Make-A-Wish Granted The Wish Of This 11-Year-Old Cancer Patient And His 92-Year-Old Great-Grandfather

This is the first time Make-A-Wish has sent someone to Cuba since the travel ban has been lifted.

Make-A-Wish has been granting terminally ill children their wish of a lifetime since 1980. One of the most recent wishes the organization granted was for 11-year-old Tyler Machado, who wanted one thing while battling his stage 2 non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: to visit his family in Cuba. This is the fist time the non-profit has facilitated a trip to Cuba since President Obama has lifted the travel ban to the Caribbean island, according to Local 10 ABC. The trip included a very emotional reunion of Machado with his great-grandparents who he had never met.

“The biggest thanks and a wish of happiness to whomever made this happen,” Machado’s great-grandfather told Local 10 ABC. “There is no way to pay them back in these final days.”

Machado’s great-grandfather told the news crew that he never thought he would be able to meet his great-grandson, let alone hug him. Machado’s mother, Genesis Ramos, said she was not surprised that he asked Make-A-Wish to send him and his family to Cuba. It was something that, according to Ramos, Machado always wanted.

(VIA: Local 10 ABC)

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