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After Doctors Released This Patient In Venezuela, He Went On To Kill And Eat At Least 10 People

Dorángel Vargas is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic responsible for killing and cannibalizing at least 10 people in Venezuela during the late ’90s. His crimes were so shocking and prolific that he received the nickname, El Comegente (The People Eater). Here’s the story of Venezuela’s most notorious serial killer.

Dorángel “El Comegente” Vargas kept the city of San Cristóbal in Venezuela in fear from 1997 to 1999.

Televes / Manuel Fariñas / YouTube

The homeless man lived in one of the city’s parks and over the course of his rampage attacked, killed and ate 10 men. Some sources have Vargas’ victim count at up to 40 people, but he only confessed to and was convicted of 10 of the murders.

Vargas’ first victim was Cruz Baltazar Moreno in 1995.

Police were able to capture and detain Vargas after he killed Moreno. After his capture, police took the serial killer to a psychiatric facility for testing and counseling, according to Notimerica.

While in custody at the facility, Vargas was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

After two years in the facility, Vargas was released after doctors were convinced that the soon-to-be serial killer was not a threat to society.

However, the same year he was released from the psychiatric hospital, Vargas claimed his first victim.

Televes / Manuel Fariñas / YouTube

Vargas would continue to kill and eat people over the next two years. His victims were either athletic people he was able to surprise with a blow to the head, or drunk people that passed out in the park where he lived. Vargas was caught after the bodies of his victims were discovered near where he was living.

The serial killer gave chilling interviews after his capture, detailing how he chose his victims and what body parts he would eat.

Televes / Manuel Fariñas / YouTube

In one interview, Vargas explained that he didn’t not eat his victim’s feet because they gave him indigestion. But he did compare eating humans to eating fruit.

“Have you eaten pears?” he asked one reporter. “Right, it’s the same. Eating people is like eating pears.”

Last year, Vargas was accused of killing and eating a fellow inmate during a prison riot.

According to Telegraph, the families of two men imprisoned in the facility as Vargas claim that their loved ones were dismembered and eaten by Vargas during a riot. The stories were confirmed by officers that worked in the prison through anonymous sources. Allegedly, a gang killed members of a rival gang and asked Vargas to dismember their victims, as reported by Reuters. After the dismembering, Vargas ate some of the victims while the rest of the men killed were cooked and served to the rest of the inmates. Officials were looking into those claims but Venezuela was heading towards its current economic and political crisis. Nothing has since been reported about the investigation.

El Comegente became such a part of pop culture that Bacalao Men wrote a song dedicated to his story.

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