This Mom Asked Her Trans Son About His Fears Of Growing Up Trans And His Question Is Heartbreaking

Credit: StoryCorps / Chris López and Gabe López

Meet Chris and Gabe López. This mother and son shared their story with StoryCorps. Gabe, who is transgender, was initially hesitant to tell his mom because he was, in his words, “worried that you liked me as a girl.”

He also describes how he met some “bros” at camp who taught him an extremely valuable life lesson lots of young boys take for granted.

But the most eye opening moment in the conversation between mother and son is when Chris asks Gabe about his future dreams and fears.

Chris: Do you ever get scared about what it’s going to be like to grow up transgender?

Gabe: I’ve been wondering if, when I’m older, a lot of people will to try to hurt me or something.

Chris: Like, if they find out that you were born a girl and they have a problem with it?

Gabe: Mmhmm.

Chris: You think that they might try to hurt you in some way?

Gabe: Yeah.

Give it a listen. Chris exemplifies the meaning of unconditional love for your child.

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Were you ever scared to have a tough conversation with your parents? Did it turn out how you expected?

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