This Couple Used A Car Seat To Sneak Food Into A Theater And People Are Screaming

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Sneaking snacks into the movie theater is one of those things that we all remember from childhood. Sometimes mom would make you wear a backpack and fill it with all the treats your little heart desired. Was it embarrassing? Sure. But now that we’re adults, we totally get why you would want to save money and not buy those movie theater snacks.  Instagram user @iamkelia.b has given all of us new goals when it comes to sneaking in food: a baby car seat.

@iamkelia.b and her boyfriend have one-upped all of us with their genius method of sneaking food into the movie theater: a baby car seat.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

Mind. Blown.

Tbh, this is probably so much easier to get away with.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

Any movie theater employee can ask to look in your bag but would any of them have the audacity to ask if they can look in your baby car seat? Probably not.

And they fit so much into that car seat. Like, dayum.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram


People are already trying to figure out how they can do it too.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

A big purse is great in a pinch but a car seat is just the tops.

There were some serious questions about the amount of food the two snuck in.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

Those are a lot of drinks, tbh.

Other people are calling out their friends’ weak smuggling game.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

I. Can’t. ?

But, overall, this couple has given a generation a new movie theater hack.

CREDIT: @iamkelia.b / Instagram

Take a bow, y’all.

Watch the full adventure below!

Not every body can just walk in with a bag ??‍♀️???? @saan_won_ton

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