These Instagrammers Showed Their Family So Much Love With Their Día De Los Muertos Ofrendas

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Día de los Muertos is a holiday filled with family, love, food and honoring all of the family members that came before you. It is a sweet holiday that is all about death but it is not sad or scary. Every year, millions of people around the world set up ofrendas for their dead relatives offering them food and drinks. The ofrenda is also a way for the family members to travel from the land of the dead into the land of the living to celebrate the holiday with everyone who is still alive. Ofrendas come in all shapes and sizes but one thing is consistent: love and family.

Not ever ofrenda has to be a massive installation in your living room.

Some times the best ofrendas are the ones that keep things simple and keep loved ones as the focus. This altar is all about showing love to a beloved puppers and the abuelitos and padres who are no longer here. 🧡

While food is important as an offering, some times you just have to add a little liquor for the party.

We all know that our abuelitos and padres enjoyed a few tragos in their day. Offering up some liquor for their special day in the land of the living is one way to show them love.

Pan de muerto is a good choice when creating your ofrenda.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little bread with their meal? This is also especially when it comes to a holiday.

Some people are coming together to honor those who have blazed paths in their industries.

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The holiday is all about honoring those who have died and giving them some love. Don’t be shy away from adding your pioneers to the ofrenda. If they made an impact on your life, it might be worth giving them a lot of love.

Your altar can be as big as you want.

There is nothing wrong with reaching for the stars with your installation.

Or you can make them small enough to carry around to show everyone.

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This year, Gabriel had to make his first altar, so he dedicated it to his tío, Cesar Chavez. On it he put photos of his great-grandparents, his grandpa Richard Chavez (with his brother Cesar) as well as Cesar with Helen Chavez and Bobby Kennedy. The way that I was taught, día de los muertos has always been a way to reconnect to the past, and our family history. The truth is, Gabriel did a lot of the work (with assistance from mom and dad of course)- but he knows very well the history of the people behind the images. To him they are part of his living history. It was just last year at this time that we were traveling to Juchitan, Oaxaca. I wanted him to see the traditions as they meant to be celebrated- without the fanfare, but in their true essence. One year later, we begin to pass on the mantle of preserving our history and traditions to the next generation, because I'm the end Día de Los Muertos is equally about the living as it is about those who have taken the journey to Mictlan……#mictlan #diadelosmuertos #xandu #dayofthedead #cesarchavez #sisepuede #vivalavida #altar #ofrenda

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Cesar Chavez’s nephew is using his first every ofrenda to honor his uncle. It’s a touching tribute to a fierce civil rights activist who fought tirelessly for farmworkers in Delano, Calif.

Some towns and neighborhoods came together to create massive ofrendas to honor as many people as possible.

They can be major ofrendas to all the people who have recently died in the town or an offering to the patron saint of the city.

A lot of people prefer taking their altars directly to the cemeteries.

Some people prefer celebrating the holiday in their homes while others prefer going to the cemetery to be with their family. It’s one of the closest ways to feel really connected to your family.

Some people have altars dedicated to one of their most recently departed.

While there’s a lot of fuss made about including a lot of people on the altar, there is something special about using the holiday as a way to grieve. Everyone grieves in different ways and that means some people might use the holiday to come to terms with a recent loss.

Never forget the marigolds.

These flowers are crucial in leading your family to their altar. The flower is referred to as the “flower of the dead” and the scent is said to help spirits find their way to their altars.

Who are you honoring this year for Día de los Muertos?

Comment a photo below of your beautiful ofrendas.

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“Grey’s Anatomy” Celebrated Dia De Los Muertos And I Cried The Entire Time


“Grey’s Anatomy” Celebrated Dia De Los Muertos And I Cried The Entire Time

Grey's Anatomy / ABC

For the past 15 seasons, I’ve been watching “Grey’s Anatomy” religiously. The show’s dramatic life-or-death plots, not to mention their love stories, has drawn in me for years and I love it to pieces.

However, I was super heartbroken when actress Sara Ramirez, who played Callie Torres, left the show. She was the only featured Latina who brought some of my culture to this show.

It’s only been recently, in the last year or so that they’ve taken on some issues close to my heart. In one episode last season, they focused on a doctor that had DACA status. She, the only Latina on the show, had to unfortunately leave the country because she was undocumented.

Last night, “Grey’s Anatomy” focused their episode on my favorite holiday: Día de los Muertos.

CREDIT: Grey’s Anatomy / ABC

While the show always deals with patients suffering from all kinds of health issues, the doctors embraced Día de los Muertos thanks to a little girl that needed surgery.

The episode titled “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave” featured a little girl named Flor, who’s entire family stayed in her hospital room to give her support while she prepared for surgery.

The show typically makes me cry, but seeing this Latino family celebrate Día de los Muertos on prime-time TV was too much!

In the clip above, Flor’s family is playing music and singing the classic song “El ultimo trago” made famous by Chavela Vargas.

I took one look at Flor and her family, and it reminded me so much of the time I was little and was in the hospital for months after a car accident.

CREDIT: Grey’s Anatomy / ABC

My family was also by my bedside every single day. If they couldn’t be with me because of work, they would make sure someone would be there so I wouldn’t be alone.

Thankfully Flor’s surgery was minor because I truly thought to myself, if she dies I’m gonna lose it. I say that because I know very well people on this show die left and right. No one is safe.

It was really special to see the non-Latino doctors embrace Día de los Muertos. Each of them discussed someone special that had died.

The Latino family told the doctors that Día de los Muertos isn’t necessarily to mourn those that have died, but more to celebrate their life. However, I think because some of the doctors were new to this holiday, they couldn’t help but feel sadness when thinking of their loved ones.

It was especially cool to see Ellen Pompeo — aka — Dr. Meredith Grey wearing a marigold flower for most of the episode.

Meredith Grey has seen her fair share of death on the show. She’s probably experienced more death than anyone.

Here’s a list of everyone that has died — that has been close to Meredith — since the show began:

  • Her mother.
  • Her husband.
  • Her sister.
  • Her best friend.
  • And countless colleagues.

The Latina grandmother informed Meredith that our loved ones, even though they have passed, are always with us.

After that special moment between the two, those words must have really resonated with Meredith because after that something insane happened.

Meredith’s dead family and friends appeared on the show!!

CREDIT: Grey’s Anatomy / ABC

All of those people pictured, aside from Meredith, including the dog have died. Meaning those characters are no longer on the show, but they made a special appearance, which is huge because they were such beloved people.

People on social media could not contain their emotions.

We were truly blindsided.

The mere idea that so many people that were close to her all died is honestly too much.

And yet Meredith goes on like a champ.

Some of us are still not over the fact that these characters are no longer on the show.

The only time we get to see them again is in re-runs.

One of the most special moments was hearing an old “Grey’s Anatomy” classic song “Chasing Cars” in Spanish.

“We were trying to figure out what song would play over that sequence and Kiley suggested playing an iconic Grey’s song and having it be covered in Spanish,” showrunner Krista Vernoff told The Hollywood Reporter. “That was her idea. As soon as she said it, I said, ‘Oh my God it has to be ‘Chasing Cars!” I mean how many times has that song played? It’s always our go-to. It felt like the most beautiful way to pay tribute to the history of the show while keeping alive the culture that we were celebrating with this episode. We commissioned that song.”

Here’s the Spanish version of “Chasing Cars” by Moon and Sun featuring Israel De Corcho.” But first get some tissues.

Okay, I’ll leave you with that.

¡Feliz dia los Muertos!

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It’s 2018 And Día De Los Muertos Makeup And Costumes Are Stunning Across The World


It’s 2018 And Día De Los Muertos Makeup And Costumes Are Stunning Across The World

@Pro_Makeup101 / Twitter

Bueno, another year has passed, and maybe some of our loved ones have, too. Cada año, Día de los Muertos gives us the special opportunity to celebrate the deaths of those we love. Whether you’re throwing a party this year, or celebrating with your own private ofrenda at home, we have a bella inspo board to make this year’s Día de los Muertos the most memorable.

Bejeweled Calavera

CREDIT: @ladylunablue / Instagram

Last year, Lily Martinez stole the show with major jewels adorning her face, a corazón santo stitched into her blouse. The handmade enormous rose crown was a beautiful magnification of traditional accents.

This year, Lily Martinez dived into the structured halo trend.

CREDIT: @lilylove213 / Instagram

This year, Martinez elevated her look with precision. The metal adornments seem to be the trend of 2018, allowing for a crisp, clean structured look.

These hermanas lifted each other up this year:

CREDIT: @sincerelyjules / Instagram

Martinez also crafted costumes for her two hermanas. 🌺

Caption: “Happy to be celebrating our loved ones who have passed away by honoring them at the festival for #DayoftheDead. 🥀💀 Love my Mexican culture! • Special thank you to my sister @lilylove213 for this dope head to toe custom costume- you’re the bomb sis!”

 Lace + Pink is a whole new look.

CREDIT: @rubysophia / Instagram

For all you pastel goths out there, you can go light on the dark makeup and make your entire aesthetic a canvas for death by pink.

So is The Gargoyle Queen look.

CREDIT: @fazia.1 / Instagram
If you’re not a teenager in disguise and are not getting that “Riverdale” reference, let’s just mutually admire those gold bejeweled teeth. Bella.

We also spotted incredible headresses sin flores y fue bien.

CREDIT: @robertswappphoto / Instagram

Our point being that it doesn’t have to be a choice between flores or metal, colorful or not. It can be neither and be incredible.

It can also be both.

CREDIT: @007dante / Twitter

The exaggerated floral crown coupled with the metal halo and bright, iridescent makeup complement’s her novio’s own suit. If you’re dressing up with your loved one, these little accents can offer the wow factor you’re seeking.

Pero, go solo si quieres.

CREDIT: @CGTNOfficial / Twitter

Este hombre was spotted in Mexico City this weekend. Todo el país is gearing up for the upcoming celebrations.

 Another pair of sisters in México properly celebrating the beloved holiday.

CREDIT: @CGTNOfficial / Twitter

Tradition will never fail you. If you’re feeling paralyzed by the multitude of trends facing you, then come back home to how all our abuelas ever celebrated Día de los Muertos. This is all for them afterall.

For most, Día de los Muertos is a family celebration.

CREDIT: @theSARiverWalk / Twitter

When you’re with your familia, no le importa casi nada. It’s all about family, and this one came through. There’s just nothing better about spending time on special holidays with your loved ones.

But it’s also a celebration for body painters everywhere.

CREDIT: @TheZombiUnicorn / Twitter

There is nothing people don’t like more than being walking art. The only thing better is creating the art for others to enjoy.

Even the most “most” looks are spellbinding.

CREDIT: @californiaflowermall / Instagram

I would have to do some serious neck exercises to get my neck in shape just to carry that crown around. That being said, I would gladly do the exercises to look that stunning.

This look is brought to you by Kat Von D Beauty:

CREDIT: @Pro_Makeup101 / Twitter

Made by a Mexicana for Mexicanxs. Kat Von D’s Inkwell Liner is all you need for that smudge-free precision. Vamos a la ofrenda.

Many restaurants already have their public ofrendas out.

CREDIT: @laguelaguetza / Instagram

Caption: “To those we will never forget… ✨🌼💀🌼✨ Since opening our doors in 1994, we have shared this Dia de Los Muertos tradition at Guelaguetza. This year we expanded our altar to make room for your loved ones. Stop by and drop off your photos at any time, this space is for everyone.”

For your private ofrenda, showcase marigolds forever.

CREDIT: @100_layercake / Instagram

Whether you can afford to buy dozens of marigolds and string them together for your altar, or you’re employing your hijos to make a bunch of paper flores, los muertos will be drawn to you on this special day.

La huela es por los muertos.

CREDIT: @lidiaolidia / Instagram

Día de los Muertos is a sensory overload so much more than the visual. The story goes that you need to put extra cinnamon in las galletas, and burn extra palo santo because los espíritus can’t smell, see or taste as well as when they were alive.

Caption: “Dated back to the Aztecs , Day of the Dead honors our loved ones who have passed . It is believed that Marigolds guide the deceased to the altars that are made for them.”

Give la gente what they want: creepy bebidas.

CREDIT: “The Grave Digger.” Digital Image. TresAgaves. 29 October 2018.

If you’re throwing a party, you’ll want to invest in calavera ice cube trays to stay on theme. Spike those bebidas extra for the borrachos muertos.

Eso se llama el “Exorcist Sangrita.”

CREDIT: “Exorcist Sangrita.” Digital Image. TresAgaves. 29 October 2018.

Just blend a tomatillo, cucumber, celery stalk, cilantro, a few dashes of green tobasco, salt and pepper and serve in a shot glass. It’s a chaser.

Claro, what’s a fiesta without a sugar skull decorating table.

CREDIT: Untitled. Digital Image. Muy Bueno Cookbook. 29 October 2018.

We love that this mother pulled out Día de los Muertos themed vinyl tablecloth, and so we offer you the suggestion to stay on theme y limpia.

The party starts a la puerta.

CREDIT: Stef (Girl. Inspired.) / Pinterest

Make sure your Nana knows which door to cross (and that all your vecinos know you’re the most Mexicano on the block). It’s a win-win.

Feliz Día de los Muertos, mis Mexicanos queridos. 🥀💀🥀

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