No Matter How Old You Are, These Things Will Never Fly With Latino Parents

As you get older, move out and get married, you would think getting in trouble by your parents would come to an end.

But think again…

One thing that always remains the same no matter how old you get, is your mom’s power to instill fear in you.

Its the same feeling you got when you were 15… 15 years later.

You could be 45 years old and you’ll still be afraid of your mom every time you hear her raise her voice.


The only thing you can do is remain silent and not do anything to trigger her.

But when it comes to your dad, the thought alone about talking to him about a significant other gets your heart racing.

And not in a good way.

Even if you’re married, any bit of PDA you show with your S/O at your parents’ house freaks them out.


But when it’s your brother who’s holding hands with a girl at your house, they don’t say anything.

Sex in general will always be awkward no matter how old you are.

Superrrr awkward.

One thing your parents will never get tired of doing, is giving you regañadas.

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Thought you wouldn’t be getting in trouble by your parents at 47 years old? HA, yeah right. 

They even scold you when you’re driving them around doing them a favor!


Even 10 mph below the limit, you’re still a reckless driver.

And if they’re not nagging about your driving, they always have something to say about the desmadre you have at home.


Any little mess your mom sees, she will point out.

Usually mom takes it upon herself to show you how a chore gets done, but she does it while looking at you dead in the face like this:


These looks kill.

But you will always be your parents’ baby, no matter how old you get. 😇


And that’s both a good and bad thing.

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All Latinos With Big Families Will Understand The Emotional Rollercoaster That Is Hosting Thanksgiving


All Latinos With Big Families Will Understand The Emotional Rollercoaster That Is Hosting Thanksgiving

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Before anyone even shows up there will be air mattresses everywhere.

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Your mom probably went to Target and bought every last one. It’s fine except you can’t get anywhere in the house without tripping over them.

Everyone manages to arrive at the same time and you spend hours greeting everyone.

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You might ask yourself: “When did my family get so big?” The answer is that you family gets bigger every week and it just doesn’t make sense anymore. PS — you might also ask yourself: “Who are all these people?”

You realize that it’ll be a fight to keep your room.

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Mainly because you know that your tíos with the new baby get dibs on all fully furnished rooms.

Let’s not even talk about the chaos that is going to the bathroom.

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Everyone always has to pee at the same time and it is just one big mess. If Gloria spends another 30 minutes in there, you’re going to lose it and then you’re the one in trouble.

Inside you are feeling a little like this:

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Nothing gets your blood boiling like when your cousin starts using your shoes without asking and for no reason.

But outwardly you know it’s in your best interest to be like this:

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Calm. Poised. Collected. Not at all planning to sabotage the whole stay.

But, suddenly, things take a turn and you start to really enjoy everyone around you.

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Maybe it is the holiday spirit. Maybe it is the food. All you know is that you are finally enjoying yourself and that’s great.

Seriously. The party is lit AF and you are here for it.

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You: “No. I don’t mind listening to ‘Suavemente’ again for the fourth time!” And you actually mean that.

It isn’t long until some one busts out a guitar and then it is family karaoke time.

CREDIT: @DiegoHerrG / Twitter

You rarely know the words but you sway along anyway.

By the end of the family trip you are so in love with your family that you can’t stand to see them leave.

CREDIT: mitú

And they will be back for Christmas and this cycle will repeat itself.

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