These Prom Proposals Are Getting More And More Extreme Every Year

Trying to find a date to prom and then having work up the courage to ask that person to prom, can be the hardest, most nerve-wracking thing ever…especially when you have to match up against some super extravagant prom proposals. If you thought a single flower and note was enough to ask someone to prom, think again…

It’s prom season once again, and these promposals seem to be getting more and more extreme every year.

He really did just show up to his school on a horse…with a live band following him. Horse and carriage? More like horse and banda.

Seriously, these guys are setting the bar super high.


Literally, super high.

And they’re definitely being creative about it.


Soooo cute.

But of course, none of these prom proposals would be possible without friends like these:



…or friends like these:

Special shoutout to all of the promposal friends and helpers out there, your poster holding skills are very much appreciated.

From Disney-inspired, “Beauty and the Beast”…

All she’s missing is a yellow gown.

 …to Disney inspired, “High School Musical.”

This kid really had his head in the game.

These teenagers are taking romance to a whole other level.

You would think she was actually getting engaged.

But just in case some balloons and flowers weren’t enough, here’s an added little something.


This is perfect.

And even though all of these promposals are suuuuper CHEESY?…


“You’re ‘hot’ and I’m ‘ready’, so lets be hot and ready at prom.”

…they’re all super adorable and fun to watch.

This is the sweetest promposal ever. #bestfriendgoals

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