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These 28 #GrowingUpHispanic Tweets Are Too Real

Growing up Hispanic is just one of those things that not everyone get to enjoy. But for those of us who are on this wild rollercoaster, we know there is nothing better. Here are 28 tweets about #GrowingUpHispanic that are too real.

1. You could never stay at a friend’s house.

@RitoBabyy / Twitter

Didn’t matter who they were. If your parents didn’t know their parents, it was case closed. However, it was just limited to that. Our parents just liked saying no because they probably thought we were eating bad food, like pizza, for dinner.

2. They are so dramatic when you just want to sit down for a second.

@lowrainnnn / Twitter

You can help them clean all damn day but they are still going to hit you with the, “Nadie me aydua en este casa.” People wonder why we are so dramatic sometimes. Of they could spend one day at your house, they would figure it out.

3. Fake. Fruit.


They were everywhere in the house. They were either magnets, wax fruit in a bowl, or plastic and hanging up in the kitchen. You definitely bit into more than one of these bad boys and realized too late that they were fake.

4. Your tías will always make you feel good on Facebook.

@pitury09 / Twitter

I doesn’t matter what you post. Generic post about finals? They wish you all the luck in the world. Sad post about an ex? They’ll quickly comfort you and get you over them. Sexy af #OOTD pic? They can’t get over how beautiful you are.

5. They assume everyone you talk to is a potential mate.

@BeingJoni / Twitter

Seriously, guys. Why are we not allowed to talk to anyone without our parents assuming that we are going to be dating them soon. Can’t we just have friends?

6. There were never cookies in this thing.

@D_Garza10 / Twitter

It was either a sewing kit or a sewing kit. You knew after a certain age not to stick you hands in a cookie box without making sure there were indeed cookies in the box.

7. Yelling = Civilized Conversation

@pancakepow / Twitter

It isn’t that we are mad at each other. Oh no. The opposite. We get louder the more into the conversation we get. While most people tend to speak faster when they get excited, we just get louder and louder and louder.

8. This man was better than the ice cream truck.

@sincerelyissa / Twitter

Not that we ever had to choose. We ate a both establishments equally. It’s just that we tend to be more excited about one than the other. This man is worth chasing. The ice cream truck is one that you know will be back.

9. Our parents swear that their death is the only reason we should cry.

@atltillerfuls / Twitter

Their favorite thing to say was that we will be out of tears before they die and we won’t be able to cry for them. They also told us not to cry for them when they die because who knows the real reason?

10. “Suavemente” is the most annoying and most entertaining song ever.

@Powerful / Twitter

You never want to hear it but once you do you can’t stop from dancing. Even if you are already outside in the car, you will stop, run back inside, and hit that dance floor harder than ever before.

11. Abuela was always there to have your back.

@ilianalopez_1 / Twitter

She loved to stand up for you. She would never let your mom and dad lay a finger on you. After all, you are her precious little grandchild and she can’t bare to think of anything bad happening to you. Then she’d turn around and slip you a little cash to save up.

12. Loud music early on a Saturday morning meant it was going to be a long day.

@spookyeladia / Twitter

You never wanted to hear Celia Cruz blaring on a Saturday morning. If you heard her singing her songs, you knew that the rest of the day was going to spent cleaning and trying to avoid cleaning. Those Saturdays will always stick with you for better or for worse.

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13. Cleaning was really the only thing our parents wanted from us.

@Mrs_Cr7 / Twitter

Doesn’t matter if your bored, tired, hungry, visiting, anything. If you were still breathing and had your eyes opened, you had time to clean. Sometimes you were cleaning right up until you fell asleep standing up leaning against the wall.

14. Kids birthday parties were for the adults to get hammered.

@danielaasabando / Twitter

Who else remembers their uncles getting lit when they were turning 9? It is a fond memory that every Latino has in their brain. Tbh, you are doing the same thing now at all the kids birthday parties you have to go to.

15. Everything is bilingual.

@DavidKalvinJr / Twitter

Literally everything is bilingual. You have to sing Happy Birthday twice and you have to watch the news in Spanish with English subtitles. It is great because now you know Spanish and it is definitely helping you as an adult.

16. Did we already cover how much they like for us to clean?

@tpgmichy / Twitter

See. It’s no joke. The fact that our parents always want us cleaning is so prevalent that it is one of the most universally Latino things in existence.

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17. Talking on the phone is always an hours-long ordeal.

@Johnny_Bravo32 / Twitter

It is never long because one person has a lot to tell you. it is long because you have to talk to everyone that is in that house. All your cousins, your aunt and uncle, the family dog, everyone.

18. VapoRub is the magic elixir.

@heteroalexual / Twitter

This is seriously a miracle. Got a cold? Ponte el Vicks. Got a broken heart? Same thing. Everything bad that happens to you can be cured with Vicks. It is crazy, but true.

19. 7-Up is also a miracle cure.

@lulunyy / Twitter

If it can’t be fixed with 7-Up and VapoRub, you were in serious trouble. Those two are the only things that will make your life better and get you healthy.

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20. Walter Mercado is the voice of reason.

@selena_olucero / Twitter

If Walter Mercado was against whatever it was that you were saying, then it wasn’t happening. Everyone would sit around the tv every night and listen to all of the wisdom this man had to offer. He is literally your guiding compass.

21. The chancla is the most dangerous weapon you know.

@oddecelluh / Twitter

These things were like heat seeking boomerangs and mami was a master with them. She never really threw them. She would kick her foot and it made it’s way right to you like magic. There are some mysteries we will never figure out.

22. These bags are the trash bags.

@BruceKromka / Twitter

Why waste money on something you were just going to throw away? Instead, what you do is just save up all of your grocery bags and use them. Plastic was for regular trash and paper for recycling. This is something you definitely do as an adult.

23. The oven is just extra storage.

@mellamojada / Twitter

You always had to check twice before turning on the oven because there was always stuff crammed in there. Unfortunately, you would realize too late sometimes so you had to juggle taking out out the stuff holding the uncooked dinner without dropping it.

24. These businesses had a different name.

@KiahnaVillanue1 / Twitter

Sure, we all say these now as a joke but you know exactly what they mean. It was the only way you ever heard your parents or grandparents say that you were not getting any “MacDonal.”

25. The kitchen was the hottest room in the house.

@mikeymarrero101 / Twitter

This is because mami was always cooking. Seriously. She cooked every meal and snack you ate growing up. Buying food on the go was a waste of money because why do that when there is stuff at the house.

26. You were never able to just get food on the way home.

@ANGEL7_O / Twitter

You spent more time looking at McDonalds from the car window than you spent in a McDonalds. Once you got to college you went all the time and mami definitely noticed. She just couldn’t help but to comment on your weight.

27. RBD was your life.

@giovannazambran / Twitter

You are singing the theme song in your head right now. Don’t lie. “Rebelde” is and will always be life. In fact, the rumor of more “Rebelde” coming soon probably made your week. Come through, Netflix!

28. Our parents had no sense of time.

@karinaax22 / Twitter

They always got lost in pointless conversations that lasted too long. like, damn. It doesn’t matter what that one aunt you don’t like wore to the baptism. Get over it.

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This Hilarious Viral Video is Being Called the Latino Version of ‘Get Out’


This Hilarious Viral Video is Being Called the Latino Version of ‘Get Out’

Screenshot via xgabsterz/Twitter

We’ve all experienced it before–the nervousness of meeting your partner’s parents. And if you’re in an interracial relationship, that nervousness grows exponentially.

That’s why this video of a young Latino man who is hesitant about entering his white girlfriend’s Trump-supporting family’s house has gone viral.

It’s #relatable.

The video starts off with the unnamed boyfriend narrating what’s happening to him as his girlfriend practically drags him into her parent’s home.

In Spanish, he says “I’m going to visit my girlfriend’s parent’s house. The house is very beautiful and she wants me to go inside. But I’m not going to do that because there’s a problem.”

At this point, he pans up to focus on a “Trump” sign prominently displayed on the front lawn.

He turns the camera around to show his own very worried face. The young man’s girlfriend tries to assure him that everything is okay, promising him that her parents are “going to like you”.

The young man tells her to go on without him because he “doesn’t want to die” today. “Maybe tomorrow, yes. But today–no,” he says.

His girlfriend keeps insisting he follow her in until he finally says: “They don’t like me!” before zooming in on the “Trump/Pence” sign one final time. The comedic timing is *chef’s kiss* impeccable.

The video is captioned “This Spanish remake of ‘Get Out’–a witty nod to the 2017 horror film.

As a refresher, “Get Out” centers on a young Black man in an interracial relationship who visits his white girlfriend’s family for the weekend. Soon, he realizes the family is not quite as idyllic as they’re pretending to be. Before long, he realizes his life is in danger.

The movie accurately depicted the real-life horror of racism and white supremacy through a cinematic lens. Phrases like “the sunken place” (the place the main character went when he’s paralyzed by his girlfriend’s mother) became cultural shorthand for: the “place an oppressed person goes when they have become silent or compliant to their own oppression” (thanks Urban Dictionary).

Internet commentators chimed in with their own thoughts and opinions about the super relatable video.

One Reddit user knew exactly how the young man felt. “As a biracial person who dated a girl from a very conservative Republican family, they never let me forget that I was biracial,” he said. “They brought it up almost every day.”

Another knew the struggles of having family members with different views from their own: “I have friends and family members that have been radicalized.. it’s very difficult to have a conversation about anything anymore that doesn’t end with vitriol.”

Another Reddit user had more sympathy for the man’s girlfriend. “I feel bad for the girl honestly,” they said. “We may be able to choose who we befriend, but we can never choose our parents.”

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‘Size Fits All Tags’ And ‘Great Clickbait’— People Name The Worst Things That Are Legal

Things That Matter

‘Size Fits All Tags’ And ‘Great Clickbait’— People Name The Worst Things That Are Legal

The world is plagued with some crazy and unfair laws, no doubt about it. But what about the things that exist and legal? Why are, for instance, spam callers allowed to trick you by calling from similar numbers to yours? Or, why is it impossible to criminally convict your roommate from keeping you up all night or dipping into your ice-cream and lie about it?

Users on Reddit are asking similar questions and the answers are pretty hilarious but also intriguing.

“I’m just gonna have to say little girl’s beauty pageants. It just doesnt sit right with me. And not only because of the fact it’s creepy, but I feel like it’s stressful on the kid and on their body image.” –kitty-cult

“College book prices and practices. Change a few words in a math book, that’ll be another $100 please. Oh you realized that you can use the book from 10 years ago and succeed? Actually we require you get the new book. Oh you realized you can get the book cheaper from a friend? Actually we’re doing online books now and you need the personalized code. We change it every year even though there have been no breakthroughs in this subject! Knowing the college struggle i have no fucking clue how this is allowed to exist. It should literally be illegal.” –WitlessMean

“Puppy mills.” –thechronicwinter

“Sending letters to home owners labeled ‘IMPORTANT MORTGAGE / FINANCIAL INFO’ or ‘LAST WARNING / NOTICE’ and having the inside look exactly like a bill, letterhead and little box in the corner with figures inside… all to then say ‘refinance with us’ or ‘don’t miss this opportunity for etc etc’ Makes me heart skip every time thinking I’ve forgotten some critical bill until I open it.”- IDUU

“The fact car radio commercials are allowed to have police sirens or car crashes in them as a way to Get your attention.”- jagfanjosh3252

“The size of the ‘x’ button on pop-up ads.” –_Denes_

“Socks: ‘Fits size 6-12.'” –klitorisaurus

“Spice/K2/Synthetic Weed. This may have changed in the last few years but I found it embarrassing that our country locks up thousands for actual marijuana but allowed that shit to be sold at every gas station and liquor store knowing damn good and well that it was hurting and killing people.”-m0ndayisb0ng0day

“You can look up where any one lives because it’s public record. But can we please not have entire websites with data bases full of every person in the country?? I mean think about people who get denied restraining orders and try to move away from their abuser. Six months later and their abuser can just look up their name and find them all over again. This could be detrimental for spouse abuse victims, stalking victims, etc. something should be done about them. It’s terrifying.” –21DrunkPilots

“Lying through your teeth on “news” shows because you claim you’re actually “entertainment”. Even while it has “news” in the title of the station. Being able to lie through your teeth on an opinion show just bc it’s an opinion show. Opinions should be opinions about facts. Opinion should not be an excuse for slander or making knowingly false statements in the media.” –jseego

“No-knock warrants. We’ve seen time and time again where Law Enforcement has the wrong address and some innocent person ends up dead because of a logistical mistake.” –Mr-and-Mrs

“Impossibly hard to cancel subscriptions.” –ungFu-omega-warrior

“Putting unrelated crap into bills to sneak it into law. I know they’re supposed to follow some kind rules related to germaneness, but they clearly don’t, and clearly need actual laws with actual punishments for pulling this crap.” –Gr1pp717

“Multi level Marketing.” –whyykai

“Civil Asset Seizure by Police – No Crimes Needed!”- vegetarianrobots

“The troubled teen industry. Parents pay a company to kidnap kids while they’re sleeping and send them off to ‘therapeutic’ boarding schools where they are abused in every conceivable way.”- MyDongIsAWiFiHotspot

“Sweatshop labor outsourced by tech and Fortune 500 companies. It’s essentially contemporary slavery we collectively allow.”- crumpledForeskin

“Being penalized for calling out sick from work. Edit. Even while the whole world is trying to survive this pandemic, we’re still dealing with this major issue by employers. I work in health care, and I feel like I get shamed by my managers and coworkers when you call out. Especially when you work night shift.” –pongomer

“I (f) bought a car recently. During the process of negotiation I decided I wanted to do more research and the salesman refused to give me the keys to MY car so I could leave. Literally saw me looking for my keys and withheld them while repeatedly saying, ‘But what could I do to get you into this car today?’ I finally demanded my keys but bought the car anyway (they met my asking price and got me the financing I wanted) but I’m SO mad at myself for not making a scene. For allowing that man to hold me hostage and not being outraged. I don’t understand why I didn’t humiliate him and instead meekly just sat and took it. I called the manager the next day. But still. So disappointed in myself…” – UncomonShaman

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