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Professional Attention-Getter Kim Kardashian Angers People With Virgin Mary Candle

If you grew up Catholic, chances are you’ve seen one of these candles at some point in your life.


These prayer candles come in several variations. Some are decorated with a specific saint, others feature the Virgin Mary or Jesus. They’ve become so popular in the U.S. that you can now buy them at Target. Seriously.

Enter Kim Kardashian, master of self-promotion. Kardashian recently took to Instagram to plug one of her latest products, a prayer candle featuring herself as the Virgin Mary.

Maybe she saw all the Kim and Kanye candles on Etsy and decided to make her own.

The Kim Candle, which is being sold for $18, is available on Kardashian’s KIMOJI site.

Also for sale: an ash tray featuring a large butt called an “Ass Tray” and fire weed socks (sorry, those are sold out).

And, of course, lots of people were not happy with the move.

Twitter user @marlenebug called Kardashian out for what she believes is hypocrisy:

But not everyone found it distasteful. This guy thought lots of people were blowing the whole thing out of proportion:

Some made jokes…

And others loved it:

Kardashian appeared unfazed by the Kontroversy™. She wore this dress today:

Now it’s your turn to weigh in:

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