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Wiz Khalifa Leaves A Joint At This Drug Lord’s Grave And Pisses Off A Lot Of Colombians

After a recent performance in Medellín, Colombia, rap star Wiz Khalifa decided to do a little touristing around town. Unfortunately, Khalifa ended up taking a few photographs that pissed of quite a few Colombians. Even the Mayor of Medellin got so angry that he referred to the rapper as a “scoundrel.”

What was the cause of all this negative attention? It has something to do with this photo:

Apparently leaving a joint for Pablo Escobar, a drug lord who oversaw one of the darker periods of Colombia’s past, isn’t the best way to generate goodwill from Colombians. One Instagram commenter echoed this sentiment, commenting on the photo with: “This makes me feel so sad. This man is a symbol of the worst time of Colombia, a country that has much to offer, and for his blame its reduced status to stereotype of narcotrafficking, cocaine, and violence.”

Medellin’s Mayor, Federico Gutierrez, was quick to criticize the rapper’s choice to visit Escobar’s grave.

According to BBC, Federico Gutierrez said Khalifa’s actions were “advocating crime” and that his choice of photography “shows that this guy has never had to suffer from the violence inflicted by these drug traffickers.”

People on Twitter weighed in Khalifa’s Instagram photo. Many felt it was too much.

People called for him to apologize.

Other people on Twitter came to Khalifa’s defense.

“If Wiz Khalifa went to visit the tomb of Pablo Escobar, you should respect (his decision). After all, everyone is free to act the way they want.”

Some gave respect.

So far, Khalifa has not issued a statement about the incident.

But the rapper did post this message to his Twitter account on March 26th: “Do things the way you want to. Let others follow but always do what works for you best.”

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