Anyone Super Close To Their Mom Will Relate To These Advantages

It’s cool to have ~normal~ best friends and all, but when you’re from a tight-knit Latinx family, the lines between friend and family get blurred a lot. While many of us have grown up with our primos as our besties, there are special things that happen when your mami is not your mom, but also your BFF.

She is never be upset when you call…

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…In fact, she’s trilled which is a little odd considering most of your friends don’t answer right away. She’s probably the only friend you can call without getting an eyeroll when they see your number pop up on caller ID.

Her honesty is sometimes a little too harsh.

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While your friends might always try to make you feel extra cute, mami will not hold back if she thinks you ate too many plates of food or your new haircut looks ridiculous.

But the advice she gives is ?.

Makes sense though. We’re talking years of experience here and she’s usually right about eeeeeverything.

She gives you more engagement on your social media posts than your pretentious bestie ever would.

While your other BFFs might keep it chill and not post those unflattering photos, mami will be all up on social media telling everyone how beautiful her niña/o is – even on those unflattering photos.

You have your own personal fortune teller.

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Her visions and ideas about what will happen are usually really scary and terrifyingly on point.

The best life hacks you learn from her.

I mean, you’re learning from the expert here.

She never fails to send you some very elaborate emoji text stories.

lol #momtext

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What is it about parents when they first discover emojis?!?

When you need gaudy jewelry for your girls night out, you know where to turn.

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Mami doesn’t mess with H&M. This oro is the real deal and doesn’t stain your neck or your clothes.

You learn supreme chisme skills from the GOAT.

Better than any detective, she picks up on clues, pieces the story together and tells it faster than any auctioneer.

And when you go on a mommy-and-me date, chances are you won’t have to pull out your card.

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Mamis love to treat their babies, but if you do owe her, she will never let you forget that you owe your life to her.

When you’re not feeling your best, there isn’t a single thing she can’t find a cure to.

While your non-mom BFF might bring you over some TheraFlu, momma has got la sopita and herbs ready.

And face it, you will probably grow up to be just like her.

…so it’s kinda cool you get a glimpse into your future. It’s going to happen eventually.

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Is your mami your best friend? What are some of your favorite things about your relationship? Let us know!

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