Forgot To Get The Valentine’s Day Cards? We Got You Covered With These Hilarious Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you forget to buy bae a special little card? Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here are some unique Valentine’s Day cards for that special person in your life.

If you’re looking to spice up your relationship, check this card out.

Christina Henderson / mitú

There’s nothing like adding a little sabor to keep your relationship hot and exciting. We are a culture steeped in our various flavors and that needs to come through on Valentine’s Day if you want to keep things fresh.

Trying to get back with your ex? Let J.Lo and Marc do the talking for you.

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If J.Lo and Marc Anthony can maintain a close relationship after all these years, so can you and the ex you secretly still love. Don’t fret about whether or not they feel the same. We’re pretty sure they still love you too.

If you’re trying to make something happen tonight, here are just the words.

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Show your lover just how much you love to be with them. Some things don’t need a lot of words to get the message across and this card will say everything you need to say.

We all have that one person we just can’t live without.

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We all know who you’re talking about when you sign this card. That one person who is always there to pick you up no matter what. Maybe you had too much tequila. Maybe you tripped on the stairs because you’re clumsy. All we know is that they love you more than anything and that kind of love is irreplaceable.

Here’s a little something to get that bromance going.

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Ain’t no shame is showing your compadre a little bit of love with this sweet and important card. We all have that friend who you can roll with through thick and thin. Be that friend. Respect that friend.

There’s even something for that special shady love of your life.

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Maybe your love has a special appreciation for some shady comments. If so, this is the perfect card. Not only does it have Mariah Carey, but the internet has also proved that it is relevant every year.

If Walter Mercado says it, there’s no arguing.

Christina Henderson / mitú

We all believe this man no matter what. Seriously. We listen to everything this man says. If he tells us that we need to start wearing more pink and juggling kittens every morning for good luck, that’s what we’ll do. He knows the future.

For that immeasurable amount of love you can never fully express.

Christina Henderson / mitú

That’s a lot of love, y’all. If your love for me is bigger than Los XV De Rubí, I will never let you down. That kind of love is something that you need to respect and never let go. That is love that is worth holding on to.

Let them know that you just can’t live (or survive) without them.

Christina Henderson / mitú

There are just some people that you cannot live without. We mean cannot. For that special person who gives you the life source you need to get up every day and go to work and live the best life you can, give them this card. It will mean the world to them to know that they mean the world to you.

We all know that the stomach is the real test of true love.

Christina Henderson / mitú

The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. It is something that we just understand. Good cooking and love are the same thing for so many of us. Show them how much you care by giving this card that will definitely resonate with them.

Nothing says it’s real like withstanding all the heat.

Christina Henderson / mitú

That is some real love. That is just a fact. If you have ever seen the paletero in the dead heat of summer offering everyone their favorite refreshment then you understand that level of committment.

Vintage love is sustaining love.

Christina Henderson / mitú

You will be pretty hard pressed to find someone who does not know the reference in this card. We all have a special Napoleon in our lives and sharing things that are so near and dear to their hearts is how you know it’s real.

If you want to keep it serious and super real, send this.

Christina Henderson / mitú

These containers hold everything from butter to rice to salsa to your heart. It will keep everything precious in your life safe and is something you just know to be true.

And, of course, there’s this classic.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Some times we fall and fall hard. That being said, there si nothing sweeter than falling for someone who just understands you, your culture, the internet, and your heart all at once. Prove it with sharing this card with your special love.

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Here are Some Fun and Creative Date Ideas for a Quarantine Valentine’s Day At-Home


Here are Some Fun and Creative Date Ideas for a Quarantine Valentine’s Day At-Home

Photo via Getty Images

To say 2021 won’t be your typical Valentine’s Day would be an understatement. Almost a year after COVID-19 shutdown pretty much every romantic destination outside of the house, couples everywhere are now being forced to come up with creative ideas to celebrate their love for one another at home.

But just because we’re stuck inside, doesn’t mean this year’s V-Day won’t be special. Sure, the old Netflix-and-chill recipe might be a little tired at this point of quarantine (nine months and counting…), but there are a million other fun dates to take part in at home. Take a peak below at our list of fun and creative at-home date ideas for Quaran-tine’s Day (see what we did there?)

1. Game Night

Game Night Valentine's Day
Credit: jon_premosch_photo/Instagram

Make Valentine’s Day an opportunity to bring out you and your partner’s fun side. Break out some tried-and-true games that work for two people like Twister, Jenga, Code Names or Guess Who. But if you want to keep the good vibes going, avoid ultra-competitive games like Risk or–god forbid–Monopoly

2. Wine & Paint Date

Wine & Paint Valentine
Credit: xojessica_renee/Instagram

Going to your city’s local Paint & Sip studio might not be an option this year, but you can always bring the studio into your own home. Prepare for your at-home wine and paint night by heading to a nearby craft’s store to stock up on canvas, paint, and paint brushes. Then, hit up a wine & spirits shop to pick out a few high-quality vintages for you and your Valentine.

3. At-Home Spa Night

Spa Date Valentines Day
Credit: ourdailylivesg/Instagram

If the COVID life is stressing you out, think about unwinding with your amor with a spa night. Prepare a night of candles, mud masks, bubble baths, and of course, massages for you two to enjoy together. Relaxing never felt so sexy.

4. Rom-Com Movie Marathon

Rom Com Marathon Valentines Day
Credit: hollywood_at_home_/Instagram

Sure, not everyone is into rom-coms (apparently some people think they’re cheesy?), but if you and your lover are both fans of the feel-good genre, create a list of your favorite movies to watch together. Don’t forget the popcorn and the milk duds.

5. Bake-at-home Date

Bake at home date Valentine
Photo via Getty Images

What’s sweeter than sugar? Literally nothing. Bond with your novio/a by making a delicious creation together. If you two are both novice pastry chefs, try out some simple cookie or cupcake recipes. If you both are up for a challenge, think about making traditional Latin pasteles like alfajores, milhojas, or pastafrola.

6. Fondue Fun

Fondue Valentine
Credit: maisincasa/Instagram

If you and your amor are both the type of people who like their dates to revolve around food (and look, we can relate), consider having a fondue night. With fondue, the possibilities are endless. You can go the savory route, dipping veggies, meats, and bread in queso or hot oil. You can also end your meal with a dessert fondue of chocolate y fruta.

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Dating 101: The Expert’s Guide on How to Find Love in 2021


Dating 101: The Expert’s Guide on How to Find Love in 2021

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, which means that if you’re single, you might be taking a good, hard look at the state of your love life. If, like many of us, you’ve spent the past year focusing on your own growth and self-development, then you might be ready to jump back into the dating pool. 

But if you feel off your game or unsure of how to proceed in this brand new, post-COVID world of dating, fear not! We’ve employed the help of Jorge Lozano H. to give us the do’s and don’ts of finding love in 2021.

Jorge Lozano H. is a best-selling author, speaker, and dating expert who knows exactly how challenging this new dating scene is–but he also knows how fun it can be. Lozano shared his tips and tricks with us on how to attract “the one” in 2021. Check out his advice below!

1. Spend More Time on Dating Apps

We know, we know. There are about a million-and-one dating apps out there. But it’s a simple fact that you can’t find something if you’re not looking for it. Download one or two dating apps and commit to spending time and effort on finding a viable match (so, no mindless swiping).

If you feel like the sheer number of options is too overwhelming, try out a dating app that narrows down the dating pool by common interests–like Chispa, the dating app specifically made for millenial Latinos. 

2. Confidence is Key

It’s tempting to approach every date with a pessimistic mindset. Sure, there’s “plenty of fish in the sea,” but there’s also plenty of duds in the sea as well. Lozano suggest looking on the bright side by trying out positive affirmations.

“Go into every virtual date with a positive mindset by repeating these eight words when you need a confidence boost: ‘I want, I can, and I deserve it,'” he says.

3. Build meaningful connections

Lozano suggests creating “emotional anchors” during your conversation with you date in order to make meaningful, memorable connections. Lozano suggests bonding over common interests like similar tastes in music or the favorite Banderas you have in common.

4. Don’t be a “bad texter”

Even if a potential partner is head-over-heels for you, that doesn’t give you an excuse to be a bad texter (i.e. giving low-effort, one-word responses). “Elaborate, ask questions and show interest so your potential novio/a will keep you in mind at all times,” says Lozano.

5. Flirt with finesse

If you’re wondering why none of your matches are graduating to the next step, like a FaceTime date or a virtual date, it might be because you’re not giving them much to work with. “Coquetear adds an extra spice to any conversation,” says Lozano. He suggests using three universally-beloved topics to keep the convo going: food, pets, and (pre-Covid) travel of course.

Now that you’re armed with Lozano’s great advice, you’re ready to take on the 2021 dating scene with renewed confidence. Now head out there and find your soulmate!

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