solis are a must-have. This ‘Mexicanita’ shirt can be your friends’ dose of required red on Valentine’s Day. ♥️

Mapache Jewelry will make anyone shine.

Give your girls the right crystals to heal and #bless their life with pieces from Rochelle Martin’s jewelry line. Trinkets include little crystal charms that can be incorporated into accessories for their everyday errands.

HoneyBGold Hoops because hoops are a girl’s best friend.

Help your friends take on the world this Valentine’s Day with or without a honey by their side. All they need is some rockin’ pairs of hoops by Latina jewelry designer HoneyBGold!

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This Miami Woman Wants To Make It Easier For You To Send Your Love Breakfast In Bed


This Miami Woman Wants To Make It Easier For You To Send Your Love Breakfast In Bed

foodlove2go / Instagram

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to plan a super special surprise for your bae on Valentine’s Day, like breakfast in bed. Fortunately, if you’re based in the Miami area, Food Love 2 Go should be a number you save into your WhatsApp contacts list ASAP.

Simple in its concept but elaborate in its execution, recipients are greeted at either their homes or offices with a custom display of balloons, pastries, greeting cards, chocolates, pancakes and even Venezuelan treats to brighten up their special occasion.

Imagine waking up to a spread like this just for you from your boo for Valentine’s Day.

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Red love❤️

A post shared by DESAYUNOS SORPRESAS (@foodlove2go) on

This year, Food Love 2 Go is spreading the love with more than just their desayunos sorpresas (surprise breakfasts), they are also creating red-themed floral arrangements with that tropical touch Miami is known for.

Food Love 2 Go is offering some special Valentine’s Day displays to start the day right.

Who wants to treat their special chikkibaby to this kind of breakfast in bed?

Food Love 2 Go was originally started on Valentine’s Day in 2015 by Venezuelan entrepreneur Andrea Zerpa.

The company’s busiest days are Valentine’s Day, obviously, as well as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The idea of gifting someone breakfast in bed is good for multiple reasons. Mainly, it’s because you don’t create a mess to make the breakfast in bed so that’s a plus.

Zerpa did put the business on hold for a couple years before really pushing the band out in the Miami area.

After taking a hiatus for a couple of years, Zerpa relaunched the brand in 2017 and the orders have been coming in for deliveries from Homestead on the south tip of Miami-Dade County to Boca Raton in Palm Beach County.

“My inspiration was to gift happiness and love through a sweet detail like breakfast in bed or a surprise breakfast,” Zerpa says.

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Love first ❤️🎈

A post shared by DESAYUNOS SORPRESAS (@foodlove2go) on

She is delivering smiles one surprise at a time through her breakfast menus, with the Nutella pancakes winning out as the most popular items among her clients.

You can order arepas, tequeños, Venezuelan desayuno criollo, scrambled eggs, truffles and mini bottles of prosecco.

The framed photo is really the icing on top. It is the kind of adorable and cheesy addition we all love to see from our greatest loves.

Zerpa has always had a love for food and how it can impact people.

In her native Venezuela, she worked with nutritionist Guillermo Navarrete and now is spreading that passion stateside.

She said that 80 percent of her clientele are women and recipients are very happy with their gifts.

Deliveries for Valentine’s Day range from $150-$200 and includes the delivery fee, the gifts, custom food order and decorations.

Her orders are filling up, so contact Food Love 2 Go to place your order for Valentine’s Day.

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#tbt Dia del amor y la amistad 💖

A post shared by DESAYUNOS SORPRESAS (@foodlove2go) on

Spread the amor to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mom, dad, child or besties!

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Are you in Miami and celebrating Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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