20 Candy Hearts That Are Perfect For Any Occasion

Candy hearts are a cute way to send flirtatious messages. But if we had it our way, this is what you’d find in our candy heart box…

Legit, this one would make any dama’s heart just melt.

Christina Henderson / mitú

?? ?

And any man would be lucky to get this sweet message.

Christina Henderson / mitú

What guy doesn’t want to be called your valiente?

Most times, all you need is one special word to let them know you really care.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Dale can mean so many things ?.

You can even channel Celia Cruz to let them know you think they are sweet.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Admit it. You totally said “¡Azucar!” with generous R’s just like the Cuban singer.

Are words too much? Here’s a hip abbreviation.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Because TQM is way more intriguing than ILY.

Especially if you don’t want to be too hurtful with a rejection.

Christina Henderson / mitú

No pos wow for those who don’t know.

Of course, pet names are super relevant on these Valentine’s Day classics.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Share this image if you just can’t get enough of you osito. ?

Even if it is just for your pup.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Warning: don’t let him eat it.

You might expect to get one like this from your abuelita.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Or mom. Either way, it’ll probably provoke an eye-roll.

This one is perfect for your everything.

Christina Henderson / mitú

? ? ?

These hearts can also double as direct requests.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Requests or demands.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Boys, I hope you’re paying attention to this.

Unfortunately, your tía will probably send you this.

Christina Henderson / mitú

But, like, maybe I’m not the only one that should be on a diet, just saying.

And tía will likely ask you this dreaded question.

Christina Henderson / mitú

I probably wouldn’t want to be the one receiving this candy, but it’s fun anyway.

Even Andrea Bocelli is a great source of inspiration.

Christina Henderson / mitú

? Besame/Besame mucho/Como si fuera ésta noche/La última vez ?

There’s something you and your bestie can give each other.

Christina Henderson / mitú


Because texting is sooo 2007.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Now you can take your love international without breaking the bank. #LoveHack

One well-placed song lyric can go a long way.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Fact: Latino hearts make the sound “bidi bidi bom bom.”

And a good pun means a lot.

Christina Henderson / mitú

Puns sound so much cuter in Spanish.

This would let him know just how special he is to you.

Christina Henderson / mitú

True love can only be measured by Chris and Selena. Everyone knows that.

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A California Couple Who Met In Middle School Died Hours Apart From Eachother At Age 67 From COVID-19

Things That Matter

A California Couple Who Met In Middle School Died Hours Apart From Eachother At Age 67 From COVID-19

As the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic continues to surge, families and friends continue to live divided lives. Hope has come in the form of new vaccines and their distribution across the globe, however, the tragedies continue.

Now, a San Diego family, whose patriarchs weren’t able to receive vaccines, is suffering deeply.

Juan and Blanca Rodriguez passed away from COVID this past week within hours of saying their last goodbyes on Zoom.

The middle school sweethearts met in the seventh grade spent decades together as a married couple until passing away at the age of sixty-seven. Juan and Blanca met in the seventh grade, were married five years later, and went onto have four children and six grandchildren.

“He saw my mom in homeroom in seventh grade, and he said from the moment he saw her, he knew he was going to marry her,” the couple’s daughter Cynthia Rodriguez explained in an interview to NBC12

This past January, Juan and Blanca were retired and living with one of their children when everyone in the family contracted COVID-19.

Their illnesses came as a surprise to the family particularly because they had been extremely cautious.

“We quarantined. We didn’t go out. We didn’t even go to stores. We would order food delivery,” the couple’s other daughter Blanca Velazquez explained.

While the family eventually recovered, on Feb. 1 Juan and Blanca were rushed to the hospital. The couple was sent to two separate facilities and communicated with their family through Zoom.

Over the weekend, after Juan’s condition continued to worsen his family said virtual goodbyes.

“My mom was on the Zoom call, and she told my dad that she was happy that she was able to share her life with him, and she thanked him for being the love of her life,” explained Velazquez.

Juana and Blanca’s son Juan Rodriguez Jr. revealed on a GoFundMe page set up to help with funeral expenses that not long after Blanca’s call with Juan, the family received a call from Blanca “saying she was not doing well and they had to put her on a ventilator as well. The Dr. called a few hours later and said she didn’t respond to the ventilator and there was nothing else they could do for her.”

Blanca passed away three hours after her call with her family on Feb. 8 at 12:30 a.m. Later, Juan died at 4:18 a.m.

“Losing one parent is bad enough, but losing them both on the same day has been both devastating and heartbreaking. We have peace in knowing that since they were always together in life, they could not be apart in death as well,” Juan Jr. wrote. “He couldn’t live without her, so, he just let go. It’s like an epic love story, that they went together in the same day. They were the best parents,” Velazquez told NBC12.

As of Thursday afternoon, the family’s GoFundMe raised $16,897 toward its $25,000 goal.

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Here are Some Fun and Creative Date Ideas for a Quarantine Valentine’s Day At-Home


Here are Some Fun and Creative Date Ideas for a Quarantine Valentine’s Day At-Home

Photo via Getty Images

To say 2021 won’t be your typical Valentine’s Day would be an understatement. Almost a year after COVID-19 shutdown pretty much every romantic destination outside of the house, couples everywhere are now being forced to come up with creative ideas to celebrate their love for one another at home.

But just because we’re stuck inside, doesn’t mean this year’s V-Day won’t be special. Sure, the old Netflix-and-chill recipe might be a little tired at this point of quarantine (nine months and counting…), but there are a million other fun dates to take part in at home. Take a peak below at our list of fun and creative at-home date ideas for Quaran-tine’s Day (see what we did there?)

1. Game Night

Game Night Valentine's Day
Credit: jon_premosch_photo/Instagram

Make Valentine’s Day an opportunity to bring out you and your partner’s fun side. Break out some tried-and-true games that work for two people like Twister, Jenga, Code Names or Guess Who. But if you want to keep the good vibes going, avoid ultra-competitive games like Risk or–god forbid–Monopoly

2. Wine & Paint Date

Wine & Paint Valentine
Credit: xojessica_renee/Instagram

Going to your city’s local Paint & Sip studio might not be an option this year, but you can always bring the studio into your own home. Prepare for your at-home wine and paint night by heading to a nearby craft’s store to stock up on canvas, paint, and paint brushes. Then, hit up a wine & spirits shop to pick out a few high-quality vintages for you and your Valentine.

3. At-Home Spa Night

Spa Date Valentines Day
Credit: ourdailylivesg/Instagram

If the COVID life is stressing you out, think about unwinding with your amor with a spa night. Prepare a night of candles, mud masks, bubble baths, and of course, massages for you two to enjoy together. Relaxing never felt so sexy.

4. Rom-Com Movie Marathon

Rom Com Marathon Valentines Day
Credit: hollywood_at_home_/Instagram

Sure, not everyone is into rom-coms (apparently some people think they’re cheesy?), but if you and your lover are both fans of the feel-good genre, create a list of your favorite movies to watch together. Don’t forget the popcorn and the milk duds.

5. Bake-at-home Date

Bake at home date Valentine
Photo via Getty Images

What’s sweeter than sugar? Literally nothing. Bond with your novio/a by making a delicious creation together. If you two are both novice pastry chefs, try out some simple cookie or cupcake recipes. If you both are up for a challenge, think about making traditional Latin pasteles like alfajores, milhojas, or pastafrola.

6. Fondue Fun

Fondue Valentine
Credit: maisincasa/Instagram

If you and your amor are both the type of people who like their dates to revolve around food (and look, we can relate), consider having a fondue night. With fondue, the possibilities are endless. You can go the savory route, dipping veggies, meats, and bread in queso or hot oil. You can also end your meal with a dessert fondue of chocolate y fruta.

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