These Cheesy Nicknames Are Not So Romantic Once You Translate Them To English

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If your parents or abuelos are extra romantic, then chances are you’ve heard them call each other by these corny Spanish nicknames. But once you type these nicknames onto Google Translate… well, they’re not so romantic anymore.

Check out the random, hilarious translations Google gave us for these nicknames:

Latinos use “vieja” as a sweet nickname for a long-term partner. ?????

Love her to death!! ?#mivieja

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The nicknames “vieja” and “viejo” represent the idea that you two are going to grow old together.?

But once you look it up on Google translate…

vieja 01

Well…just doesn’t sound so sweet anymore. LOL

Some couples also like to call each other “gordo” or “gorda.” ?

Con mi guaton #amordelbueno #migordo #iloveyou

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It just doesn’t get more affectionate than “mi gordo”.

Even though “gordo” is a cute nickname in Spanish, it doesn’t sound so cute in English:

gordo 01

Let’s see how your boyfriend or girlfriend reacts when you call them fat. “Hey fat, can you come over here a second?”

Some guys like to call their girlfriends “güera”.

"Ivan borra la foto salgo bien fea.." *comienzan los golopes* #TeAmo #MiGüera #TeAdoro

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It’s one of the most common nicknames.

But Google translate gives you the name of a city in Germany. ?

güera 01

This entiiiiire time guys have been calling their girls the name of a city in Germany. So romantic.

For the fellas that have short girlfriends or wives, there’s the nickname: “chaparra.” ❤️

#bae #goals #girlfriend #loveu #michaparra ????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Basically, if you’re shorter than 5’5″, then you qualify as a “chaparra.” And the same goes for guys.

But Google translate couldn’t even find a translation for this word.

chaparra 01

An accurate translation would be “shawty” or “lil mama”.

Alternatives for petite significant others are “chiquitita” or “chiquitito.”

Similar to the nickname “baby girrrrl”- “chiquitita” is the perfect nickname to use when your significant other is looking mighty fine.

But the Google translation is a bit of a turn-off.

chiquitita 01


Some couples use the nickname “loquito mío” when they’re joking around, being careless and silly.

? #fili #loquitomio ?

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So when your significant other says something wild and silly, you can use the nickname “loquito mío”- similar to “my crazy/silly baby”.

But Google translate didn’t quite get that…

loquito mío 01

“My little thing”???

When someone wants to show off their sexy boyfriend or husband, they use the nickname “papi lindo.” ?

Because #mcm is too basic.

And Google translate wasn’t too far off with this one. ?

papi lindo 01

Yup, “daddy” is a common bf/husband nickname.

Couples that are extra cheesy enjoy using nicknames like “bon bon.” ?

my sweetie pie, my other half! i love you to the moon and back, babe!!! ??? #mypuzzlepiece #mibonbon

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Pitbull actually has a song called “bon bon”… but he doesn’t use the nickname in a cheesy way. ?

This time Google translate changed the language from Spanish to Arabic… but still didn’t have a translation.

bon bon 01

Google translate really is entertaining…

Another cheesy nickname to add to the list is: “mis ojitos.”

#cachetes #ojitos #adidas ?

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If you’ve seen the movie “Monsters Inc.” the nickname “googly eyes” is just like the nickname “mis ojitos.”

If only Google translate had given us the translation “googly eyes.”

ojitos 01


When couples are feeling extra romantic, they call each other nicknames like “mi cosita.”

Sorpresa de aniversario ??#aniversario#3#micosita gracias por la sorpresa, detalles que enamoran…

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But if you’re not a cheesy person, then you might not feel so comfortable with the nickname “mi cosita”… like this guy above.?

But it seems like Google translate really loves the word “little.”

mi cosita 01

Someone please tell Google that “little thannnng” would sound better as a couple’s nickname.

Can’t forget about the couples that are sooo deeply in love. They probably have a thousand nicknames for each other, one of them being “corazón de melón.”

#10años and counting ? love you ? #corazondemelon

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This couple is what you would call: “los enamorados”.

But it doesn’t sound so romantic in English. ?

corazón de melón 01


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