Forgot To Get The Valentine’s Day Cards? We Got You Covered With These Hilarious Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you forget to buy bae a special little card? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here are some unique Valentine’s Day cards for that special person in your life.

If you’re looking to spice up your relationship, check this card out.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

There’s nothing like adding a little sabor to keep your relationship hot and exciting. We are a culture steeped in our various flavors and that needs to come through on Valentine’s Day if you want to keep things fresh.

Trying to get back with your ex? Let J.Lo and Marc do the talking for you.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

If J.Lo and Marc Anthony can maintain a close relationship after all these years, so can you and the ex you secretly still love. Don’t fret about whether or not they feel the same. We’re pretty sure they still love you too.

If you’re trying to make something happen tonight, here are just the words.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

Show your lover just how much you love to be with them. Some things don’t need a lot of words to get the message across and this card will say everything you need to say.

We all have that one person we just can’t live without.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

We all know who you’re talking about when you sign this card. That one person who is always there to pick you up no matter what. Maybe you had too much tequila. Maybe you tripped on the stairs because you’re clumsy. All we know is that they love you more than anything and that kind of love is irreplaceable.

Here’s a little something to get that bromance going.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

Ain’t no shame is showing your compadre a little bit of love with this sweet and important card. We all have that friend who you can roll with through thick and thin. Be that friend. Respect that friend.

There’s even something for that special shady love of your life.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

Maybe your love has a special appreciation for some shady comments. If so, this is the perfect card. Not only does it have Mariah Carey, but the internet has also proved that it is relevant every year.

If Walter Mercado says it, there’s no arguing.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

We all believe this man no matter what. Seriously. We listen to everything this man says. If he tells us that we need to start wearing more pink and juggling kittens every morning for good luck, that’s what we’ll do. He knows the future.

For that immeasurable amount of love you can never fully express.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

That’s a lot of love, y’all. If your love for me is bigger than Los XV De Rubí, I will never let you down. That kind of love is something that you need to respect and never let go. That is love that is worth holding on to.

Let them know that you just can’t live (or survive) without them.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

There are just some people that you cannot live without. We mean cannot. For that special person who gives you the life source you need to get up every day and go to work and live the best life you can, give them this card. It will mean the world to them to know that they mean the world to you.

We all know that the stomach is the real test of true love.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. It is something that we just understand. Good cooking and love are the same thing for so many of us. Show them how much you care by giving this card that will definitely resonate with them.

Nothing says it’s real like withstanding all the heat.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

That is some real love. That is just a fact. If you have ever seen the paletero in the dead heat of summer offering everyone their favorite refreshment then you understand that level of committment.

Vintage love is sustaining love.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

You will be pretty hard pressed to find someone who does not know the reference in this card. We all have a special Napoleon in our lives and sharing things that are so near and dear to their hearts is how you know it’s real.

If you want to keep it serious and super real, send this.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

These containers hold everything from butter to rice to salsa to your heart. It will keep everything precious in your life safe and is something you just know to be true.

And, of course, there’s this classic.

Christina Henderson / mitú
CREDIT: Christina Henderson / mitú

Some times we fall and fall hard. That being said, there si nothing sweeter than falling for someone who just understands you, your culture, the internet, and your heart all at once. Prove it with sharing this card with your special love.

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20 Sexy Questions To Reignite Your Bond With Your Girlfriend


20 Sexy Questions To Reignite Your Bond With Your Girlfriend

Glee /Fox

Falling in love with the right person and learning everything you can about her is easy and natural. But although you might think you know everything you can about your special lady, we bet that there are still questions that are left unanswered in your life. For one, do you know everything you can about her sexuality? Probably not. But don’t worry because learning about her in a more intimate setting is something that can help you two get closer and strengthen your relationship in the long run.

That’s where these 20 sexual questions come in. These sexy questions are all things that you can ask your girlfriend tonight, tomorrow and the next day. And they are all guaranteed to bring further intimacy and continue to build your bond. So, get to cuddling and share some details of your sexy past and even sexier future — and get ready to hear hers.

1. Have you ever skinny dipped?


This kind of question is sexy in and of itself because it forces you to talk about two things that are very alluring: Nakedness and being daring. It’s a question that can definitely create a lot more conversation and you can talk about where you’ve skinny dipped or, even better, where you want to skinny dip in the future, together.

2. Where would you love to have sex?


People can have a lot of different answers to this question, so it’s definitely one that you want to ask your girlfriend earlier on in the relationship or when you are feeling that things are getting a bit stale. It’s the kind of question that can lead to a lot of really interesting conversations, honestly. And plans. Don’t forget to make the plans.

3. What is the sexiest thing about women to you?


Women are sexy, period. And you probably already knew that since you find your girlfriend pretty darn sexy, too, but have you ever stopped to think what exactly makes her sexy to you? Ask this question of her and you both might end up surprising each other with what the conversation brings.

4. Do you like to be dominant or passive?


Every relationship is complicated and everyone’s sexual desires are complicated but you can really delve deep into your girlfriend’s desires by asking her this question. It might even spark a fuller conversation where you talk about your own preferences, too.

5. What’s the ultimate role play for you?


Role-playing is something that can take your relationship to the next level or get you out of a rut. It’s also something that can simply inspire some interesting conversations, which is why this is definitely a question that you should ask your sweetie. Maybe just wait until you’re in a really intimate moment first, though.

6. Who is your secret celebrity crush?


Talking about your celebrity crushes is a sure-fire way to invite some fun conversation and intimacy into your relationship. Of course, the key here is to ask your girlfriend about her secret crush. You know, there’s always somebody that she may name that is unexpected and will solicit more sexy questions.

7. Are you more rough or passionate?


Passion is an excelleny thing to have in a relationship but it’s definitely not the only thing. And when it comes to having sex, people tend to have a style. Some like it really rough and dirty while others like it passionate and sensual. Although neither is right or wrong, it’s good to know what your girlfriend prefers by asking her this question.

8. What kind of talk do you like, if any, in bed?


Some people like sexy talk. Some people do not. Some people like it super dirty. Some do not. You may not know exactly what your girlfriend prefers just yet because it can be an awkward subject to just bring up out of the blue, so why not ask her? This way, you’ll have something new and totally sexy to talk about in bed.

9. What’s the sexiest thing someone has done to you?


You can definitely make this a really interesting question if you ask what someone has done “to” her and “for” her. It will definitely mean two different responses, but I bet both of them will be surprising and interesting. Just don’t be afraid to share your own answer to this question, too.

10. What’s your favorite body type?


One way to talk about the things that you each find sexy is to talk about the type of bodies that you find most attractive. This can be an interesting thing to bring up but definitely make sure to only bring it up if you are comfortable in your body and relationship, since you don’t want to get jealous over what she says.

11. What’s your view on “50 shades”?

50 Shades of Grey is a book and movie franchise that changed the world or, at least, the way women behave sexually. All of a sudden, it became okay (and even encouraged!) to be kinky. But how much do you know about your girlfriend’s opinion on the books and the sexy topic? Now’s the time to ask!

12. Have you ever had sex more than once in a day?


No matter how good your sex life is, there is always room for improvement. When you are getting more intimate with your partner, you might want to know what their “record” is in terms of the most times they have ever had sex. And then, I suggest, you improve upon that number.

13. Where do you like being touched the most?


Some of us fully admit that our breasts are the most sensitive place while others love gentle little kisses behind the ears. And some of us still find something else so erotic that it makes sex even better. This is a great question to ask earlier in your relationship so that you can make sure to touch that part more and more.

14. Have you ever had sex in a public place?


Sex in public is still a taboo subject but it’s one that we should be discussing more because, for some people, it’s the pinnacle of sexuality. Whether or not you are turned on by it, it’s something that you should think about and consider with your partner. That’s why you should find out if she’s ever done it in a public place.

15. What is your favorite sexual position?


Everyone has a favorite sex position and anyone who claims not to is clearly lying. This is definitely a daring question to ask your sweetie but it’s one that can lead to greater sexual satisfaction. If you know what they like (and know what you like), then you can do a lot more in the bedroom to bring pleasure to each other.

16. Have you ever been so horny that you couldn’t control yourself?


This is definitely a sexy picture and an even sexier image to have of your girlfriend, though you’ll probably want to make sure that you’re fairly secure in your relationship before bringing this one up. It’s also best to talk about this when you are having a particularly intimate moment, perhaps laying in bed at the end of the day.

17. Have you ever been to a strip club? 


Who says that men are the only ones that get to enjoy strip clubs? Us ladies can love them too, and perhaps you’re even the kind of couple who has ventured out to one together. But even if you’re not, this is a fun topic to bring up with your special lady and hear about her experience.

18. Have you ever gotten with someone you weren’t allowed to?


One way to talk about taboo subjects in your relationship is to do it out in the open. That’s why you should definitely bring up whether your girlfriend has ever been with someone she wasn’t supposed to. Sure, it can lead to some interesting conversation… But it can also lead to some interesting revelations.

19. What kind of outfit would look best on me?


This is the kind of question that you’ll want to ask your girlfriend when you are feeling particularly comfortable with her. But, when it comes right down to it, it would be a good idea to know what your partner likes for you to wear… and visa versa. That way, you can both always look great for each other.

20. Have you ever tried tantric sex?


If you didn’t know this, tantric sex is about having a really intense, connected experience during sex (either by yourself or with a partner). It’s something really enjoyable that couples can enjoy together but, before you try that, you should definitely talk to your partner about whether or not she has tried it before… and what her experience was. And if not, perhaps it’s an experience you can have together.

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Don’t Fret. Here Are Some Perfect Galentine’s Day Gifts Created By Latina Entrepreneurs


Don’t Fret. Here Are Some Perfect Galentine’s Day Gifts Created By Latina Entrepreneurs

marthaofmiami_shop / Instagram

This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate all the strong, fierce, and beautiful Galentines in your life. You can celebrate by gifting them items made by some equally strong and beautiful Latina entrepreneurs. You could even host a major dinner for all of your besties to celebrate the love. Whatever way you celebrate, here are a few wonderful gifts to show them how much you love them and their friendship.

Say it with a Spanish Valentine’s Day card.

Sometimes things just sound better in Spanish, like this card from Magic Mood Art. You might not be rolling in the dough, but you can brighten up your Valentine’s day with a funny greeting card for less than the cost of a latte.

Show them how much you appreciate them with a Viva La Mujer shirt.

Give the MUA in your life something to add to their collection with a Melt Cosmetics Metal Gloss.

Kiss nude lips goodbye this Valentine’s Day. Your friends can thank you when they coat their lips with this glossy pink finish from Latina-owned Melt Cosmetics.

How about a Latino-inspired greeting card in English?

Your squad knows you love them pero like food comes first sometimes before morning hiking workouts. These cute cards are just some of the fresh sayings Martha Valdes. She is the owner of the boutique Martha of Miami.

Give them a wardrobe boost with some Valentine’s-Hued clothing from Eye Candy Boutique.

Owner Elsa Fernandes wants you and your bffs to know that love comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why she’s celebrating plus size girls with adorable clothing and accessories from her Eye Candy Boutique. Grab some purple, pink or red items that will make your Galentine’s Day attire pop!

Show that you want to hold these friendships tight by way of a hair clasp.

View this post on Instagram

Back in stock!

A post shared by Simonett (@simonett) on

For your ArtSy best friends, get them a pearl-studded barrette from Miami-based Style Mafia, owned by fashion blogger Simonett Pereira. Her avant-garde style mixes fresh and feminine finds with some minimalism.

Josefina by Vero Solis is always a good choice.

Give a Galentine’s Day gift your friends can wear with pride—they can show off their Mexican roots. These chic and colorful pieces from Mexican designer Vero Solis are a must-have. This ‘Mexicanita’ shirt can be your friends’ dose of required red on Valentine’s Day. ♥️

Mapache Jewelry will make anyone shine.

Give your girls the right crystals to heal and #bless their life with pieces from Rochelle Martin’s jewelry line. Trinkets include little crystal charms that can be incorporated into accessories for their everyday errands.

HoneyBGold Hoops because hoops are a girl’s best friend.

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Hey cutie! starburst Hoops droppin this Friday ????

A post shared by honeybgold (@honeybgold) on

Help your friends take on the world this Valentine’s Day with or without a honey by their side. All they need is some rockin’ pairs of hoops by Latina jewelry designer HoneyBGold!

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