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Soccer Stars Are Reaching Out To This Soccer Player After Being Disqualified Because She Looked Like A Boy

A typo on a form led to officials kicking this girl out of an all-girl soccer tournament.

Milagros “Mili” Hernandez, a young soccer star in Nebraska, was recently questioned about her gender during a tournament due to the length of her hair. Hernandez and her team, the Azzurri Achurros club team of Omaha, Neb., were playing in the all-girls Springfield Soccer Club tournament and advanced to the finals after winning two games. According to The Washington Post, hours before Hernandez and her team were set to take the field to play for trophies, her father, the coach of the team, got a phone call from officials saying the team had been disqualified for having a boy on the team. The complaints came from coaches of the losing teams saying that Mili was a boy (due to her short hair). A typo on the roster for the tournament had also identified her as a boy. ABC 13 reports that Mili’s father went to officials for the tournament and took her health insurance card, which identifies her has female, to clear up the issue. Officials wouldn’t listen and stood by the disqualification.

“She tried to keep her composure, but you could see it in her face that she felt bad about it,” Mili’s brother told The Washington Post about how his sister reacted to the confusing news. “She felt like she let her whole team down.”

As for the short hair, Gerardo told The Washington Post that he has kept her hair short since an early age when she started playing soccer. As she got older, she was asked if she wanted to let it grow out. She said no and asked for it to be kept short.

The news of Mili’s team disqualification has made significant waves in the soccer world, prompting reactions from soccer stars like Abby Wambach.

“Hey Mili Hernandez. Abby Wambach here. Listen, I’ve heard the news and all I can say is that your courage to want to stand up and talk about it and your bravery is going to help that next kid who’s put in a similar situation,” Wambach said in her Instagram post to Mili. Wambach added:

“You’re inspiring. You’re a natural born leader, honey and I am so proud of you. I want to tell you a few things. First of all, you don’t look like a boy, you look like a girl with short hair and that’s okay. Also, I know somebody else who has short hair. She’s won gold medals, a World Cup, U.S. Soccer Player of the Year, and FIFA Player of the Year. You can do anything you want to do and you can be anything you want to be and guess what. You can look like whatever you need to look like to do it.”

U.S. Women’s National Team legend Mia Hamm also extended an invitation to Mili to join her as a guest at the Team First Soccer Academy, to train with professional women’s soccer players.

Mili’s father has told news outlets that his daughter is okay and is continuing her dream to play soccer.

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Another Gender Reveal Party Goes Bad As Two Die In Plane Crash

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Another Gender Reveal Party Goes Bad As Two Die In Plane Crash

Although many have highlighted the ethical problems with so-called gender reveal parties, they remain very popular ways to announce the gender of a new baby. But they’ve also frequently turned tragic with several stunts leading to severe injuries and even deaths in the last couple of years.

Now, there’s news out of Cancún that a plane crash related to a gender reveal stunt has left at least two people dead.

A gender reveal party went terribly wrong along a Mexican beach.

Yet another gender reveal party turned tragic as two people died after a plane involved in the stunt in Mexico crashed into the water. The incident occurred Monday afternoon in the Nichupté Lagoon near Cancun, according to Quintana Roo Nautical Associates, a private nautical business association that said it assisted in the rescue mission.

A video of the gender reveal shows the plane flying over the beach and emitting a pink smoke, as people cheer and shout “Nina!”

The camera then pans around and captures the small aircraft as it crashes into the water. One person died during the crash, and a second person died after being rescued, the attorney general’s office in Quintana Roo state confirmed to ABC News Thursday.

The incident is the latest fatal accident, and plane crash, connected with gender reveal parties.

The fatal plane crash is the latest deadly gender reveal stunt. In February, a 28-year-old New York man was building a device for his child’s gender reveal party when it exploded, killing him and injuring his brother. Earlier that month, a baby shower became tragic when a small cannon blew up and killed a Michigan man. In 2019, debris from a gender reveal explosion struck and killed an Iowa woman. And just a year earlier a gender reveal smoke bomb in Tucson, Arizona caused a fire that led to more than $8 million in damages.

Also in 2019, an airplane crashed in Texas after the pilot dumped about 350 gallons of pink water, authorities said. Both passengers survived, one suffering only minor injuries.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission shared a public service announcement on Twitter that urged people to “choose cake” instead of “improvised explosive devices.”

“Don’t turn a party into a family tragedy. Get a cake. Leave fireworks, smoke bombs, or other explosive devices to the professionals,” the Tweet said.

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FIFA21 Releasing ‘El Chavo Del Ocho’ Uniforms To Honor The Icon For Limited Time


FIFA21 Releasing ‘El Chavo Del Ocho’ Uniforms To Honor The Icon For Limited Time

“El Chavo del Ocho” is one of the most iconic shows in the Spanish-language world. The tv show spawned some of the most beloved characters, including the namesake of the show. FIFA21 is getting in on the fun of highlighting the character to honor its 50 years of touching lives.

You can wear a special Chavo del Ocho uniform in FIFA21.

“El Chavo del Ocho” is one of the most culturally important shows in the Spanish-speaking world. The Mexican sitcom gifted us Chavo del 8 and Chilindrina and we are all better for knowing those characters. The show, which ran for almost nine years, is still celebrated and loved today.

The uniforms are available for only a very short time.

FIFA 21 players can access the uniform between Dec. 10 to 13. The outfit isn’t outright free. Players have to accomplish three challenges and will then be granted access to the Chavo del Ocho kit. Who wouldn’t want a chance to play in the Chavo del Ocho kit?

Soccer players who wear the kit in the game are excited to be part of the celebration.

Who wouldn’t want a chance to be part of video game history. It isn’t every day that a video game version of yourself gets to wear an outfit that gives praise to one of the greats. If there was ever a highlight in life, this would definitely be one of them.

Some are thinking of it as a sweet homage to Chespirito.

Roberto Mario “Chespirito” Gómez y Bolaños is responsible for some of Mexico’s most important characters. The actor brought several characters to life on the television but none more iconic than Chavo del Ocho. If it were not for Chespirito, we would have never got to see Chapulin Colorado fight off the bad men or Chavo del Ocho interactions with La Chilindrina.

Who else is getting excited about the debut of these kits?

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