These Are The Nicknames Your Mom Adored, But Seriously Embarrassed You Growing Up

Mom always finds a reason or excuse to give you a new nickname. While some of these are super embarrassing, especially as you start to get older, some of them actually make you feel pretty darn special.

Check out these super cheesy nicknames and see how many of these you’ve heard before…

1. Chula / Chulo


This nickname is more common whenever you’re wearing a cute outfit and your mom thinks you look absolutely adorable.

2. Mi Bebé


Even if you’re 30 years old, your mom will still call you her baby.

3. Mi Cielo

This is where it starts to get extra cheesy.

4. Mi Rey

This was your reaction when she’d call you this in front of your friends.

5. Mi Cosita

My thing? Like what are you saying? And the more you tell your mom not to call you this, the more does it.

6.Nena / Nene


After a while, it starts to get a bit annoying – but your mom doesn’t care. 🙂



No matter how many times you shake your head and give her this disapproving look, your mom will still insist on calling you her little cub.

8. Pollito


The worst part is when she calls you by this nickname in front of all of your friends.

9. Chaparrita / Chaparrito


In case you didn’t already know that you’re short, your mom will make sure to remind you every day with this nickname.

10. Gordita / Gordito


And she will also remind you of your chubbiness.

11. Pretty much anything with -ita or -ito added to the end.


And it’s always just as embarrassing.

But no matter how embarrassing you claim these nicknames to be…


And no matter how many times you give her this look in dissatisfaction.

…you secretly LOVE them.


Admit it, these nicknames low-key made you feel super special. ?

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What kind of nicknames has your family given you? Comment and hit the share button below!

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She Acts, Does Muay Thai, And Travels The World With Him, But Gina Rodriguez Can't Get Enough Of Her 'Bubba'


She Acts, Does Muay Thai, And Travels The World With Him, But Gina Rodriguez Can’t Get Enough Of Her ‘Bubba’

Gina Rodriguez recently posted a video where she says some really sweet things about her boyfriend, Joe LoCicero, who she met while on set. LoCicero, is a Long Island, N.Y.-raised actor, improv comic, muay-thai fighter and model. The 30-year-old appeared on Rodriguez’s show, “Jane The Virgin” on the CW. Since then, the two have gotten very close and have even made it social media official, sharing their travels and experiences together on the ‘gram.

Very recently, though, Rodriguez shared a video showing that the two are pretty serious, even crediting the multi-hyphenate LoCicero with helping her through the toughest times, saying, “The stress isn’t as hard, the fear isn’t as great and I know I can take it all on with you lifting me up.”

Gina Rodriguez and boyfriend Joe LoCicero met when he was cast as a stripper on “Jane The Virgin.” So, from the beginning they’ve been up close and personal…

Real up close and personal.

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Enjoy my buttcheeks America

A post shared by Joe LoCicero (@joe_locicero) on

This past weekend, Rodriguez posted a beautiful video tribute to their love.

The video is set to George Ezra’s “Budapest,” a song that features the lyrics “It may be hard for you to / Stop and believe / But for you / You / I’d Leave it all.” The song really seems to capture the essence of her caption, “Human connection is more important than money, power or fame.”

It might be a tiny bit easier to say that human connection is more important when your money, power and fame are pretty solidified — nonetheless it is a beautiful sentiment and they do seem to share a lot.

The couple seems pretty serious and have shared lots of their experiences with fans as of late .

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Us 📸 by @pamelalittky

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She’s been boxing since she was three, and now gets to share that with LoCicero who is also a fighter.

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The couple that kicks ass together… stays together?

They both shared photos of their trip to Thailand where they hung out with elephants.

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❤️ 📸 by @doug_rothwell @mike_swick

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If you ever doubted that real love existed, just take a look at Rodriguez’s feed.

“I have known love but never have I known a love like this. You make my heart smile. #RealLove”

Somebody get me a box of tissues. ?

[H/T]‘Jane The Virgin’ Star Gina Rodriguez Says Joe Locicero Is More Important To Her Than ‘Money, Power’

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