Gloria Estefan’s Mother, A.K.A. Rapuela, Has Died At 88

Gloria Estefan’s mother, Gloria Fajardo, died on this past Tuesday, June 13, 2017. She was 88. The Estefan family shared the news on social media, saying that the former singer and mother to one of the most recognizable Latino music stars died peacefully surrounded by those closest to her. Fajardo reached some pretty notable social media fame as #Rapuela, the loving nickname she earned from friends and family due to her fun, witty, and super abuelita rapping game. Here’s how Fajardo is being remembered by those closest to her.

Gloria Estefan shared the news of her mother’s death the same night she died.

“I know she chose the very moment, 8:19, because her beloved mother had died on 8/19 thirty-two years ago and she wanted to make sure that we got the message that she was with our beloved grandmother, Abuela Consuelo and my loving father, Jose Manuel,” Gloria wrote on Instagram about her mother’s death. “I will miss her every moment of every day and I thank her for being the incredible mother, woman and role model that she was to so many people. Thank you for your prayers and messages, and the love and concern that filled our hearts and accompanied us throughout this most difficult time.”

Emily, Fajardo’s granddaughter and trusted rap buddy, also wrote about her loss.

“Abuelita mía, Please hold up our hearts from heaven. And in that process, May the million strings of light that connect us be eternal, and fruitful: as you were and shall be,” Emily wrote on Instagram. “I will write about you until my hands cramp, wrinkle, and resemble yours. I will talk about you until my mouth dries and ages and people start to call ME Abuela. I will laugh and cry enough for millions of lifetimes, because ten minutes with you can supply one with enough love and wisdom for that. I miss you. Beyond words.”

“She was an incomparable woman and friend,” wrote Emilio Estefan.

“Together we are dealing with the passing of Gloria Fajardo, our beloved Rapuela, my mother-in-law, my second mother, the grandmother to my children,” Emilio wrote on Instagram. “She was an incomparable woman and friend. We remember her every day, we will miss her always.”

You might remember Fajardo as the notorious “Rapuela” that was slaying all over social media.


And she was keeping her rap game strong up until last month.

It’s clear from the video that the Estefan family loved when Fajardo spit a few rhymes.

Descansa en paz, Gloria Fajardo.

We send our thoughts, prayers, best wishes, and love to the Estefan family as they deal with this difficult time. Besos. ?

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