Let’s Talk About Dating Apps And Whether Or Not They’re Impacting Monogamous Dating

If you ask your friends how they met their boyfriend or girlfriend, chances are at least one person in your group is going to say they swiped their way to a relationship. Some people have been lucky in finding their true match on apps like Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Grindr and the other hundreds of dating apps out there. They literally found love while waiting for their latest coffee orders. Meanwhile, others are finding frustration in the seemingly endless options of personality profiles and people that are staring back at you on your phone. But, what effect are dating apps having on our dating patterns?

Miami-based matchmaker Claudia Duran told Business Insider the instantaneous matches create an ego boost that overshadows the quest for love.

“It really becomes an ego-feeding thing, rather than going out there, sitting with someone, and really just starting to get honest and vulnerable,” Duran told Business Insider.

People on dating apps are aware that their date might be talking and swiping on other options as well, making it a labyrinth of potential ‘competition’ and time until the potential exclusive talk is had.

While dating apps might be making it harder to find another person who is willing to get into a long-term, committed relationship, the apps are allowing Latinos to become more confident in their dating lives.

Chris, 29, says dating apps allow him to meet guys who wouldn’t otherwise have time to meet in his everyday life.

“I use [dating apps]. I use them to meet guys in hopes it leads to dates since I don’t make time to be social,” Chris said. “[I’d] rather stay in after a long, hard week. Of course, I also use them when I have the urge and need to get it on.”

Some Latinas feel dating apps are giving them an extra confidence boost to be their most authentic self during a conversation and eventual dates.

Byanca, 29, says the apps help her make connections in a confident way.

“For me I use dating apps as an easier way to connect,” Byanca explains. “I’m not really meeting guys in person because we all know I can be shy and have a resting b*tch face. Using the app kind of makes me a little more brave.”

Dating apps might make it harder to find a serious relationship in just a few swipes, but at least they can make you a more social and confident dater as you chat, wine and dine on your way to find ‘the one.’

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