Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Mom On Being Good To Yourself While Managing Kids And A Career

Luz Towns-Miranda raised one hell of a son. In fact, she’s raised two incredibly successful people and built her own prosperous career as a psychologist. In an interview with PEOPLE, Luz gives incredible insight on how she flourished in her career while raising Lin-Manuel and her daughter Luz — and she answers the age-old question “how does she do it all.”

Here are some highlights from that interview.

She always knew that Lin-Manuel is an empathetic helper and Hurricane Maria brought it out in him.

Luz has always had a close relationship with her son. Luz said that from the day he was born, she built a strong bond with him by always communicating with him and asking about his days at school.

Luz recalls how her son suffered with anxiety and worried about people that were less fortunate.

“I think he feels he has a responsibility to do good, to do right,” Luz told PEOPLE. “Especially with Puerto Rico. He’s been working nonstop since the hurricane hit. That’s been his job. He’s always been about the right thing. When he was a very little boy, we’d go by homeless people and his heart would break. And he’d say ‘mommy is there anything we can do to help?'”

“He’s moved by peoples distress,” she added.

She opened up about prioritizing her kids ahead of her career.

“I started graduate school already a mom, and midway through my doctorate I got pregnant with Lin,” Luz told PEOPLE. “I deliberately delayed starting my internship for two years because I know how important those first few years are. I could have had the baby and gone back to work right away…but I would have never done that because I know how precious and important those early months are.”

How being a psychologist is a gift to herself.

“One of the good things about the profession that I am in [is],” Luz told PEOPLE “in order to be a really wonderful clinician is that you have to get into your own therapy, which is a gift you give yourself.”

She added that at one point in her life, when her daughter had gone off to college, she extended her studies in psychology. That meant that she was in therapy three times a week for several years, and she loved it.

“With therapy, you’re allowed time to reflect, disclose, and process so much of what’s going on a regular bases. It allows you to be aware of patterns that might not be healthy.”

She added that mindfulness contributes to much healthier person overall.

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