19 Things You Love And Hate About Being In A Long Distance Relationship

Making a long-distance relationship last isn’t a piece of cake. In some cases, things get too difficult and complicated which causes the relationship to fall apart. However, some couples are able to make it work. These are a few of the ups and downs you can expect to encounter if you decide to give long distance love a shot.

The hardest part is the distance.


Being apart from the person you love and care about definitely puts a strain on your relationship. You might have the technology to communicate, but not being able to get a hug from that person after a long day is one of the things that suck.

Even though you have the option to visit each other, traveling can get super expensive.


Holiday vacations are great to have if you’re trying to make the time to visit each other, however, plane tickets, train tickets, and gas are not cheap. So no matter how badly you want to see each other, sometimes money gets in the way of that.

But if it’s not money that gets in the way, it’s your busy schedules.

You and your partner have to make sure that your schedules align. If they don’t, then trying to plan a date to visit each other is almost impossible.

And that time really adds up and before you know it, you are mising them more than ever.

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Time has a way of flying by and adding up so quickly you forget just how long you have been waiting. It always catches you by surprise and yu always promise to to better but things get challenging and life happens. Don’t beat yourself up. True love endures everything.

After so much time apart, tension and insecurities start to build up.

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Lets be real: it’s tough to feel completely secure when you don’t see each other every single day. Simple text reminders like ‘Hey I love you,’ ‘Hey I want you,’ and ‘Hey you’re my everything’ can make a huge difference.

One of these insecurities includes a lack of trust.

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If there’s no trust, you start to wonder if your significant other is starting to build a romantic relationship with someone else since you’re not there with them.

And there’s also the fear of missing out.


Being apart can cause FOMO (fear of missing out). There will be some experiences that you won’t be able to share with the person that you love and that steals away a little bit of joy from the moment.

Missing out in each other’s lives then leads to the fear of possibly growing apart.

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This is exactly why being in a long distance relationship takes so much work and effort.

But no matter how hard it gets, there’s another side to it that you learn to love and this is what makes it all worth it.

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With so much time apart, you start to love and appreciate each other so much more.

While being apart is tough, it allows you to pursue your dreams unencumbered.

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Of course, you boo is going to support you no matter what. However, taking long nights at the office or joining after-work events is easier knowing the love of your life isn’t waiting for you at home.

It also gives you a chance to build strong friendships with people to see every day.

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It is healthy for two people in a relationship to make friends and have lives outside of their relationship. This is something that is just easier to do when you and your boyfriend/girlfriend live apart but have a strong foundation of trust.

And those same friends will be there to hold you up when you start feeling insecure about the distance from your amor.

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The power of friendship is one of the best feelings in the world. They keep you in check when you get too wild and will always hold you up when you start to feel low.

One of the best parts about it, is the excitement and adrenaline you feel every time you’re going to see each other again.


The weeks, days, hours and minutes leading up to the day that you two get to see each other and reconnect are filled with so much joy and excitement.

Like, really. The excitement of reconnecting is almost too much to handle.

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Sometimes you might be a little too much but that’s what this is all about. There is just so much excitement about finally seeing your boo thing that you just can’t help it. Like, sorry, not sorry.

Another plus side to being apart for so long is that you always have stories chisme to tell.


There is no such thing as a dull moment between the two of you because there is always a constant conversation.

You also have the perk of having a second home away from home.

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This means you have double the cities to explore, double the restaurants to eat at and double the attractions to explore together.

But most importantly, being apart from each other makes you appreciate the little things.


There are things you start to notice about each other that other couples might take for granted. And once you start to notice and appreciate these small personality traits about each other, it makes you value that person for who they are so much more.

A long distance relationship teaches you to never take anything for granted.

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It’s all about embracing and appreciating every moment you have together, especially since you hardly get to spend time together.

Even though it’s not easy, distance is what really puts your love to test.

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And at the end of the day, if your relationship doesn’t work out, then maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

For more on long distance ups and downs, check out the rom-com, “Long Distance.”

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