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Salma Hayek Does A Heroic Job Translating Mexican Slang In This Hilarious Video


We’ve all been there. While in the middle of a conversation, one of our non-Spanish speaking friends asks, “What does that mean?” Well, Salma Hayek took time out of her busy schedule to provide Vanity Fair with a quick course on some pretty standard Mexican slang.

Hayek chose a few standards, like “No mames.”


Pretty simple literal translation, even though “no mames” can be used in pretty much any situation.

She also chose some slang that nearly defy literal translations, like, “eso que ni que.”


In English, all of these words mean something, but not when used in this order, so the translation might go over the head of your friend. However, like a pro, Hayek gave a quick course on “eso que ni que,” saying, “It means ‘that’s for sure.'” Pretty simple.

Hayek then translated a classic: “¿Que pedo?”


? So yeah, the literal translation, Hayek explains, is “what a fart.” No one said the life of a translator was glamorous. But as Hayek pointed out, the actual conversational usage is “What’s up!?”

Of course, language is always fun to play with, as this mitú video about Venezuelan slang translations demonstrates.

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