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Dragon Ball Super Meets Chavo Del Ocho And It’s Giving People The Will To Live


The animated series “Dragon Ball Super” was recently translated into Spanish for Latin American audiences, and fans are definitely excited. In honor of the announcement, Facebook group Dragon Ball Super – Latino released this great trailer showing El Chavo del Ocho kicking all kinds of ass, set to the theme song from “Dragon Ball Super.”

Chavo makes an amazing transformation into another iconic character…

Dragon Ball Super Latino / Facebook

Dragon Ball Super – Latino teased this transformation on their Facebook page, saying, “The guy will surprise us with a new red transformation… what do you think? XD.”

Fans are seriously loving it.

Some people can’t handle it.

The opening mash-up is giving people the will to live.


Because it’s so damn perfect.

It’s obvious that a real fan made this video.

Chavo and Dragon Ball Super! What’s not to love?

That’s how you crossover.

Dragon Ball Super will begin broadcasting in August on Cartoon Network Latin America.


Several Latin@ actors have lent their voices to the Latin American dub, like Mario Castañeda as Gokú, Carlos Segundo as Piccolo, René García as Vegueta, and Laura Torres doing multiple voices, like Goten, young Gohan and young Goku boy.

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