Despite ICE Recently Detaining DACA Recipients, Secretary Of DHS John Kelly Claims He Has Their Back


It’s no secret that Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly sees himself as a defender of DACA members. Even after a recent wave of DACA recipients being detained by ICE, which seemed to contradict the “great heart” President Trump promised to show DACA recipients, Kelly was quick to defend the actions of the Department of Homeland Security.

According to Business Insider, Secretary Kelly recently had a contentious meeting with House Democrats and reportedly told them, “If you don’t like the law we are enforcing, and I don’t like many of them, please, please, please change the law.” Kelly said he was “best thing that happened to DACA,” adding, “I can guarantee you we’re not going after kids that are fully DACA qualified. Give me a break will you?”

In a separate interview, Secretary Kelly doubled down on his reassurances to DACA recipients, saying “the least of my worries, right now, anyone that falls under the general category of DACA.”

Kelly said his priority was to focus on “criminals” who are here illegally, not DACA recipients.Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.10.28 AM

CHANNEL90seconds newscom / YOUTUBE

Secretary Kelly reminded reporters that he has more pressing issues to deal with than DACA recipients, saying, “I have a lot of things on my plate, a lot of criminals to apprehend and deport that are here illegally.” Secretary Kelly then laid out his role in the whole deportation conversation, saying, “I don’t deport anyone. ICE doesn’t deport anyone. The law deports people.” Secretary Kelly again stated that the least of his “worries are undocumented, illegal aliens who are living lives.”

While Kelly’s words might sound like a kind of olive-branch to the immigrant community, the definition of “criminal” has broadened under the Trump administration, leaving many immigrants to avoid simple things like going to church, school, or even the doctor.

For now, the best thing every immigrant can do is be aware of their rights.

If You Have DACA Or Are Undocumented: Know Your Rights

Posted by We are mitú on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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This Latina Politician Is Putting A White Supremacist In His Place One Tweet At A Time


This Latina Politician Is Putting A White Supremacist In His Place One Tweet At A Time

@wendycarrillo / @DrDavidDuke / Twitter

Wendy Carrillo, a candidate for California’s 34th Congressional district, has not been shy about sharing her personal story. A former undocumented immigrant, Carillo fled war-torn El Salvador with her family when she was a child. Her story and campaign caught the attention of white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. The two have been in a Twitter war for five days and it appears it’s not over.

Wendy Carrillo, candidate for the 34th Congressional district, released her first campaign ad on March 14.

As the caption states, the campaign ad is all about Carrillo and her constituents being “Loud. Bold. Progressive. ‘Unapologetic.'”

Two days after the video was posted to Twitter, good ‘ol boy David Duke caught wind of it and tried to drag Carrillo.

It seems that he also had a problem with the “unapologetically” raised fists at the end of the ad too.

Less than two hours later, Carrillo let Duke know that she is indeed unapologetic.

Oh snap.

Two days later, Carrillo released a video responding to Duke’s tweet.

“When we begin to take power that is when people like David Duke go out and rally up the troops because it scares them because they know that this country is changing,” Carrillo says in the video. “They know that we are gaining influence and that we have an opportunity to change the course of this country to what we want it to be, which is inclusive of all people.”

By March 19, Duke tried to attack Carrillo’s idea of Latino Victory.

Duke linked to a tweet from Ann Coulter, who shared a January story about cartel violence in a Mexican resort town. Duke appears to be implying that drug violence and murder is somehow tied to the Latino experience. Though, if he would have read closely or even clicked on a tweet from Carrillo, he would have found that Latino Victory is a pro-Latino political organization connecting politically activated Latinos with the focus of “building Latino political power.”

Carrillo hit back, calling Duke out not actually caring about the victims of violence in Mexico.

“I am sick and tired of politicians who claim to represent us but do not stand up as racism and misogyny is normalized in our country,” Carrillo told mitú in an email statement about why she responded to his tweets. “I refuse to sit quietly on the sidelines. David Duke is a Breitbart-reading, white-supremacy-preaching, ‘former’ Grand Wizard of the KKK who attacked me for telling my story as a formerly undocumented person and unrecognized refugee. So I called him out, and I did so unapologetically.”

Duke then tweeted his own story about speaking in Guadalajara, Mexico inviting her to “learn” about his positions.

Carrillo let Duke know that she was already aware of his positions because, KKK.

“The threats, racism, insults, and body shaming that have ensued is yet another reminder of the normalization of hatred and misogyny in Trump’s America,” Carrillo continued in her statement to mitú. “I will not be silenced, because this campaign is not about me—it’s about the millions of people who believe that this should be a country of opportunity, not one of fear and oppression.”

Then Duke came back to her campaign ad calling her raised fist scene communist.

And Carrillo responded with an edited version of her campaign ad which is just the final scene of raised fists.

S A V A G E !!

Then Duke decided that this was a good comeback to a story of a young girl who’s father was deported as the trained for a marathon.

There hasn’t been a response by Carrillo on Twitter to this tweet yet.

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