7 Things About My Mom I Always Took For Granted

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I never really appreciated my mom until I got older and these were the things I always took for granted… Until now.

1. No one cooks more bomb food than my mom.

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For Latinos, cooking is an art and my mom is the Michelangelo. She learned everything she knows from her mother and grandmother and everyone who came before her. The food is always on point and that’s the one thing that always brings my family together.

2. She’s not a party planner, but her parties always go until the next morning.

My mom knows how to throw a party.These parties last all night and go through the next morning. She and her squad know how to turn up.

3. She was rocking the RBF before the RBF was a thing.

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Moms always know how to communicate without saying a word. Their expressions say so much with just a glance. And when my mom is mad, the whole world knows just by the way she blinks.

4. She has a way with words.

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She has brought me to my senses numerous times with her classic “no seas mensa.” It’s probably not the sweetest phrase, but it always puts me back on track.

5. She’s super supportive without even trying.

No matter how crazy our ambitions are, my mom always pushes me and my siblings to push our limits. She is the reason why we succeed in everything. Even when she’s not verbally telling us to try harder, we do anyway because her struggles have become our biggest motivations.

6. She’s always confident.

She doesn’t care what people think of her or what she looks like. She always holds her head high and steps out fearlessly.

7. Her strength is not something you can build in the gym.

She carries our family on her shoulders. Even when she’s exhausted from a long day at work she finds the energy to carry more weight at home – something no pre-workout or energy drink can give you. How she finds the strength to keep going is a mystery.

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If You Tell Your Mom You Want To Move Out, She'll Laugh And Tell You These 9 Things


If You Tell Your Mom You Want To Move Out, She’ll Laugh And Tell You These 9 Things

The more you mention the idea of wanting to move out, the more your parents will try to convince you that you shouldn’t… especially your mom. And this is how she goes about trying to convince you that moving out is the worst idea ever:

Your mom’s strategy begins with the mention of her delicious home cooked meals, which you will miss out on if you move out.


Unless you’ve mastered your mom’s cooking skills, the only type of sopa you’ll be having when you move out is Cup-O-Noodles. #ByePozole

There’s also a *not so subtle* mention about how she’s always taking care of you when you’re sick.


Who will take care of you when you’re living by yourself, lying in bed sick with a cold?

If it’s not about how she takes care of you when you’re sick, then it’s about all of the other things she does for you on a daily basis, such as laundry.


Be prepared for piles and more piles of dirty clothes to appear. 

Next is your mom’s scare tactic: she starts doing the math on how much money you would be spending on rent, utilities, and personal necessities if you were to move out.


Well, there goes all of your money to travel the world.

You can expect to hear something like, “Instead of moving out and renting an apartment, you can stay here and save your money to buy a house!”


And chances are, your mom also won’t want you moving in with your significant other until you two are married.

And since you wouldn’t be spending any money on rent, your mom reminds you of all of the other things you will be able to use that money for.


This is where you start to second guess the idea of moving out.

As part of her “sweet and caring” strategy, your mom reminds you that this is your home and that just because you’re older than 18, it doesn’t mean you’re obligated to move out.


You will always be her baby no matter how old you get.

To make her argument even stronger, your mom then guilt trips you by saying:


This is where you start to feel bad for even thinking about moving out. 

Even though all of this could get a bit annoying after a while, your mom only says these things because she wants what’s best for you.


She’s just preparing you for the real world.

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What does your mom say to you to try to convince you to not move out? Tell us in the comments and hit the share button below! 

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