These Abuela Moments From ‘Jane The Virgin’ Are Hitting Home For Many People

American sitcom telenovela Jane The Virgin” is back, with the fourth season of the show premiering tonight on the CW. As the character development strengthens from season to season, more fans are finding themselves getting personally attached to certain people. One person who has definitely had a major impact among viewers is abuela, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Alba Villanueva, most commonly known as Jane’s “Abuela,” is a character who hits home for many viewers.

She gives many of us some serious abuela FOMO.

There’s one quality about her in particular that reminds people of their own grandmothers: her wisdom.

There’s nothing better than your abuela’s advice *in Spanish.*

Whether it’s advice on love…

…or small words of encouragement, Abuela always helps Jane get through some of the most difficult situations.

I need to add this quote to my inspiration board.

Drawing from her own experience, Abuela gives Jane the raw and honest truth about everything, even if it hurts.

How does she find the words?! ?

Most importantly, she helps Jane battle through those painful moments.

Seriously, how is she so strong?

But Abuela’s words aren’t only helping Jane, they’re helping viewers.

Love this. ❤️

Although Abuela is strong most of the time, she also has her own moments of weakness and many of us can relate. 


Ugh this breaks my heart.

And it’s moments like these that viewers see abuela as more than just someone they see on TV. She’s family. 


YES. So relatable.

What do you love about Abuela? Is it her words of wisdom…

…or the serene tone of her voice when she says things?

Let us know in the comments below. And don’t miss the season premiere tonight on the CW.

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