This Is Why Grocery Shopping With Your Mom Is One Of The Most Stressful Experiences Ever

Running errands with your mom can be a bit exhausting, especially when one of those errands includes grocery shopping. And grocery shopping with your mom can either be quick and easy, or stressful and exhausting…and this is why:

As soon as your mom asks you to come with her to the grocery store and says, “Nomas voy a comprar una cosa bien rapidito,” you KNOW you’re getting yourself into some trouble.


“Una cosa bien rapidito” MY ASS.

The first impossible task she asks of you is to push the shopping cart and follow her in the store while she’s speeding her way through a swarm of people.


And then she gets mad at you if you’re not right behind her. But HOW are you supposed to stay right behind her when she’s squeezing her way through all of these people and you have this big ass shopping cart to push?

It only gets more stressful when you lose her in the store and she doesn’t answer any of your damn phone calls.


And since she doesn’t answer any of your phone calls, you have to bear with the embarrassment of searching for her from aisle to aisle, calling her name out loud.

So if you’re a person with no patience, then good luck because your mom will spend 20+ minutes picking out perfect fruit and vegetables.


She will do everything from smacking, spanking and smelling each vegetable and fruit, just to make sure it’s ripe.

And since she’s all about los especiales, it will take her another 15+ minutes to look for every coupon she needs.


Grocery shopping just wouldn’t exist for your mom without her coupons.

But once your mom starts talking to a friend at the store, you might as well find an aisle to take a nap in because there goes at least another half hour.


So. Annoying.

You would think all of the grocery shopping stress would be over once you’re in line getting ready to pay, but then this happens:

And all you can do is just stand there and wait while the cashier and everyone behind you in line impatiently stares you down.

On the other hand, if your mom is the one who’s waiting in line and she asks you to go grab something, but you take too long, then she gets MAD AS HELL at you.


Like wait, you do the saaaaame thing!

And once the grocery trip is finally over, you discover that your mom has bought everything at the store, except the two things that she had originally gone to the store to buy.

But hey, you can’t complain. All of those groceries are for you and your family, and that’s just one of the ways your mom takes care of you all.

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This Video Will Hit Home For Everyone Who Wishes They Could Pay Back Their Parents For All The Sacrifices They've Made


This Video Will Hit Home For Everyone Who Wishes They Could Pay Back Their Parents For All The Sacrifices They’ve Made

Widely known for his funny sketches, comedian LeJuan James took a different turn with his most recent video, making his fans cry instead of laugh. Once you watch it, you’ll understand why it’s making people so emotional.

To thank his parents for their hard work and all of their sacrifices, LeJuan James surprised his parents with their own house. As he mentions in the video, “I’ve been dreaming about this day for as long as I can remember,” and now this dream of his has become a reality. Even though James admits that buying this home for his parents will never be enough to repay them for all of the sacrifices they’ve made, the look on his parents’ faces show they are beyond grateful.

Here is how LeJuan James’ dad thanked him on Instagram:


“LeJuan. I’ve loved you since the moment I found out I was going to have you as my son. I loved you even more when I heard your heart beat for the first time. I’ve loved since the first minute you were born. When I saw your little face and held your hand, I then knew from that moment that I would give my life for your and your brothers. Thank you son and thank you to Camila for always supporting you with everything that you do. She has become like a daughter to me as well. Kisses. And may God bless you.” -Juan Atiles

Fans all over the internet are also extremely touched by this video and have fallen in love with this sincere side of LeJuan James.


This video allowed fans to see how appreciative, caring and giving LeJuan James is.

One common thing his fans are pointing out is that this too is a dream they have.

What kid doesn’t wish they could do this for their parents.

Even teenagers are looking to LeJuan James as their inspiration.


Congratulations on this beautiful accomplishment LeJuan James! ?? ?

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