This Is All The Back And Forth You Deal With When You’re Trying To Date, But Have Insanely Strict Parents

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Dating with strict Latino parents is definitely a roller coaster of emotions that doesn’t really seem to end. Even when (you think) you’re old enough to date whoever you want, mom or dad pop up out of nowhere to tell you otherwise.

When you were very young, your parents let you know that dating was off limits.

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They had so many rules and this didn’t stop with parents. If you wanted to date, your significant other had to go through rounds of interviews with your tíos and even the abuelos.

Which means you had to find your way around your parents and confide in your primas. ?

They were often times your cover.

Just when you started to become an expert at this “non-dating” business and sneaking around…

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Sorry, mom.

…The family starts hitting you with the “y el novio?”

There it is. You’ll be hearing it for years to come.

So you finally find yourself a boo…and they set up a trillion rules.

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We’re not exaggerating.

Because they want to be involved in everything.


This is the type of stuff that makes you not want to involve your parents in anything…or stay single forever.

What’s the point?

And just when you decide it’s too much trouble to date because of their ridiculous rules…


I guess non-dating it is.

…Mami said she’s worried that you won’t ever find someone to settle down with.

And then you’re just confused, like always.

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What do they want from us?

I guess we were supposed to be dating behind their backs after all?

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Honestly, I still don’t know and don’t think we ever will.

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Did you parents have really crazy strict dating rules for you? Tell us about it below and we will get through it together.

7 Things About My Mom I Always Took For Granted


7 Things About My Mom I Always Took For Granted

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I never really appreciated my mom until I got older and these were the things I always took for granted… Until now.

1. No one cooks more bomb food than my mom.

       Getty Images

For Latinos, cooking is an art and my mom is the Michelangelo. She learned everything she knows from her mother and grandmother and everyone who came before her. The food is always on point and that’s the one thing that always brings my family together.

2. She’s not a party planner, but her parties always go until the next morning.

My mom knows how to throw a party.These parties last all night and go through the next morning. She and her squad know how to turn up.

3. She was rocking the RBF before the RBF was a thing.

CREDIT: jenniferlopezfashion / Tumblr

Moms always know how to communicate without saying a word. Their expressions say so much with just a glance. And when my mom is mad, the whole world knows just by the way she blinks.

4. She has a way with words.

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She has brought me to my senses numerous times with her classic “no seas mensa.” It’s probably not the sweetest phrase, but it always puts me back on track.

5. She’s super supportive without even trying.

No matter how crazy our ambitions are, my mom always pushes me and my siblings to push our limits. She is the reason why we succeed in everything. Even when she’s not verbally telling us to try harder, we do anyway because her struggles have become our biggest motivations.

6. She’s always confident.

She doesn’t care what people think of her or what she looks like. She always holds her head high and steps out fearlessly.

7. Her strength is not something you can build in the gym.

She carries our family on her shoulders. Even when she’s exhausted from a long day at work she finds the energy to carry more weight at home – something no pre-workout or energy drink can give you. How she finds the strength to keep going is a mystery.

Let us know how your mom inspires you by commenting below!

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