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Salma Hayek Explains Why Women Like Her Can’t Run When They’re Naked


Massages are great, right? Get those kinks all worked out at the hands of a professional. Unfortunately for Salma Hayek, some masseuses like to work out their kinks when they’re giving massages. Hayek recently sat down with Chelsea Handler to talk about the time she received a massage from an Austrian man in her hotel room. Did I forget to mention he was naked? Well, he was, and for Hayek that was a definite problem, especially considering that he had questionable grooming habits.

Handler said she would have run away if she were in that situation, but Hayek made the point that she couldn’t run because she was mostly naked and when women like her run, “it’s very visual. There’s a lot going on” while alluding to her ample, well, chest. Things worked out for the best, however, and Hayek was able to turn lemons into lemonade. Check out the clip for the full, hilarious story.

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