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At 116 This Salvadoreño Opens Up About Being Called A Mujeriego And You Can’t Help But Giggle With Him

Meet The Man Who May Be The Oldest Man Alive

Meet Juan Pablo Villalobos Maradiaga. He was born in San Miguel, El Salvador on June 26, 1901. That makes him 116 years old… and counting. According to the BBC, that might make him the oldest man alive, although Guinness World Records has yet to confirm.

He told the BBC that everyone admires him because of his age and, of course, his age is remarkable, but that’s not the only thing that makes this viejito remarkable. Also pretty impressive, he has 39 children.

His oldest child is already in his mid-nineties; whereas, his youngest child is 37 years old and was born in 1980 when Juan Pablo was at the tender age of 79. His family is so large at this point that he has yet to meet all of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Described affectionately as a “mujeriego” by his current wife, who was introduced to him by his former wife, Juan Pablo does not deny having an affinity.

A life as long as Juan Pablo’s means that he has outlived many of his loved ones. He has laid to rest 14 of his children and all of his childhood friends have also passed away.

Maradiaga spent much of his life working as a carpenter, bricklayer and farmer. He stopped working when he was 100 years old because of an injury that left him with a broken knee and confined to a wheelchair for the most part. But Maradiaga is starting to live his best life yet. Recently, he flew to New York for the first time ever to visit family.

He’s been asked many times what the secret to a long life is and his answer is simple: “There is one secret, God,” he says.

Learn more about Juan Pablo Villalobos Maradiaga HERE.

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