It Was Meant For Terrorists, But Mexico’s Government Allegedly Used It On Its Journalists

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Strong evidence suggests that between 2015 and 2016, Mexico’s government used Israeli spyware — known as “Pegasus” — to monitor the phones of journalists, human rights lawyers, and anti-corruption activists, The New York Times reported. Among those targeted were lawyers investigating the missing 43 students in Ayotzinapa, as well as family members of those investigating Mexico’s corruption. Juan E. Pardinas, who has fought for anti-corruption legislation, described being the target of Mexico’s government, saying, “We are the new enemies of the state.”

Since 2011, Mexico’s government purchased more than $80 million in software from Israel-based NSO Group Technologies.

The Israel-based NSO Group sold their highly advanced cyber weapon to Mexico on the condition that its government restrict its target to threats against public safety, like terrorists, cartels, and kidnappers. But Mexico’s government, which bought more than $80 million worth of software from NSO, began to target its own citizens. Those targeted by the hacking received personalized messages with links. Recipients that clicked on the link would unknowingly install the spyware on their devices, allowing the hacker complete access.

The New York Times has an extremely in-depth write up on the developments of this scandal. Check it out here.


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This Latina Schooled Fox News' Tucker Carlson Live On TV


This Latina Schooled Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Live On TV


Tucker Carlson is a conservative political commentator on Fox News who is known to be confrontational when discussing topics such as immigration.


Carlson has been known to be dismissive to anyone who opposes his views. So why would anyone with a difference of opinion go on his nightly show?

Immigrant advocate and author Julissa Arce recently appeared on Carlson’s show and ended up getting into a heated debate. Arce, a former Goldman Sachs executive who used to live in the U.S. without documentation, was invited to the show to discuss a cap on admissions to the University of California schools. We asked Arce why she’d even consider dealing with Carlson’s infamous hostility. Arce told mitú she wanted to “set the record straight with facts that Fox News viewers may never get otherwise.”

During the discussion, Tucker said California’s state school system allowed “illegal aliens” to attend but not American citizens:

“It does seem to me that no matter how conflicted you feel about immigration, you would never be in favor of a state school capping admittance of American citizens, but in effect giving preference to illegal aliens. Why would any sane person be in favor of that?”

What Tucker was actually referencing to is a new rule for the California University System which institutes an 18% cap on out-of-state residents.

Many state universities already implement this sort of law. All it really means is that students that are residents of the state get a preference to attend the school over out-of-state students.

Watch the intense exchange:

Credit: Julissa Arce / YouTube

As you can hear, Tucker not only belittles Arce’s opinion but mocks her as well.

In an interview with mitú, Arce said that she handled herself with composure and dignity.

“I didn’t let his laughs, interruptions and calling me ‘illegal’ deter me from my goal,” said Arce.


Arce reiterated her point over-and-over again, which was that undocumented immigrants are residents of California if they have lived in that state for more than three years. It’s an actual law, not some random idea that undocumented people want to get away with. AB 540, passed in 2001, allows undocumented students and out-of-state students to pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities in California.

Arce told mitú that if any American citizen from any other state wants to attend a California university and benefit from in-state tuition, all they have to do is “move to California for 3 years or longer, and graduate from a California high school.” This will allow them to establish residency and obtain in-state-tuition. But somewhere Carlson could not comprehend the basic facts.

So how did people react to this debate? It was a mixed bag. Arce sent us a screenshot of one of the many hateful emails she received, like the one below.

CREDIT: Julissa Arce

However, she did accomplish her goal of changing the minds of some conservatives.

Arce informs us that this was not her first time on his show either, so she knew exactly what to expect from him.

But will she go back? You bet. She said that if she’s invited back to his show, she will return “because we have to preach beyond the choir.”

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