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Tony Romo Was So Good At Warmups The Mavericks Coach *Almost* Forced Him Into The Game

This is probably how fans remember Tony Romo best.

Suited up on the field every Sunday during the season, Romo was the Dallas Cowboys quarterback for 14 seasons.

But at a recent Dallas Mavericks game, Tony Romo gave basketball fans a taste of what might have been.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarter back was at the American Airlines Arena for fan appreciation night. But he wasn’t there to be a spectator. He was there in FULL UNIFORM to sit with the rest of the team. The Mavs, who made the move as a “thank you” to Romo, even gave him a jersey with his old Cowboys number: 9.

Romo talked to the Dallas News about his experience, saying:

For me, it’s a huge honor just to see that they want to do something just to say thank you for your career, what you did for the city to help the city and they way that I’ve supported them [the Mavs].

Early on Tuesday, Romo did a solid job at the team’s morning shootaround.

Romo definitely looked good under the circumstances, but that’s just ~practice~ people were curious how he’d do when all eyes were on him.

And Romo only got better when he hit the court in front of all the fans.

That’s how you enter an arena!

Romo really showed off his jumper during warm ups.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarter back was there for fan appreciation night at the American Airlines Arena.

Then Romo put his dribbling skills on display with some behind the back action.

With no one there to tackle him, he looked like he was having a great time!

And then he did a little one-on-one and blew the house up.


Many fans aren’t aware that Romo has been passionate about ? basketball ? for a long time.

Steve Berezowitz, Romo’s high school basketball coach, told Bleacher Report, “He was really good [at basketball]. But I think he eventually realized he had a higher ceiling in football. At that time, we didn’t have passing leagues, and kids didn’t have personal quarterback coaches or personal trainers. He played more basketball back then, and we all assumed he’d try to do that as he moved forward.”

Tony’s moves on the court had many talking about putting him in the game.

Mav’s coach Rick Carlisle even hinted at subbing Romo in during the game. Of course Carlisle was just doing a little on-camera joking. He later spoke to ESPN, saying, “It’s just not a good idea to take a football athlete and throw him in an NBA game,” Carlisle said. “It’s a completely different kind of sport. No. 2, to sign him we would have to go through a tremendous amount of screening, physicals, all those things. It’s not in the best interest of anybody to do that.”

Mavs owner Mark Cuban released a statement about what it mean to have Romo participate in Tuesday’s action.

Cuban also released a statement, saying, “I know [Romo] loves basketball. So it’s just a win-win for fans, Tony, the city. There’s just positives all around.”

The fans were definitely appreciated on Tuesday, but it was Romo who walked away feeling the love.

Romo told the Dallas News, “I don’t think I deserve anything like this. I feel like this whole week… has been emotional in a sense of the outpouring of support, people who appreciated you, loved you.”

Romo is definitely loved in Dallas.

Whether or not we see Romo in a professional sports setting again — he hasn’t officially signed his retirement papers — it was great to see him out on the court enjoying himself and giving the fans a show.

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